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what about dead beat moms! / Cassaundra Stevens, aka Casie

1 OH, United States Review updated:

Casie Stevens Brought her two children to my husband in Sept. 2006 dropped them off with thier belongings and disappeared. In Nov. my husband gets a phone call from the police saying she attemped suicide and left a note to call him. Now in the state of ohio the woman automatically gets custody. So while he has the children he is also paying her support still. So In Dec. she attempts to contact him only to get mad because he has moved on, but she wants her life back with him and is denied. She seen the children on christmas. And then disappeared for another 3 months. In January My husband filed for custody of the two children. The court date was in May. In May he was ordered temp custody until the final hearing in sept. And she was ordered visitation rights, , well supervised. She showed to every visit over that summer. Then she agreed to give him full custody and drop his child support in return for her not having to pay anything for them. So we took it. And of course she disappeared once again. she would pop back in every so often promising the children she had changed and that she would come regular. Only to disappoint them over and over for the next couple years. In Oct 2007 she stopped coming completely and hasnt been seen since. Now she has a new daughter whom she left with her drug dealer and he hurt the baby and the baby is now brain damaged. its crazy what she has gotten away with. Now we took her for not paying child support and she says she cant pay bc she cant work bc she has a handicap daughter. She tells everyone we wont let her see the children. She even told me to support them since im their mother now. yet she refuses to signover rights. So it can go both ways. MOTHERS can be deadbeats too! And im afraid bc she is a woman they are going to take it easy on her. She has made maybe 3 cs payments in 4 years total ever! She doesnt keep a job, shes always getting evicted. etc... She faces jail time but cries to the judge she has a handicap daughter and cant work. She doesnt even know her childrens ages or bdays. I dont know what is going to happen but we go to court in 2 days, i hope she gets locked up honestly. Bc i think her new baby would be better off, and i know the two we have are better off. But a woman is obligated to pay just like a man. And im hearing more and more about deadbeat moms. And dads who have custody still get treated like dog crap.

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  • Co
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    ATL Father.

    I agree with you. I have sole custody of my daughter and her mother is a total looser/deadbeat mom. Its just plain sad. She has children all over the place and takes care of none of them. She gets evicted almost every 6 months from her home, will not keep a job to ensure that they cant take child support from her, doesnt pay child support but better yet, signs up for unemployment so that they can take child support from the unemployement checks which is so little, i sometimes want to send them back to her and then she works odd end jobs that pay her under the table or dont report her so that she doesnt have to own up to her responsibility. She use to come around maybe once every two or three months to see her daughter but now she has not been on the scene in abiut 5 to 6 months. Its cool though, because our child is much more stable and happier that she does not come around then when she does show up. When she did show up, she would have our child come back home from her place with dirty clothes, hungry and smelling like cigarettes etc.. she has no regards to life and i know this may sound selfish but I am so happy she stays away because i dont have to subject my baby to this nonsense and instability.

  • Rd
      5th of Sep, 2009
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    Finally, someone brings dead beat moms to the fore front.
    I have primary physical custody and final authority on all decisions concerning my son. I provide everything for him, including all cost and care. His "mother" is ordered to pay a whopping $86.30 per week, and that is suspended during school summer vacation. She has 4 children by 3 (rumored to be 4) different men, and does not have custody of any of them. She just married victim number 5, or is it 6 and once again does not work.
    Since our separation she has been convicted, or pled guilty to several counts of cruelty to children, Domestic Violence, and various forms of theft and financial fraud. She even knowingly married a convicted aggrevated child molestor, until HE divorced Her. With all this she is still afforded liberal visitation with our son.
    "Super Mom" has been $3, 500 behind on support payments for almost 2 years. In case you haven't figured it out it take a while to get that far behind when you are ordered to pay less than $90 a week and for only a partial year. I suppose should be happy she ever paid me any Child Support payments. None of her other children get anything. Two are raised by her mother, who will not even let them leave the house with her.
    When school started back this month, the Child Support payments were scheduled to begin again. She sent a note back saying she "did not have the means" to pay and hoped it was not an inconvenience to me.
    No, Super Mom, my son has never been inconvenient for me. Not when you threatened to drown him when he was not even 2 years old. Not when you sent him home is the same diaper that you picked him up in 10 hours earlier.
    The inconvenient thing is you refuse just sign over your parental rights. The inconvenient thing is you are too sorry to even try and contribute, while you drive around in a brand new 2010 Honda van and take vacations several times a year.
    Consider yourself lucky that Cassie Stevens doesn't come around. If Melissa, Whatever her name is this year, would just go away things would be so much better for my son and I. Unfortunately, the new Mrs. Shelton will keep coming around and calling herself "Mom". Last time I checked she only fit the description of a surrogate mother with visitation rights.

  • Sp
      25th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Ya know ...
    When a child is not feeling well, you have the right to keep them home, even if it means skipping a visit with such deserving moms.

    It would be a shame if your children were to develop sudden and unexplained colds/mild fevers/allergies etc every time their mothers come for a visit.

    And of course if you happen to not be home because you are busy picking up medicine for those mild fevers and colds kids get ALLLLLLL the time - well not much you can do about that is there?

  • An
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    I'm with you. My step-son's mother had a history of inconsistent visitation with him. Husband was awarded below standard child support which she can't even manage to pay. She moved out of state so sees the boy next to never (though calls sporadically). Now, I find out that she's got a full-time job (a good one too). Hubby doesn't want to pursue it though as he's just glad she's gone from our proximity. I however see it as his ex's obligation not to him or me but to her son. I want her to be held accountable to her own child. Not my place to decided but yes there are deadbeat moms.

  • Ia
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I am a Father of a 4year old girl, her mother is using heroin, is wanted in one county in ohio and is facing two theft charges in another. I was laid off from my job last may and moved to georgia for work. when I went to court to change my visitation schedule, the court told me that they were taking all rights from me! they said that i have no desire to be with my daughter since i moved. Children services is now involved with her. I just hope that the state of ohio will see that she is unfit to be a mother and allow me to take care of my daughter

  • Di
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Chastity Kay Hamilton--madien name VANMETER. 3 kids- lost cusotdy of all 3 in 2004 pays no support on any. Only claims 1 the 15 year old. bcthe 15 year old hasnt squelled on her about her drinking and men. Dis owned the 13 and 9 year oldin Oct. of 09, fathers went for supervised visitation and opted not to take any visitations.

    picks men over her children and always has. attempted suicide several times to get out of trouble. check her out on Myspace -- PIPPYKESSLER she is using her dead mothers name for her account. As of today hasnt seen her oldest since Dec 31 2009 and its Feb 25 2010.. WHICH IS FOR THE BEST.


  • Ro
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    I'm a dad of a 21 year old son that I had since his mother left him with me. He was only 1 when I got him, 2 years old when I got legal custody and I battled with this psycho mom for years! she popped in and out of his life whenever she felt like it, was behind on child support all the way up until his 21st b-day and then finally paid it off. everytime I took her to court, it was the same old crap...she'd turn on the tears in front of the judge, weep a little, beg for another chance to start paying child support and then instead of jail time (which I felt she deserved) she'd walk away handcuff free and of course with an arrogant smirk on her face in front of me. she never paid for school supplies, book rental, doctor/dental bills...NOTHING!!! The one thing I have always despised is the label "deadbeat dads", it should be simply "deadbeat parents", for I'm also proof that moms can be deadbeats too!!!

  • Ta
      8th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    my husband has had custody of his two kids since they were born there only 13 mths apart but when they were born he took them away immediatly. when have been together now for almost five yrs i have been raising the kids as my own and me and my husband have two more kids and another on the way and shanda nicloe richards(carpenter) the ex is pregant and has paid child support in 3 yrs but gets to see them every weekend and holiday and summer and we do they hard stuff school docs appt etc the judge just keeps telling her she needs to find a job but she says im pregant i ahave medical problems and then that the say ok we will see u in 60 days take care it is bs and we cannt take much more we have spent over 15000 dollars just to keep them and we are the ones that get crapped on.

  • Wh
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    I have an idea, why don't the courts just order that parents that have shown they are "deadbeats" be sterilized, so that don't bring any more children into their world of chaos.

    Or maybe the "dad's" needed to use a condom, then they wouldn't have a "deadbeat" mom to deal with in the first place.

    Were these women losers when you slept with them, or did they become losers after giving birth? The past is always a preview of the present and future.

    I'm not agreeing to the way these women are acting, if they "really" cared for their children, they would just disappear forever. Why would you even want to take child support from this person, that just gives them a connection to you and the children.

    Why the courts think that a "mom" would be better to leave the kids then the "dad" in these circumstances, is beyond me. Once an addict, always an addict, even if they clean up their act, it only takes one drink, or one toke, or one snort, and it's all over.

  • Li
      22nd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yes I too know of this Chastity Hamilton! She is not a fit mother for any child to be around. She was letting men see her childern on myspace and letting them know there names and what school they go too. She has 3 childern by 3 men, been married 3 yrs and is 38 yrs old. now I feel very sorry for any man that gets hooked up with that! The only good thing is she cant have anymore childern. She will not have anything to do with her childern if she does something wrong and they tell there fathers.That is the case right now!! She is a drunk and was driving a car and her kids said something to her and then there dads. Now she will not call or talk to them.She lives for what she wants and not her kids! She even has her kids call her mother Queen!

  • Mr
      15th of Apr, 2010
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    I have to state the fact that there definitely DEADBEAT mothers! My husband was overseas fighting in our war. He was called to the states because his children's mother had abandoned them in New York with a neighbor for over three weeks. While he is figuring out his life, she had run off to buy a brand new vehicle in his name, screwed his credit, and was obviously into drugs pretty heavy. He was granted 'sole custody' of the children in New York. But with hard times, and it being hard to find a job, he had to return to Pennsylvania with his family. He moved on and had gotten a girlfriend. Then all of a sudden, the 'deadbeat' mom wanted to see her kids again. But it was sporadic. She would call maybe once every six months. He took her for child support. But guess what, she doesn't work...and she doesn't pay. Then I had come into the picture. After 3 years of having nothing to do with them, not paying child support, or calling them, she all of a suddent wanted to pretend like she was a mother again. This woman is unreal! She sued for child custody and guess what...because Pennsylvania is such an old school state ... she got weekend visitation with the kids. She still doesn't pay child support ... even though she is ordered to ONLY pay $126 a month!!! She is in arrears thousands of dollars, has been held in contempt, and has her license revoked ... but guess what. She still drives because PennDot has 'notified' her of losing her license, and she pays $20 every 6 months before her 'contempt' court hearing, so then she looks like she's 'making an attempt'. Pennsylvania really needs to wake up and put her ### in jail ... maybe she'll finally pay for her kids and quit putting terrible things into their heads about their dad that has been taking care of them all these years. DEADBEAT MOTHERS exist ... she may have given birth, but that's all she is capable of apparently!

  • Da
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    I am a disable veteran on a fixed income.I have custody of my set of 13yr old twins.Had custody since they were 5yrs old. I have been so discraminated throughout this so called court system.In the State of Pa and the NY court system.I live here in New York. The deadbeet mom { Kelly .S. Young } Lives in Scranton, Pa. She owes us over $5000.00 in arrears! havent seen any support since last Oct 2010 beacause she was picked up on a bench warrent for non support. Her husband paid $2000 to get her out. Now on 1/2011 another warrent was issued again. The sheriff s know that she lives at her address 838 Moosic st apt #2, but they keep telling me they cant just break the door down and arrest her. So now the support of arrears just keeps goiung up and up and up! While us here in New York, gets shut of notices for utilities or dont have much to eat at the end of the month cause I get paid once a month or my kids cant join any activities at school because I cant afford it!!! Can anyone Pleaser tell me what the next step I have to do to get Pa to do there job and collect the money that is owed to us!! We sure could use that $5000 now that -you

  • Ch
      28th of Nov, 2012
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    I know two deadbeat moms. They purposefully get pregnant so they can live off the system and take the men for child support. They both spend the money on themselves, from new clothes and shoes to cigarettes and tattoos. They both make me sick. Its sad that they have custody of their children at all. They are nothing but baby makers. I have one daughter and another on the way. I know lots of women who want children and cannot have them but people like this reproduce with ease. One of them has a child with one man, got pregnant not even a year later and lost that baby (with another man) and than turned around a screwed a third and had a baby with him. That man happened to be my now present boyfriend who messed around with her before we got back together and had a drunken night of stupidity. Instead of having an abortion or giving the baby up for adoption she had the baby and ruined our family. We got back together before we knew she was pregnant and told her this. She doesn't care cause now she has his kid and his money. Thank God she is not able to have any more as she has a hysterectomy. And the best part is she lost custody of one of her kids and doesn't pay support. Its great seeing how she just got a new tattoo three months ago and is planning another one. With no job the only place she is getting money is from the tax payers, since she is on welfare, and child support. And she beats her kids. But the state of PA is so relaxed on this. My boyfriend has a 13 year old son who got beat on the head with a brush by his mom and PA said they have no findings of wrong doing. This women has both verbally and mentally abused him to the point he has been in a mental institution FIVE times for trying to kill himself, but PA lets her keep him. The court system stinks and I hope one day they fix it and that deadbeats will not be allowed to have their children.

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