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Wells Fargo Financial / fraud / taken advantage of my medicated mother

1 8633 US Highway 19 Port Richey, FL. 34668Port Richey, FL, United States Review updated:

Please read the outline below of how my mother was defrauded by this Wells Fargo Financial center!

Written by my mother:

I received a call from Jonathon Mancuso of Wells Fargo Financial around November 10th, 2008 to see if I would be interested in their services as I was constantly running at maximum limit with my Wells Fargo MasterCard. I told him I had been considering doing a consolidation loan and would possibly be interested, in either a consolidation loan or a second mortgage. We discussed what I had paid for my house on 2/07 which was $265K and that I had put down $125K at the closing and even with the real estate market decrease, I should still have equity in the house. He sent me an email on 11/10/08 requesting a recent pay stub, 2007 W-2, 1st page of 2007 tax returns, Home Declaration page on the homeowners insurance policy and my automobile insurance card. In the email I wrote on 11/11/08, I asked him what Wells Fargo division he worked for and he responded back in an email that he worked for the consumer lending division.

In one of the emails he requested my mortgage statement and the homeowners insurance policy (front page), my drivers license and the exact mileage on my vehicle. He said he needed the mileage so he could pull the value of it and list the value as an asset.

In between these emails, we had numerous phone calls and discussions. He informed me he was going to review all the documents and then make an appointment for me to come in on Saturday. I was taking the week of Thanksgiving off so we scheduled an appointment for the Saturday before Thanksgiving. That morning I woke up in excruciating pain and had my daughter call and cancel the appointment. I ended up spending that afternoon and much of the evening in the emergency room. The week of Thanksgiving and the week following that, I was in and out of doctors offices, emergency rooms, testing facilities, etc. I also had to call and cancel the rescheduled appointment with Mr. Mancuso on 11/29/08 due to my health issues. There were some phone calls between us during these weeks and we stayed in touch, but I wasn’t able to make it to their Wells Fargo office. I kept Mr. Mancuso abreast of the situations and my health condition, as I felt bad for cancelling the appointments after he had done research for me. On Saturday 12/6/08 I called to cancel that days appointment as I was not in good shape that day. My daughter and future son-in-law were taking me to the pharmacy when I received a call on my cell phone from Mr. Mancuso’s manager his name was Tony Sasso. He told me that his office was being fined $100 everyday for not closing out this loan and leaving it open and that he had only came in that day because I had a scheduled appointment. I told him about my health condition with two herniated discs and also a bulging disc, and what I had been going through the last few weeks and the heavy medications that I was on at this time. I told him I felt bad, but when I first started conversing with Jonathon Mancuso, I was not sick and had no idea about my illness until I woke up the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I made Tony well aware of my current condition as well as I kept Jonathon informed of everything the past two weeks. Tony then said to me that he would close out the loan today if I didn’t come in and that I was putting their office in a bad spot as they had kept this open for long enough, and were getting in trouble with their corporate office. I was in the car already and had my daughter drive me to their office so they could see that I was in bad shape but still interested in doing business with them. I didn’t know if I would lose the opportunity to do a second mortgage or consolidation loan if I didn’t show up.

My daughter and her fiancé stayed in the car and waited for me. I had told my daughter that I would not sign anything today but this way they could see what bad shape I was in and I would be able to see what they had to offer. When I went in, I was brought to a back office by Mr. Mancuso for him to explain what he had come up with to help me out. Basically, they were giving me a consolidation loan, but using my car as collateral, for a much smaller amount then what we discussed of $20K for a second mortgage. I didn’t fully understand what they were doing with the loan as this was something that we never had previously discussed. I was in the office for almost two hours. My daughter kept calling me on my cell phone to see if I wanted her to come in and I kept telling her no. It was taking so long that at one point, I sent my daughter next door to Wal-Mart so she could pick up something, to give me more time. She left and returned and I was still inside. During this time inside the office I had a nerve pain attack (from my herniated discs) and could not get me prescription pain pill bottle open (Oxycodone) Mr. Mancuso opened my prescription pain pill bottle so I could take a pill. At one point a few minutes later I then had a sweat/heat attack. I never should of went into their office in the shape I was in and they never should of let me sign any documents of any type. The paperwork was confusing even if I hadn’t been on serious medications. I received a folder with tons of warranty paperwork in it. There was a $916 warranty for the vehicle. When I questioned Mr. Mancuso about the warranty, if it was for the length of the five year loan, he said yes it was. This was a blatant lie, the next day I found out it was for only 12 months. There were also several checks in the folder. One check was made out to Sears for $3363.00, one check was made out to me for $1807.00 and there was a home security warranty check that really wasn’t for a home warranty, it had been cancelled, and the check ended up being made out to me for $509.00. I left their office that day with the above mentioned three checks, a folder full of mostly warranty paperwork. There were some papers, that I had signed that the copies were given to me, but the copies given to me didn’t contain my signatures, these were the copies of the paperwork before I had signed them. Tony and Jonathon said they would send me copies of the actual signed documents that I was supposed to get, but they were having problems with their copier/printer, that they would send by mail because of this. I never received them by mail. Also, my car loan with Chase Automotive was only 5.69% or 5.89%, why would I agree to a 17.99% with Wells Fargo if I had been in the right frame of mind and the right physical condition? When I left their office that day, Tony walked me out to my car and also got the exact mileage from the car.

The next day was Sunday the 7th. I was much less medicated that morning then I was the day before, when I started reading through some of the documents. I had a family member read through the documents as well and they were mortified. I called their office first thing in the morning on Monday the 8th. Since the office was closed on Sundays to speak with Mr. Mancuso and told him I was cancelling any and all contracts that I signed. He never once said to me that I couldn’t cancel. I told him I would be at his office before 6:00 PM that night to speak to them and cancel this contract. When I arrived at their office that night Tony Sasso brought me to his back office, along with my fiancé. My fiancé was very upset and asked him how they let me sign any documents in the condition I was in? I told Tony that I was here to cancel any and all documents that I had signed and he told me I couldn’t do that, he stated that only real estate transactions could be cancelled in three days. I told him I knew better then that, and I had three business days to cancel a contractual agreement. He continued on to say that he didn’t understand why I was so upset. I told him that mainly that the interest rate and the $916 warranty and because they had really pressured me into signing the initial contract when I wasn’t in any shape to do so. I told Tony when the whole thing started, and throughout all the conversations and emails over the past weeks, Mr. Mancuso and I discussed a consolidation loan and second mortgage for my debt solution, never once did we discuss a car loan. Tony said no problem he would take care of this and do one big loan, with one payment and take care of all my debt. I asked him why didn’t they just do this from the start? I never once got a real reason why they didn’t just do this from the start. But he said he would do one big loan, take care of all the debt and there wouldn’t be a $916 warranty on it, that I was upset about. He told me I needed to get him my last two W-2 forms and a few other things, and that he would be in touch with me in the next day or so. I did not hear from him on Tuesday the 9th but was pretty busy at work. I started to get nervous Wednesday afternoon when I hadn’t heard from him. At this time I tried to get him to put something in writing, on email, for what he was doing for me including not charging me for a $916 12 month warranty. After getting the run around, I knew I had to protect myself and that’s when I sent a fax stating that I cancelled the any and all contracts signed with Wells Fargo. I also waited until I got a fax confirmation receipt so that I could have proof that I cancelled this. If they didn’t receive the fax why wasn’t he calling me to do the big consolidation loan?

Events with District Manager of Wells Fargo Office:

I called three different Wells Fargo Financial offices, before I had found someone that would at least send an email to the District Manager to call me. This rep sent an email to the DM and then called me back a few hours later to let me know that she was off but had emailed her back to say that she would be calling me Tuesday the 19th, the next day.

Michelle the DM did call me on 2/19/09 and she said she was briefed by the rep of my situation. I only got to tell her part of the story but she seemed very receptive about helping me. She told me she needed to check into a few things, make a few phone calls and she would call me back the next day Wednesday. I informed her that I had a later afternoon surgical procedure so please try to call me before 4:00 PM. I didn’t hear from her on Wednesday nor did I hear from her the following day Thursday. I started to get nervous once again and Thursday afternoon I called a local office to send her an email asking her to call me. Thursday night, after 6:00 PM, she left a message on my cell phone voice mail stating that she was waiting on one more call back to resolve this issue but she had it and I quote “ 99% resolved” and she would call me back on Friday.

That Friday a little after 3:00 PM Michelle did call me. She was very ’hurried’ on the phone and told me that she had figured out the best and easiest way to resolve this issue. She told me that she had cancelled the original checks that I had in my possession from Well Fargo. But then she proceeded to tell me she re-issued new checks to replace them. One of the original checks had been made out to Sears for $3363 and the replacement check (for this one) had been made out to Wells Fargo/Nancy Mish and that all I would have to do is sign this check and send it in to Wells Fargo Auto. She then told me the two other checks for $1807 and $509 were re-issued to Nancy Mish so I would have to deposit them into my checking account and write Wells Fargo Auto a check for those two amounts. She told me there was nothing she could do about the $916 12 month warranty as the warranty company already cashed the check. She said I would have to call that company and cancel the warranty and they could reimburse me for the dollar amount of the warranty that hadn’t been used and then I would have to pay that amount to Wells Fargo Auto. I objected and said it should cost her guys that, they put this loan through not me as I had cancelled this loan. We went back an fourth and she said this is the easiest way to pay off this loan and that I needed to pick up those new checks from the Port Richey Wells Fargo office (the one I had originally dealt with) and get those payments to Wells Fargo Auto. I asked her if Wells Fargo Auto knew the transactions of this week and what she was doing. She said that she had not spoken to anyone at Wells Fargo Auto and that I needed to call in the payment before they repossessed my car. I told her I was not going to make a payment on a loan that I had cancelled as that would make me responsible for that loan. I asked her to send via fax or email, a statement as to what the balance would be. She refused! So I asked her if that office could do so and she said no that I would just have to figure it out myself. She said that I would owe for the warranty, doc stamps, some title fee, interest on the account but she absolutely refused to put it in writing, the amount I would end up owing I asked her to give me five minutes to run out to the car to grab my folder so she could go over everything with me and she said she was in a hurry and had to pick up her child. She also said she was going to give me a good piece of advice that I really needed to call Wells Fargo Auto and make a payment before they repo my car.

Please Note: I only know the D.M. as Michelle No one would give me her last name or phone number including her.

Nancy M.

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  • Jo
      2nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    TrinityGuy, Mrs. Mish, I can say with the greatest sympathy that I understand your ordeal and have recently went through something very similar, just not w/Wells Fargo Financial. Just reading your story makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. People like this "Michelle" should face criminal charges. What they do to people is worse than...well, lets just say I'd rather be mugged (it's not nearly as traumatic physically OR emotionally, being mugged, that is) than go through that again!

    But I would love to know how you, or she came out of all of this? post an update!

  • Fo
      29th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know it is late, but the DM is Michelle Dempsey whose office number is 813-653-4256 and her boss is Bob Good 407-333-9115.

  • Yo
      6th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Editor of St. Pete Times,

    Over the last year the average citizen has heard, seen, or read how the big financial investment firms have been crying to the Federal Government for taxpayers money to bail out their bad investment schemes. As if on cue, the lawyers, the investment advisors, the pocket corrupt politicians knock each other over to take the American taxpayer on a long rough ride to foot the bill for all three of these groups to keep on partying never mind being held responsible for their mistakes.

    I write this letter to your newspaper because one of these groups - the investment advisor - Mr. Scott Pugan of Wells Fargo of Port Richey, Florida is greatly under the delusion that the $6600 of my father-n-law’s money market account belongs to him. Over the last year, my father-n-law’s money market account has gone from $7800 to the current $6600. My father-n-law died in September 2009 and my wife and only daughter and legal heir to his estate, with testate Will in hand has been repeatedly mislead, given misinformation, and shipped, transferred to office staff or to other personnel in other states in her legal right to obtain her deceased father’s waning money market account from financial advisor Pugan who appears to have total disregard for Florida Probate Stature enacted by the citizen elected state representatives.

    This fiasco in dealing with Scott Pugan of Wells Fargo Financial Advisors of Port Richey, Florida is a small example of the corruption that we are seeing in Washington, the business world, and the Federal tax structure that is placed on average Americans. Wells Fargo, who is under several state and federal investigations, demands that the fat-cat Washington politician bankroll their bad investments, however, when Joe America wants to close out his/her account and try to stop the sucking away of a man’s hard earned money, Mr. Scott Pugan of Wells Fargo of Port Richey, Florida plays the delay, deny, and don’t contact me game with his not earned client.

    We need to wake up in this country before it is too late and take back control from the lawyers, politicians - who are mostly lawyers - and insurance/financial advisors. They are destroying one of the greatest gift ever given to mankind. The gift that is so simple, but it has been so complicated by these “well crafted professionals” dressed in 3-piece suits. My father-n-law worked most of his life, earned his own income, paid taxes, and saved money to leave to his family. Our greatest gift that was paid by our ancestors was to live life with the simple truths that are self evident - that we are created by God to partake in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Given the last year in the financial meltdown, these same people - the Scott Pugans of our country control the politicians to force the taxpayer to bail out their horrible financial train wreck, however, my wife - a legal heir, personal representative, only child and bereaved daughter have spent the last 3 months jumping through one hoop after another to try to wrestle free money that legally belongs to her. Yet, Wells Fargo still has the money.

    I wonder how many other average Americans are getting the shaft from the financial, political, and governmental Scott Pugan’s of our nation??? My only son is on the verge of being deployed to the Middle East. Is he going to defend what my wife, our children, and myself strongly believe in - that America is man’s last best hope - the hope that so many in the past were willing to pay with their very lives. Let us not forget, we cannot and must not forget the self evident truths - the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not for sale at any cost to the Scott Pugan’s of this country. The brave men and women that are fighting in the Middle East are definitely not over their for the corrupt Scott Pugan’s of the world, but; they serve because deep in their hearts they believe in these self evident truths.
    My advice to all Americans is to stay clear of Wells Fargo and other financial investment firms that are holding “your” money.
    These firms pay big bucks for fancy advertisement about much they care and love your family; however, the truth is that when you want to close your account out, your money becomes their money.

  • Ve
      20th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    They (Wells Fargo) are slick people to deal with. The rep handling the loan gets a great commission from setting up these loans. They'll tell you anything to get your signature on the loan papers. I'm still reeling from a re-finance loan I made in 2007. At 10%, high payments and inflated closing costs. They have been trying to re-finance my existing loan - should I---When pigs fly!!

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