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I also went to Westwood college in Ft.worth Tx campus from 2007 to 2009. And was also told that I could transfer my credits to the community college and others but that is a joke. They would not accept any of my credits what so ever. I apperently graduated from Westwood in May of 2009 but have never received a diploma from them. I finish with a 4.8 GPA for Associate of science. Architectural design. They said would help get jobs also but never did. The teaching was horrendous and half the time did nothing in classes except sit there and doodle. Then take a open book test for our grades. Then when they would hirer instructors who would actually teach they would fire them for making class to difficult. Any way 6 years after graduation I have nothing to show but a lot of debt that I'll never pay off. They did nothing but lie lie lie about all they were about. The campus closed down a couple years after I finished up. We need to start a class action law suit against this school again like the hundred of other student did against this scam of a school. I learned 10x as much in middle school then I did from this place and that was free education. The administrators and recruiters are nothing but salesman. They don't care about your education. They just want there commission for recruiting people. Yes you can transfer to other colleges and yes we'll help find you a position in your field of study. Non of which are true. I was sent on one interview they suggested with a starting hourly wage of $10. What a joke. They promised us so much more saying better your life and family's life by coming here and getting a degree. All they did was put my life and family's like in further debt and left me nothing to show for it but bills on top of bills for loans. I would like to see all these people have to pay just like I'm having to for me wanting to better my life and get a degree which is nothing but tissue paper that I can't even use for that because I never even received it. Thanks Westwood College for ruining my life.

Jan 14, 2015
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  • Ra
      15th of Jan, 2015

    Sorry I made a type O 3.8GPA

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  • Sa
      28th of Jan, 2015

    I went there around the same times as you for Network Engineering. That place was a joke, I knew I was in trouble after attending my first class, the instructor at the time stated to us the only reason he was there was so he could get his DR. But the naive me decided to stick with it.
    The next set of course weren't too bad, we actually had some one that new what they where talking about. But after that 2nd set of course it started to go down hill horribly. As you said once we got a good instructor they fired him before the next term and we ended up with a guy that had no business teaching Computer Networking. The guy never had any education in the field, when asked a question he had no idea what we where even talking about. And for some reason they ended up making him the head of that department.
    On top of that, there where terms where we had classes with no instructors and had to self study, why the hell did I have to pay out the ### to teach myself? We did not get a descent instructor until our last term and by then it was to late.
    Now on the loan side, yes thats all they are are salesmen. At one point I was struggling to make payments but I made them, then half way through I get called to financial and get told I do not have to make any more payments to the school because of a new loan, I was like wow great. But at the end of the year I get told I do not get my diploma because I did not make payments. I told the office what the girl told me on the new loan, and was told well she doesn't work here any more and that it did not take effect. What a load of Bull S***.
    At the time of graduation I had pretty descent job, not in the field, but I been there for 4 years. However I wanted to get into the field that I studied for. I went to student services and they lined up an interview. I went and found out the job was only for 9 an hour but it was in the field and I would get some work experience, so I excepted. Turned in my 2 weeks at my current job and went to work at the new one that was supposedly a guaranteed contract job for 6 months to a year. After 2 weeks we where all let go. So there I was jobless. I looked for work for the next 6 months and could not find anything, even entry level positions wanted you to have experience, so instead of going homeless and starving I took a job bar tending with the idea of looking for work as I went.
    It took almost 5 years later to even find something in the field and that was call center help desk work. However with those 5 years the loans grew and grew, and one point they wanted me to pay almost 700 a month, which was near impossible with out working, luckily for deferments.
    Needless to say the only reason I am working in the field now is due to me self teaching through the 5 years I was not working in IT. And I was able to land an entry level position because of that. Looking back I realized a few things, 1. Westwood is a joke, I never should have wasted my time, the community college TCC offered the same courses for cheaper and 2. Even the course material I took at westwood did not relate to anything that would get me into that entry level position for IT. 3. I am an major dept now because of this.

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  • Sa
      28th of Jan, 2015

    Also I have been trying to find something on a lawsuit for them for our area but haven't found anything yet. If you are anyone that reads these know of anything, please let me know.

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  • Ka
      3rd of Apr, 2015

    I agree, we need a lawsuit against them my email is [protected]
    I have been going to there 2012 - today 4 - 3 - 2015 when I found I was being scammed I woke up to find I could not log it to classes, called them to find out why I was treated badly on the phone and was told I needed to make a 150$ payment, but the loan agreement that I signed says payment will not start until 5 - 1 - 2015, So right there we have them breaking a legal binding contract.
    Law suit is needed I contacted the Ombudsman group and filed complaints the ones who accredit them.

    Please contact me.

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