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back in september 8, 2006 my father and i worked with a realator company here in terre haute indiana.named williams and associates owned by patty williams.our agent was prenna ranjan (who is no longer with the company) showed us the home that we ended up purchasing.but, she was no help. when my father and i meet with her to due paper work to make a offer on the home. it was listed at 155, 000. on the purchase agreement she asked my father what his offer was my father said he really did not know .so she wrote down on the agreement 150, 000. and i told her no to start at 95, 000. she said ok and marked out the 150, 000. she said she would present the offer to the seller's marcus and christina wenzel.and that they had in till 5:00 p.m. the next day to accept or turn down are offer and tell us the price they wanted.i recieved a phone call from prenna ranjan the next day and she said that the seller's marcus and christina wenzel accepted our offer.and we allready was working with a home mortgage consultant/mortgage specialist ANGELA M. KOELLING she worked for WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. 51 S PARK BLVD. GREENWOOD INDIANA 46143 PHONE NUMBER [protected].my father and i called our realtor prema ranjan and told her we wanted the house inspected so she calledATER HOME INSPECTION SERVICE, INC. 813 E.BUNKHILL DRIVE TERRE HAUTE INDIANA 47802.prema called me and said she set up the appointment for the inspection scheduled SEPTEMBER, 18, 2006 at 11:30 a.m.i told her that my husband and i would meet them cost us 245.00 dollars.the inspector found several things wrong that he told prema the seller would have to fix...prema told the inspector to write down all the things that had to be fixed and then he would come back out and make sure that the seller did so.mean while my father and i was keeping in contact with ANGELA M KOELLING from WELLS FARGO...ANGELA called me and said that every thing went my father and i met ANGELA here at the TERRE HAUTE OFFICE of WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE.on SEPTEMBER 15, 2006 TO SIGN ALL THE PAPER WORK and ANGELA MARKED ON THE DOCUMENTS THAT SHE GAVE US INFORMATION ON ALL THE KINDS OF LOANS THAT WAS AVAILABLE.that was a LIE.ANGELA said that we were APPROVED for 100% FINANCING.well THEY SCHEDULED the CLOSING DATE it was OCTOBER 6, 2006. ANGELA M KOELLING from WELLA FARGO did not even father and i, prema and the sellers MARCUS and CHRISTINA WENZEL met at WILLIAMS AND ASSOCIATES OFFICE.PREMA told US it would take about45 MINUTES to CLOSE.NOT TRUEwe was all there for over 3HOURS.ANGELA M KOELLING and WELLS FARGO SCREWED US!!!WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE said that they had to take out TWO SEPERATE LOANS. 1ST LOAN was for 124, 000 DOLLARS at 7.5% and it was ESCROWED (TAXES AND INSURANCE...)included.then THEY pulled out the2ND LOAN it was for 31, 000 DOLLARS at 10.75%...and I SAID WAIT A MINUTE. WHY ARE THERE 2 LOANS..the PURCHASE of the HOUSE was ONLY 100, 000 AFTER WE PAID THE SELLERS CLOSING FEES.which in the AGREEMENT with PREMA that my father and i had allready SIGNED and the DOCUMENTS we SIDNRD with ANGELA M KOELLING.OH I FORGOT ANGELA M KOELLING sent out the APPRAISER which was DONE by SCYAMORE REALTY GROUP INC. 125 WABASH AVENUE TERRE HAUTE INDIANA 47807 DATE SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 DONE by LORI NETHERLAIN she said the HOUSE and PROPERTY APPRAISED at 155, 000...well long story short MY FATHER and I got SCREWED BY EVERY ONE INVOLVED.STUCK with a TOTAL of TWO LOANS A MONTHLY PAYMENT OF $1491.30...I have TRIED to REFINANCE but NO ONE WELL HELP!!! there is ALWAYS some kind of EXCUSES. OWE more on the HOUSE then it APPRAISED for on NOVEMBER 1 2008.150, 000 is what the HOUSE APPRAISED. and i OWE 153, I CALLED WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE and I TOLD THEM that I NEED HELP...I MISSED NOVEMBERS PAYMENT... WELLS FARGO SAID they WOULD see if I QUALIFY for there MODIFICATION PROGRAM.but FIRST THEY MADE ARRANGEMENTS FOR ME TO PAY BOTH LOANS on DECEMBER 25, 2008 of a TOTAL of 1405.50 and the same for JANUARY 25, 2009 and FEBUARY 25, 2008 and CALL THEM BACK the 1ST of MARCH 2009. to SEE if I QUALIFY!!!the PAYMENT they made for ME yo PAY is MORE then my REGULAR PAYMENT MONTHLY...WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE rep said that I had to SEND THEM a MONTHLY INCOME, MONTHLY EXSPENSESand a HARD SHIP LETTER explaining my SITUATION... MY SITUATION IS I AM A SINGLE MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN AGES 12 AND UNDER I ONLY RECIEVE SSI DISABLITY AND YOU GOT ME WITH 2 LOANS PAYING YOU A TOTAL OF 1405.50 A MONTH AND YOU KEEP TELLING ME THAT I CANNOT REFINANCE AND COMBINED BOTH LOANS TO ONE WITH ONE INTREST RATE...BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH EQUITY, OR MY CREDIT SCORE IS TO LOW, OR MY HOUSE DOESNT APPRAISE ENOUGH...YOU THINK YOU WOULD TRY TO HELP ME I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN LATE ON ANY OF MY PAYMENTS...BUT NO!!!AND YES MY FATHERS ON BOTH LOANNS HE DOES NOT LIVE WITH ME OR HELP ME PAY MY 2 LOANS OR HAS HE EVER... TRACEY BURKE 1040 NORTH FRUITRIDGE AVENUE TERRE HAUTE INDIANA 47804 I NEED HELP... PLEASE HELPME IF YOU ARE A ATTORNEY OR IF YOU KNOW OF A ATTORNEY WHO WOULD HELP ME...EMAIL ME [protected]@AOL.COM...

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