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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / wells fargo said I haven't made payments in over a year!!

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So me and my husband buy a new car thru wells fargo auto finance, in may of 2006. Shortly after, my husband gets orders to go to germany. So we have to have them sign a release paper to let us take it over seas and set up an allotment. All good to go.... So i thought. So then in sept of 2007. I get this letter from wells fargo auto finance telling me i had to call them asap. Mind you by now, my husband had just deployed for 18 months. So i call and they tell me my car is in default, and i owe them $20,000 now... They tell me i haven't made a payment in a year. They had only received 2 payments. I said how can that be it is taken out of my husbands check every month. He tells me i don't want to hear ur excuses. U are just an irresponsible ###. He went off. I ended up talking to his boss and he didn't wanna listen either. Finally i got someone else to listen and i got all the information that the payments had been being made and never returned by wells fargo, i submitted it and still to this day they haven't fixed my credit report, they won't return my emails, i did a bbc and they told them it isn't any of their business. I've called, they won't talk to me or help me out. So it looks like i bought a new car, made 2 payments and said screw it i am in another country. Then one day in early november they wrote me and said they got my documentation and they had to research this and see were the money is, mind you i still have an allotment coming out for this payment and they still aren't getting them. You have a [censored] thief in your work and you are investigating and not fixing my credit report, after i just gave you the proof of payments. I now have a military lawyer trying to help and they still will not respond. So now i was told by the department that handles and oversees the banks, that they aren't allowed to do this and it is the fair credit reporting law, that states that if proof is shown of a false report they have to fix it immediately, even if the have an internal investigation pending. So i am going to try this approach and if it doesn't work i am going to see if i can find at least 4 people hopefully more and do a civil class a lawsuit against them... Someone has to teach these big companies that the law applies to them as well..

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  • Mi
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    wells fargo is crooked company contact the consumer office of complaints have them look into it for u

  • Mo
      28th of May, 2008
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    Same thing but insurance issue. Automatically enrolled me in their insurance without letting me know. adding additional money to every payment and therfore had me resend declaration of insurance page and still have not seen any difference in payments. I am getting more and more late because of thier own bad work habits and they call me threatening to take my car away if I do not pay the difference while they investigate. They want my money now but I have to wait months before they give me mine?? Makes no sense. My credit is shot and now have to stress about losing a car. Something needs to be done.

  • Je
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    OMG!! I thought we were the only ones!!! We went 3 months without "making payments" when we were sending it via allottment! They won't fix our credit report either after we showed proof of having sent out the payments!! Now we overpaid $1600 and I don't know if we will get that money back! I am in on this suit against them!

  • Sa
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    I have fallen into the Wells Fargo BS game as well. Accourding to them my account went thru a conversion & the didnt have to tell me 8 payments held up at the western union supposedly - I make my payments via western union or money gram quick pay -

    I had gone threw a payment moment ""We never received that payment"" Making antogonistic calls every hour on the hour the day the payment was due & everyday until payment was made. my payment dates are another issue as well - its just a mess.. my account went from Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance to the Wells Fargo Bank - then apparently back again..none of the contact numbers work. If I am fortunate to talk to a live person - well that is another experience as well...very ugly all the way around & the 8 payments after they put me threw extreme torture of where are they & repossesion credit & scores were massacred - please contact me I want in on this lawsuit asap...there's more...

  • Li
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    OMG, this just happened to me too. I turned in the vehicle yesterday. I have been a basket case and have been crying for two days trying to figure out how they can say I haven't made a payment in over a year. When I was getting statements saying that I was good on my payments. And this all happened when I tried to use the SCRA since my husband is deployed to get the interest lowered. The kicker is that my mother is a co signer on the loan and I am sure now thinks I am a piece of crap for doing this to her credit when I thought I was good. I would be happy to fight with y'll and going to court against Wells Fargo!! My email addy is


  • Ta
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I purchased a brand new 2005 Chevy Cavalier and I made my first payment over the phone with the company (Wells Fargo) then the next day I called the number given to check to see if they recieved my payment and it said they did recieve it. I then called my banks anytime line that allows me to check on transactions and account standing just to make sure the payment went through correctly and according to the anytime line my payment was applied.

    A month later I get a call from Wells Fargo saying that I never made my payment. I went to my bank and had them do a check on my transaction history and it said that the payment went to their bank and then it for some reason was sent back to my bank.

    So I called Wells Fargo to arrange payments to catch up on the missed payment to which they agreed too. I told them the exact date when my husband got his check directly deposited into our account so that there would be enough funds to cover the car payments.

    It was agreed on that there would be 3 payments made on Fridays only on the day my husband got paid.

    Wells Fargo attempted to take out the money on a Wednesday two days before my husband got paid!.

    So anyway Wells Fargo screwed up our account and then repoed our car!

    Now here is the kicker to my story. A week after they took my car they sent me a forclosure notice for my house! The funny thing is according to my mortgage papers Wells Fargo was never listed as our lender.

    We called them and asked how much was due and they said they wanted $1700 and we told them that if they would send us a letter showing this we could get a loan from my husband's 401K to cover what was "past due".

    Wells Fargo told us we had to send them the $1700 before they would send us the letter to cover "the attorney fees" and some other crap.

    Anyway to sum it all up not only did Wells Fargo screw us out of a car but also our house!

    This all took place in 2006 and we don't know if there is a statue of limitations on filing a class action lawsuit against them for Predatory Lending Practices but if we have not gone past the limitations then We are also willing to be added to any Lawsuit that may be made against this company. anyone who know's of any info on such a lawsuit please email me at asap.


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