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White Plains Honda / Bad Sales Practice and Lack of Customer Service

1 White Plains, NY, United States
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These people are awful. I was warned not to buy from them and yet I went foolishly because of my affinity for Honda and the fact that they were close to where I lived. I went there and the guy tried to sell me the car for $1, 500 more than what I saw on the internet. When I told him I saw it for that price he said "well that price does not come with Honda warranty." I went back and forth with him for couple hours until he finally acquiesce and offered me the warranty at the internet price. I thought this was all over but no. When I went into the office to set up financing along with a $12, 000 check I had, I knew the ball was in my court so I took it easy and allowed the guy to set up financing for the remainder. The total price would have been around $19, 000 (including LoJack - which they hiked up in order to get something back from me). Anyway when he finished and ask me to sign I saw over $24, 000 - they tried to sell me everything Honda has got. I told him no and he tried everything to deceive me but I was holding serve - because of the big check and the enthusiasm about leaving with the car. At the end he gave me a high interest rate and I thought I left with a good deal.
That is not the end. i got a ticket from the police saying that the car tint is too dark. When I contacted the manager he told me that they are not liable for that and the only thing he will do is remove it. He will not even provide me with a letter stating that is how I bought the car. We hang up and he has never returned my call. The sales guy I bought the car through did not even have authority to prepare me the letter as he has to get permission from this boss who did not care less. I went to their office one evening after they told me I could come in and everyone was gone except this one guy who was busy trying to "rip" off another customer and never came to my assistance.
Anyway I will never go to their office again and I encourage you to please be careful when you do.
They even gave me a wrong set of second key for the car and no attempt has been made to replace it. All they do is continue to send me emails to come n and buy another car.
Please be aware of practices like these. I will never shop there again.


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