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WestWay Ford / Sold a car right out from under me....

1 Irving, TX, United States Review updated:

Poor customer service to say THE LEAST! I was promised a vehicle, set up the appt to meet with the salesman the next day, called as I was leaving my house to let them know I was on the way, got my baby up from his nap, drug my family out of the house, drove an hour to get there only to be told they "just sold it" BULL FREAKING [censored]. Then on top of that they had the nerve to try and place blame on me, "well, ma'am we asked you to come up here last night" I'M SORRY, I HAVE A BABY THAT I PUT TO SLEEP AT 8'OCLOCK AT NIGHT...NO WAY AM I DRIVING TO A DEALERSHIP AN HOUR AWAY AT THAT TIME. Not to mention that the salesman was going to "put it to the side for me, so no one will sell it" The whole thing was a crock. Then, when I called to complain to the General Manager he backed his guys 100% and said "well, it's 1st come 1st serve here" FORGET CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE...I JUST FLEW RIGHT OUT THE DOOR WITH THIS DEALERSHIP. ******BEWARE OF GRANT OR ROBERT CURRY OR ANYONE ELSE WORKING AT WESTWAY, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE!!!*****

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  • Fr
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    My car was wreck due to a drunk driver. I needed a car, but I knew my credit was very, very, very bad. I was broke and I could only put down $500.00 I was in the market for a used vehicle. I needed a truck. I went to Westway Ford not really expecting that they could help me. I explained my situation to Spencer Sales Manager and he asked that I fill out a credit application, so I did. He told me that he could get me into a new truck. I didn't understand how he could do that with my credit and all. So, I schedule a time to visit him on a Saturday morning. When I first arrived Spencer shuttle me over to another Salesman name Chris Pruneda. A very nice guy. I also explained to him about my credit and me being divorced. I mean my credit score came back at 438. Even when we ran the numbers Chris said that my previous car came back as a repo, which was wrong because the insurance had told me that they had paid it off. Chris explained to me that the communication between the insurance company and the lien holder on my car was probably not communicating. Anyway, Chris still ran the numbers and said that he could get me into a new truck. I told him that I didn't know if I could afford a new truck. He told me that he would have a better chance of getting me into a new car than a used car, so I said okay what can you do for me. The offer that we agreed upon was the Ford F150 Extended cab truck for $23, 000.00 with a 12.99 APR (when we first started they wanted me at 19.99 APR) $500 down and $538 a month. I agreed on that and we then went to financing. The gentleman that work with me was kind of condescending. I can not remember his name but he tried to sell me gap insurance for an additional $169 per month. I told him no. Somehow he got it in his head that I had a cosigner, but when I told him no, I was either going to get this truck on my own or I was not going to get it. He said, No, problem, We'll get you approved". We'll a few moments later I signed the papers and I drove away in a new truck. I was very ecstatic and thought my Salesman worked a miracle. This all took place on January 15, 2011. Well, 2 days ago, I received a text message (NOT A PHONE CALL) that my funding for my new truck fell through. I thought, what? I have had my new truck driving a new truck and put 1100 miles on it and they are telling me that it is now going to have to be returned if I can not get a cosigner. Well, I asked a few people if they could cosign for me and one said yes, but even with this cosigner I could not get financed. Today, Spencer called me and told me that He needed me to return the truck today, and I told him that I could bring it in tomorrow since the roads were all iced over. He said okay, but then he got snotty with me and said that to make sure that I bring it back tomorrow. I am not mad that I could not get financing, the result of my bad credit is my doing not Westway Ford. What I am mad about is that they wasted my time leading me to believe that I was all set to start a new life in my new truck., but now it is gone. I would have been okay with them telling at the onset that they could not get me into that truck than to have my hopes get shattered 1 month later. I looked it up on the internet to see if they can do this, and as I thought they can. The reason they gave me the truck without first securing the loan was so that I wouldn't back out before the financing took place. They took a risk on me. To me this speaks volumes about Westway Ford's character, It tells me that they are more interested in a person's money than the person. Shame on you Westway. I will be seeing you tomorrow to drop off the truck, You wasted a month of my time, so I will do all in my power to spread the word about your character.

    Fred Hall

  • Ja
      26th of Mar, 2012
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    I went twice today. First time they said come on in. Your credit if fine. We'll get you in the Infiniti, no down. You'll leave here in less than two hours with the car. I get then they said the "approval" was tenative and they wanted me to go to Finance and wait. I walked out and said do what you gotta do, call me when you have an answer. They called me 8 hours later and they said I cannot get into the Infiniti but they had me already approved for a 2010 Ford Fusion. I said I'd be there in 30 minutes. I confirmed with "Patricia" that I needed no down payment and that I would be there in less than 30 minutes. She said come on and you'll leave here with the car in less than two hours. I got there and after 30 minutes, they said they wanted 2000 or 3000 down. Sales guy named John or Joe said he had just talked to the GM and that was what he wanted. I was pissed of. I went outside and called the number and asked to speak to the GM. They said the GM had left hours ago and they would leave a message for him...Lying MoFo's...I will most certainly stri up as much trouble as I can for them and spread the word that they are crooks. I will also file a complaint with the Texas Attorney Generals Office regarding their obvious deceptive trade practices.

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