Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companymanagers dad terrorizing our employees

Fo Nov 24, 2018 Scranton Pennsylvania

Manager has a dad that is disrespectful to women and comes in expecting free cups or food and because i refuse to engage for a bully he threatens terrorristic threats says he's got a gun and also says he going to shoot me and another employee called us [censored]es I'm employed at 944 Wyoming Avenue Scranton Pa I'm suing and pressing charges all the managers who were present did nothing to always say he's not allowed but he's been doing this for years now I refuse to let someone threaten me my life or disrespect me in my place of employment because I won't give you free food or a cup because your 18 yr old son is shift manager also witnessed him calling two of our 14 yr old employees [censored]es also

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