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Wells Fargo Financial / unethical lending and collecting practices!

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I have also purchased furniture and was approved through Wells Fargo Financial. After cruising through the first few months without any issues, my bills either did not come in until they were past due, or did not come in at all. I checked with the post office who said there were no delays in mail to my area, and then spoke to Wells Fargo. I received nothing but excuses and was told to check with the local post office. After a brief conversation on why I could not receive a bill on time, but I could get a courtesy call after the bill was due, the subject turned to a $10.00 fee for running a check by phone and why the website is severely behind (it has no information ever) in showing account balances, due dates, and other very useful information in making on time payments. I was told that they would be getting the information soon, but to this day they have not carried on their promise to include important account information on their site. Recently I have found that if I lose my password to the site, keeping in mind I don't receive bills more than I do, I need a bill with my account number on it just to get a phone number to call to unlock my account, but can only do it during normal banking hours. There are so many roadblocks to keep you from paying on time, it is a battle to keep the account current even if you have money to pay the bill and pay more than what is owed every month. I do not recommend this company, will not recommend this company, and plan on paying this company off in the next couple months and never doing business with them or their affiliates every again. Customer service is way below par, convenience is unheard of, and general business practices that should be designed to attract repeat customers are nonexistent, including treating their customers like humans who make some mistakes. I rate them under insurance companies and auto accident attorneys on the moral ethics rating of business. There needs to be a law that regulates businesses like them who preditorily operate on the verge of fraud to collect extra money on loans by using little tricks and tactics to extort their customers. Wells Fargo Financial needs to get a grip on reality and realize we will not stand for this. Please email this to anyone who needs to make an educated decision on obtaining a personal loan from this company. The only way to combat this is to spread the word. If I am losing $1500 to Wells Fargo, I will make sure to steer at least $4500 of business away from their company. If everyone follows through with this, they will not be able to continue to do business without having the easy customers they have preyed upon for as long as they have. Don't just stand there and be idle. Don't do business with realtors who do business with them, companies who offer their loans, or people who recommend using them. Blacklist them. Plain and simple.

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  • Me
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had a very similar experience. I have not received many bills or get them late (I have a late payment notice here dated 1/09/09 that I received the first week of March!) To avoid paying late because they send the bill late, I have set up automatic transfers. On the same day each month they are paid more than the minimum by electronic transfer. But they provide only a small window of time where they will apply that money to my payment. If I pay a day too early because of the date THEY decide to send the bill out (which they can change every month) they apply the money to principle and then I'm charged a late fee! This has happened repeatedly and they refuse to refund the fees. I have had it and am going to switch banks. I do not recommend this bank.

  • Co
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I have had nothing but horrible experience with Wells Fargo Auto Finance. They will start calling you one day after your payment due date. Nothing is wrong with that except, they will call you 5, 6, 7 times a day. They will call all the numbers they have for you, including your references on file.
    Recently, I went to their website to make my monthly car payment, I noticed that my payment had changed from $398 a month to $458 a month. I contacted to find out why and was told that my payment went up because my car insurance coverage with Geico had lapsed. I had Geico fax them proof of insurance but they argued that the payment difference covers the one and half month period that I was without insurance.
    Can they do this? Is it even legal?

  • Fo
      29th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Allthe commie banks in this almost socialist country have the right to do what they wish, because they have all the bottom feeding lawyers and judges in their pockets. they're worse than the mob, and with our commie politicians in their pockets too, don't look for anyone to give a pint of panther piss about your rights

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