White Oak Presspoetry

Fool me once-shame on you-fool me twice-shame on me. This company has lied lied lied from the beginning of our transaction. They are nothing but low lifes who take advantage of poor souls who want to see their work in print. In July I wrote a poem entitled "Joel". In August I got an e-mail from then saying they wanted to print it and offered to sell me a book at a price and extra books for less. Since the poem was for my pastor and wife...I thought it would be nice to give them a book with the poem in it. In September I moved from AR (where I was when tranasaction took place) to FL. In October I still hadn't received my books and couldn't find a link to them on web. I immediately thought they were a fraudulent company. However, my son found a link with the phone number, so I called them. The claimed they had mailed the books but had sent them to a wrong zip code(first lie), but they would get them too me right away. In the October I also wrote another poem entitled "Afterlife". I received another e mail from same company telling me the same old stuff. I copied that email, but never contacted them about it. I did not get the books they promised and so I called them again Nov 11. They told me they were on the truck to go out, but would not go out till the next day as P.O. was closed for holiday. At the end of that week, I got 6 books, but when I opened them the poem "Afterlife" was printed in it, NOT the poem "Joel" which I had originally purchased. I had put a complaint on line earlier when I was sure they were a fraudulent company. When I called them about the poem they told me they had lost it, but promised to refund my money if I took my complaint off line, as they were losing a lot of business. I told them I would do that( and I did it that afternoon. That was on the 17th of Nov. and THEY DID NOT SEND MY MONEY BACK, They did send me two more books with the poem "Afterlife" printed, which they did not have permission to print. I took off my original complaint, but they did not send money back and when I tried to call I just got an answer machine.

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