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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / delinquent account for enitre loan

1 13925 Schang Rd, East Aurora, NY, United States Review updated:

Here is some food for thought and a good reason to think that Wells Fargo Auto is a crock of ###. They should be investigated and be shut down as a lending facility for lack of competence or anybody that even gives a ### or has a god damn clue. People cant even do there jobs and i'm left and stuck fixing peoples ignorant mistakes. I got better things to do than sit around on the phone with you ###s and argue who's right and whos wrong. Let me further explain.
It all started when i purchased the car, a 2004 chevy cavalier, that was financed through Wells and ended up to be the biggest mistake of my life and destroyed my credit! Initially, after i had been driving the car for a couple months i had never received a bill or coupon book which is how people pay their bill most of us, so i had called to find out what was the deal. I found out when i called that they had the wrong mailing address! So after that, i was assured by a representative that everything was to be cleared up and that this matter was over and to be taken care of. Big mistake, another month goes by still nothing. I called again to complain, at this point I still didnt know my account number no nothin! Again, i verified the mailing information and they said it was correct. I waited another month and still nothin! Are you kidding me i couldn't believe it! Folks, at this point my auto payment past due by 90 plus days.
Next, the harrassment started, they told me that i signed a contract stating i would pay $295.82 each month. So i was like well no ### but i had no idea where to send the payment to, no bill, no god damn account information no nothin! Note, i was told that they were sending me a bill each time i called about this very same matter. What a bunch of ###s, cant anyone do there job? What good did it do for me to call? Why should i be blamed? Whos fault is it? Did I not try and resolve this matter? Its not their credit so why do they give a ###. What else should i do? I didnt think that this was that big of a dilemma. Needless to say, this was the start of my past due account that had accrued and continued to be this way since day one. This loan is for 5 and a half years and it is now year 3. I still cant pay my bill on time, between late fees and my high monthly payment it doesn't make it ends meet. I have been threatened by these people for long enough and i'm TIRED OF IT! My credit is screwed. Thank you Wells Fargo Auto.

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      1st of Nov, 2008

    My problems started in July. I had asked if I could skip a pay for two months and adding it to the back of my loan. I was told I had to be behind before I could do this. I was one day late and I called to ask for the two month extension and I was told to call back to see if it was granted. I phoned and I was told that I didn't meet the criteria for this and I needed to make a payment right away. I was very disappointed because I had just used my car money to pay my portion of her tuition. To be honest I have been told so many different stories by each person that I call. I was granted an extension for one month and I wasn't notified by mail nor was I notified by a phone call. I had to call them to find out it was granted. Even though it was granted I was then two payments behind and I had to go to a check cashing place to borrow money to catch them up. I'm now five days late on my payment and I asked for another extension tonight and I was told that I didn't have a good excuse to extend the payment. What will I do? I hate going to the check cashing places.
    When I first started my car loan with them I had the same problems that Mike had, but the customer service was a lot better once I got my payment notices on track. I don't know what to do? Customer service rates a -10 now.

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