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I re joined cougar dating a few months I ago i was on there a few years ago back then the guys were really nice and we chatted bout meeting for dates and the gym ect but this time the site is 80 percent full of abusive men who cannot take NO for a answer also I did not like ### profiles so I let them know its not classy I also posted bout my gym workouts in the posts then the bullying started just because I was popular and attractive and said NO because I took care of my body and am a strong woman I reported to admin over 100 times but nothing was every done I was bullied on a daily basis for months by jealous insecure men and rang up daily and it was constantly ignored the last time I rang up was because they banned me because of my fitness posts and was in tears the man on the phone just said you deserved it we told you not to post bout the gym but what is so wrong in that????many other men I spoke to posted bout the gym daily and they were allowed no women are protected on there I spoke to my friend who is a soilictor she has advised me to report them or go the papers I was treated so awful by the admin staff and they say online bullying isnt allowed but if you are a attractive woman on there and say No you will get treated badly and nothing is done

Sep 18, 2014

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