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Whitehall Jewelers / Not worth what retail price states and horrible customer service!

160 North Gulph RoadKing of Prussia, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 610-878-9343

DO NOT SHOP AT WHITEHALL JEWELERS NO MATTER WHAT. I purchased a Whitestar Diamond ring from Whitehall. A few months later I upgraded to a 3 stone Whitestar diamond ring from the King Of Prussia Whitehall store in the summer of 2006. Whitestar diamonds are their specialty diamonds and are supposed to be excellent. I paid over $6, 000 dollars for the ring. the retail tag on it stated that it was worth over $9, 200. The jeweler told me the same. A year later I went to get it appraised for insurance purposes at the Whitehall in Tyson's Corner Northern Virginia. When the appraisal came back with discrepancies in the color, grade, and size of the ring versus what the Legal Diamond certification stated from the jeweler it stated that my wifes ring which already had so much sentimental value was worth ONLY $5, 400. Unacceptable. They then sent it back out to another Whitehall associated jeweler to get it appraised again. They said the mans tools must have been off. The SECOND appraisal came back with discrepancies in the color, grade, and size of the ring versus what the Legal Diamond certification stated again. BUT this time the value of the ring was exactly $9, 200. Thats exactly what I had stated to the manager it should be worth. Don't diamonds go up in price usually? We I asked to speak with someone higher they led me to the district manager. I then went in to the Tyson's Corner store to catch him while he was there. When I went in, he was "conveniently" not there. I work in the same mall so I went back more than 3 times during the day. Each time he had "just stepped out" the last time I went in, they told me he was gone for the day. I called in at least 5 different times over the next 2 weeks and never heard a response back. I called customer service and filed a complaint. (to this day i have never heard back from a customer service person about this and my complaint mysteriously was closed as "resolved") I finally was able to make an appointment with the D.M. through the manager of the store. When I went in and asked why he didn't call me he stated that he ignored my phone calls. He stated that he could not give me a refund. Since I did not buy it there he could not authorize that. He tried to fix the problem by putting the ring in platinum because I had stated my anger that the White gold had turned yellow. This didn't fix the fact that the diamond ring was not worth what I was told or even purchased it for. A month later I drove up to King Of Prussia, pa and tried to return it there. The manager their stated that she was new and has been cleaning up "messes" ever since she started. Not a good sign. She stated that she would take care of it and I would have a refund by the end of the day as long as the Tyson's corner store sent them the ring. 2 days later I went into the Tyson's Corner store to check on the return and I was told they never sent it because the district managers said it could not be refunded. I called and filed another complaint and still no word. When I asked the Tyson's corner DM who was higher than him that I could go to he said that there was nobody higher except the president who would just pass it back to him. WHAT!!! I searched the company website and found the name of a corporate person. When I called for him I got redirected to someone else. I spoke with him for a few weeks to solve things. We finally came to a solution, about 3 months after the appraisal was returned for a partial refund and my old ring back set in a Platinum setting instead of White Gold. Not what I wanted but I was willing to compromise. When we went to finalize everything he passed me on to someone else who then had problems with what I had mentioned our agreement was. She said she would get back to me. I went another 3 months and still no word. I complained to the BBB and they responded with a compromise similar to the one I came to with the previous guy but still not what we had fully agreed on(No platinum setting) I mean it was the least they could do. At this point I wanted a full refund and it was told it could not happen. I then took it to another Jeweler NOT associated with Whitehall and got it appraised. They ALSO said it was worth $5, 400 as well, due to some flaws in the diamond.

So it was confirmed that I was sold a ring at a higher price than what it was worth and I still have not been refunded. They are neglecting the fact that this was my wifes Engagement ring that is now in all our wedding photos and had lots of sentimental value to it. This is not something that they can just fix. It is now 8 months after the first appraisal and I have heard nothing more from them after the BBB complaint and I am stuck with a ring that is less valuable than what I paid for it and what I was told it was really worth. DO NOT SHOP AT WHITEHALL JEWELERS NO MATTER WHAT.

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  8th of May, 2008
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  17th of Sep, 2008
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I was wondering what person you spoke to, I'm having a similar problem down here in Texas. Been 4 months, and after getting a 'corporate' number from customer service, have not heard from anyone. If you still have that and if there was anything particular you did with the BBB I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  2nd of Mar, 2010
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I used t0 work at Whitehall too, A different location; however I know I new manger you were talking about. This woman Lisa Park is the shadiest person I have ever met in my life. "Cleaning up the mess" more like causing it. After two years of working with her I found out that I really did not know her all. She is a good actress, she lies to everyone. She was cheating on her husband with Deon Hunte the Assistant Manger. She lied to everyone in the store about having Cancer. And she wanted everyone to lie to her husband on the phone about where she really was at the time. I feel really sorry for your wife, because I know how it feels to be used, and lied to by this woman. Honestly though, the White-star collection is not marked up in price that much because we would of had a bigger discount on it as employees. Also, GIA certified means that 3 appraisers looked at it unset (which is very vital in determining color) and all agreed on it. Usually, they are more accurate than an individual appraiser, you actually pay for it in the price. The BBB really can't blame Whitehall because GIA (Gemological Institute of America), deals with the world's diamonds not just one store, which is why they probably really could not do anything for you. Therefore, I am left to believe that Lisa Park is directly involved with the problem. In other words she found a loop hole. Theory one she switched tags, either to by a more valuable one (leaving you screwed), Or to make an Inventory EVEN (minus the least amount of money) especially when your a new manger in a new store, the home office likes an inventory done. This way she could steal several things and just order a tag for the missing amount and put it on one item, This is more likely because she is very dramatic and loves attention so now she looks like a "great new manager". Theory two she switched stones still possible but she would not want to ruin her nails. I really wish you guys would of dealt with me in the first place, I would have at least got you the platinum setting that Thomas Jones promised. I would of just bombard the home office with FAX's that say ATTN: with a big marker that way they think its urgent. Thats what I did for my Step mom's ring and it worked. Please don't blame Whitehall though because it's not the store it's the people. Both Lisa Park snd Deon Hunte are currently working for KAY JEWELERS. DO NOT BUY FROM LISA AND DEON. I really have no doubt in my mind that they were involved in this tragic event. When she left to go to King of Prussia it was the best time of my life. Problems in my store significantly decreased. Have you ever considered hiring a personal investor or filing a law suit not against the store but the person. I definitely can find you several people that can testify on her abominable sense of character. I admire your search and commitment for the "justice you desire" and I hope this information helps you on your Quest.

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