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Countryside..Co workers are treated with no respect from management. I am an ex-worker and I've seen and heard alot of the terrible things that go on in these fast food settings. From the supervisor lowering a co worker hours to one day a week with about 4 hours hoping that the co worker would quit their job so that she doesn't have to fire them and then they can't file unemployment. If the co worker doesn't quit then she will not put them on the schedule at all and doesn't tell the co worker. Meanwhile, the co worker believes he/she still has a job until they call in and a manager tells them that they aren't on the schedule.While employed there I have seen this happen to a few people. The supervisor blows smoke in workers faces, yes people she does smoke in Wendy's office and you never know who could be allergic to smoke deadly, therefore she may be putting someone's life in danger. I have called human resources on her because she lowered my hours and gave them to a new worker who is a teen and has no kids, on the otherhand I have two kids and bills to pay, I rarely called off. Calling human resources was basically a waste of time, the supervisor is best friends with her boss so nothing was done about it. I believe I was scammed into losing my job because I had a cheek piercing and worked mostly front register while others making sandwiches and working the drive thru had piercings all over their face, I came in one day to do my job when I was told to take my piercing out which I refused until everyone else was told to do the same. The managers on duty did not proceed to tell the other workers, so I put a bandaid over it and then the managers told me to take it out or go home, so I went home not knowing that the next day when I called the supervisor, she said the managers told her that I quit!!! WTF? Excuse me, never again will I work for Wendy's or another fast food restaurant. This supervisor thinks she's GOD and she can do whatever she wants, there's a manager who makes co workers go out and get her own personal food while on the clock, talks on her cell phone and the company phone all during her shift, not only that she allows her kids, nieces and nephews to roam around on the line while the workers are trying to do their job. Knowone tells anything at this store for the fear of losing their job, or simply because they're illegal aliens (fact). I tell all because I believe in people being treated fairly, there should be cameras posted all around this store, there's so much that goes on that corporate should be aware of..and needless to say..I was granted my unemployment because the action that resulted in my "discharge" was not deliberate or willful due to company policy.


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      Mar 19, 2010

    The Wendy's I work at treats everyone the same way. I am not given enough hours in the week to pay for my bills.. and there are some employees there that are in college and have their parents pay for everything... yet they get 31 hours a week! Also its ok to serve sub par services on one manager's shift( said manager encourages it!) One time we had a foreigner come through our restaurant(eats there frequently), and she ordered her food. Well everything was cold so I had to go remake everything. Eventually my manager comes over and tells me that I need to stop serving this person food since they were a "pain in the butt" and would not leave me alone if I continued. Since when is it annoying to actually expect decent customer service? I complained to HR and the manager, but apparently they dont want to fire the manager since they liked this person? Ok? I agree, Wendy's does need camera for corporate.

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