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Just received my package today and thought I'd share my very first and last purchase from this website.

- What I didn't understand for my shipping was that express delivery was cheapest from the 3 options provided for delivery hence I selected express and delivery was super fast! I received the package the day after payment was confirmed (I live in Sydney).

- Goods are priced relatively low.

- Pictures can be deceiving as alot have mentioned.
- Most of the fabric used have an unpleasant smell.. and in some cases, it can be unbearable (One of my hoodies smelt like dung when I received it).
- They have only one size.. and unless you are stick thin, most of the clothing won't fit most people.


My first purchase consisted of only hoodies.

1. Item No: YL021905RD - This is the one that smelt like dung.. haven't washed it yet so I don't know if the smell will go away. It is a cotton hoodie so do keep in mind that it will be thin. Item received was exactly as picture.

2. Item No: HA081223 - I had purchased this hoodie in gray and also yellow. The Gray is true to the picture however, I was disappointed with the Yellow as it turned out to be a mustard dirty yellow colour.

3. Item No: CA082922 - At first glance of the picture, the colour was so cute I had to get it! However, colour not true to picture at all.. I received a bright pink one instead which is so unflattering and embarassing to even wear out.

4. Item No: XA122216 - This one is definitely the only one in which I was completely satisfied with! True to picture and quality was good.

In summary, you get what you pay for and in most cases when you order numerous items, only 1-2 items will be to your liking. Don't have high hopes and expect too much from this website.

Also forgot to mention about sizing.. I'm a size 6-8 in Australian clothing and I struggled to put on the hoodies that I had ordered. When I had put them on it was very tight around the arm pit and chest area. If you are not stick thin.. DON'T even bother ordering any clothing from this website as it will not fit you.


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