Wegmansunprofessional security

Wegmans is very unprofessional. During the hustle of christmas week I made the mistake of shopping at this store. After an eight hour day of work I went grocery shopping picked up a few things, ordered a large sub and chinese food from the walkery. Every cashier line was open and crowded so we made our way over to the pizzaria to cash out. While there waiting I began a phone call that lasted til I was at the register. Being absent minded I forgot about the chinese food in the bottom basket and the cashier hadn't said anything about it either. Not realizing it I walked out the store with the food soon after security was yelling at me and having my boyfriend and I come back into the store. Once I was in the security office I was being told im going to be arrested. I still had 70 dollars on me that day and was more than willing to pay for the chinese food.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rochester, NY When I said that the male security guard began swearing at me infront of another female employee who became teary eyed. The man kept swearing at me, calling me a "lying ###" and using words like "###". Even under the circumstances I was there for I found the male security guards language to be very unprofessional considering I was being cooperative and compliant. The only time he stopped speaking like that when I pulled my cell phone out and began recording the conversation. After being arrested and publicly humiliated infront other customers i was told my groceries could be picked up by my boyfriend but the security guard gave him a hard time about it even though there was a recite for the groceries in the bag. Reguardless to say I am upset this has happened and disappointed in the way the matter was handled. But just like a former Wegmans employee told me before, I'm just a quota.

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