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I was contacted by someone (( Talent managers )) ( claims to offer me a job, but they want to me to have a master degree, when i told them i have only bachelor degree, they said no problem, they can recommend my profile to university that will interview me and award me with Master degree if i pass. and all i have to pay is $500 enrollment fees, and it is refundable if i did not pass. (

After i paid, they told me you need to pay $1450 for legalisation and attestation, then i told them no one told me about that, and i want to quite this and get my money back, and since then they stopped calling me or responding to my emails.

Please help
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wilburton university

Aug 20, 2014
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      Sep 17, 2014

    Same thing happened with me, they called me offering me a job with great salary and benefits but I have to get a master degree as it's a most for the job which is a most to get the job.
    They suggested to me the magic solution which is getting a master degree through an assessment program that will compare my experience to master degree requirements if passed I will be awarded the degree.
    They were in Harry where they calmed that no much time to lose and I may lose this opportunity if not getting this degree and the sent to me list of about 5 universities as the sent them my CV and one of them will call me.
    A guy calmed that he is from Wilburton University called and he explained to me the program and the process that I have to go through in order to get my degree.
    The Fee was 500Usd for the assessment process and based on some reason I was eligible for 70% discount on legalization charges which means that I have to pay 2, 999 USD.
    I don't know how I trusted them I gave them my credit card information butting in mind that even if I didn't get job the degree it self worth much more than 3500 USD which should paid back if I did not pass, they have a well organized web site with on line chatting. Finally they schedule my assessment appointment with one of the professors how clammed that the assessment is reordered and it will be reviewed later by a committee whom will decide wither my working experience is matching with their Master Degree requirements or not.
    I felt guilty that what I am doing is not more than cheating my self and cheating others beside that it's against my belief as Muslim.
    n the assessment day I did not answer majority of the questions the guy asked me although they were so silly questions for me at least I will get refund for the 2, 999 USD I paid for the legalization process as they informed me before.
    Next day I was so surprised that in their web site they mentioned my name as I passed and I got the degree. a that moment I realised that I was not more than a cheating process and it's not more than fake university.
    Fortunately I paid them via MasterCard, the amount was on hold tell the proof that I did the transaction. after 15 days I got my money back.

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