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Wendy's Restaurant / drive thru missing items

1 3934 McCain BlvdNorth Little Rock, AR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 501 753 6918

First, they took the order incorrectly. Before I paid I asked for it be repeated and they were missing 3 items. Then when I finally got the food they forgot 2 of my sandwiches. I had to drive all the way back and I called first so the order would be corrected quickly. I made the mistake of taking the food in with me to prove to them that I was missing items and the manager took the order and threw it away. I was just trying to be honest by showing him that it was missing. He them proceeded to take for ever to refill the order. Then when he gave it to me he barely said sorry and when I rechecked the order before I left I was missing 3 orders of fried. Then I had to wait even longer to get them. There was no apology and no effort to make amends by offering me anything for my time and inconvenience. The whole process took an additional 30 minutes. While I waiting for my order there was another man that came in from the drive thru and they gave him his order immediately. He was the same color as the man working the back. I was not. Anyway while I was watching my order and others being made I noticed that about 1/2 of the 8 people behind the counter and handling the food had gloves on. Very poor service!!!

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      9th of Feb, 2009
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    Oh shut the ### up. I work at a wendy's and it's not all that easy as you think. First off, we have to deal with ignorant ### coustomers all day and I don't know how you expect us to be in a good mood. And about your whole order taking situation, when we aren't taking orders, we are doing dishes. Most people aren't ready to order so we say "Hi, can I take your order please?" and then we continue doing dishes. Sorry if you are actually ready to order and we miss a few things. But yeah you are right about the whole missing sandwhiches. We are only human, we make mistakes, okay? Now your next problem, the manager threw away your food. 99% of people that claim they are missing food, are really not. They just wanna keep the food and get more, that's why he threw it away. And half the time we know that we gave you the complete order. And I'm sooo very sorry that he took forever to fill your order when there are some people that like to have huge orders like 10 stacks, 10 jr. bacons, 10 crispy chickens, 5 large fries, 7 5-piece crispy chicken nuggets, and 5 chocolate frosty's. And in the meantime, we are dropping baskets of fries, and chicken, getting potatoes, changing the chilli pots, making buns, or making bacon so that you can have your ###ing meal. And on top of that the [censored] manager only has maybe 6 people working. And the whole racist comment about the guy that came through the drive thru, maybe he had a different order, maybe they were waiting on your chicken, or your meat, depending on your sandwhich. And the whole glove thing, you are only required to wear gloves when your making sandwhiches, dropping chicken, or making salads. So I'm so very sorry that you can't understand the stress levels and what we go through at Wendy's. I hope you never come back. Kay? So think about that the next time you walk into a fast food restraunt or go through the drive thru you stupid ###.

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