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Wet Seal / Staff

1 385 Southbridge St.Auburn Ma, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 508-721-9521

3/11/10After years of shopping at the wet Seal in Auburn, Mall...dreading the thought of walking in there because the staff is always rude and agitated with the exception of maybe one or two employees. Tonight when i visited i was harrassed by two employees, first the older manager, who seems to be vicariously living out her younger years through this store and acting "not her age" as well, had made a comment to another employee about the amount of clothes i tried on in ONE visit to the dressing room. I had no idea WET SEAL had a limit to how much you can try on because it makes the "employees" very angry. I thought it was their job, what they get paid for. My mistake. The other employee also chimed in, saying things as i passed by and at one point during her "personal" phone call to a friend she proceeded to mock me shopping in the store, as i stood at the cash register. The dirty looks and nasty comments are riduclous in this store. This hasnt been the first time this particular older manager had been rude to me or the other female employee. I let it pass...thinking maybe one was having a bad day or better yet the fact im younger than one makes her insecure or the younger of the two may need a reality check and a new mirror for herself...who knows? Its not my job to figure out either of their problems all i wanted to do was buy some clothes and be on my way. I shopped at Wet Seal because i loved the clothes and i love to shop, i did NOT shop to be harrassed or bother anyone. NOR am i EVER rude to ANY employee to deserve that. Neither of these females should be working in retail. Neither have personalities for it. Both need to grow up and act their real age OR complain to the company for overstocking WET SEAL with so many clothes to choose from instead of taking it out on customers who are just there to shop not to be harrassed.

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