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W Geneseo, NY Review updated:

Wegmans Sucks, Can't won't operate honestly, and does not know the first thing about serving people in a restaurant environment
Over the past few years Wegmans Food Markets has tried to push into ad-hoc dine in service. I will never use their dine-in service again- nor should you here is why: The Sub Shop at Geneseo is one such example.
I was sitting there using my computer minding my own business when Rita Gibney, Store Manager comes shouting at me that I can't be here, then proceeds to try to physically intimidate me by pulling up a chair, flipping it backwards and sitting down with her legs stattling the seat of the chair. Then she tries to lean her body in to intimidate me.

There are so many things wrong with this it is hard to know where to even start:
1. Menacing, and Physically Intimidating someone is a crime.
2. I had permission to be there from the Deli Manager- whom she did not even bother to check with
3. Sitting down at someone's table without so much as a "may I sit here" especially when you do not know that person is the equivalent of being a hoodlum.
3. She proceeds to verbally harass me.
Rita Gibney is a criminally negligent store manager. Wegmans does not know the first thing about manners, ethics, or how to handle situations. And they definately can not run dine-in restaurants. If you want a coffee, sub, or prepared food go to a restaurant. Wegmans is a food store, and does an unacceptable job of in-store dining.

I am not your employee Rita Gibney, but a customer. I complained to corporate, and they admitted they were wrong, but did nothing. I followed up, and they had some guy who -surprise- wait for it- tried to intimidate me because I sent them a cease and desist letter informing them Rita Gibney is not allowed to be near me. They incorrectly thought I was still going to Geneseo Wegmans, and complained how hard this is for them. Here is an idea- if it is hard for you do not hire and keep criminals. Thanks for over valuing your brand- but no I have not been back- have not missed it- and found much better substitutes in other stores- and as for their subshop a local cafe is a much better solution. (Update) I have heard that they have sent Rita Gibney to Maryland to manage a different store. Just what Maryland needs, a violent store manager who interacts with customers. Wegmans says "Everyday you get our Best" I would hate to see what they consider their worst.


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      Mar 28, 2012

    I do not know about this specific complaint, but have you seen the way they handled the "pink slime" issue: It was terrible done to the point where I hate Wegman's too now. Here is the blog post they wrote to try to explain their failings at communicating...

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