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Contact information:
Phone: 01141003623

We24support is fake company. Earlier they used to say that they are certified by microsoft and were using thor logos as well but they were not their partners. And rightnow they are still using Microsoft Gold Partners Logos on their website. And its completely fake.

The owner names are Samrat Ganguly & Mohd. Hashib

Samrat Ganguly is living in Laxmi Nagar.

Mohd. Hashib is living in Mehrauli and even dont know how to speak in English. They are illitrate.

And one more thing. they are stealing the tax. They used to store the money in their home and in office cabin desk.

Lots and lots of black money is stored there. they are not paying tax for it.

They are using some kind of payment gateways. wherein they are not mentioning the companys name or anything. They just know how to steal the customers.

They used to charge and sell the warranties of dell products which Customer already have.And they are not authorize of it..

The employees which are working there dont have any offer letters and they used to give salaries to the employees in cash. No accounts are created, No cheques, nothing...TOTALLY FAKE...

In brief (Fake & scams) :-
- Stealing Tax and storing back money
- Using Microsoft Gold Certified logo on their website
- Improper way to give salary and No offer letters
- People who work there used to come to office and drink alcohol and used to smoke during the working hours.

Contact Numbers for the owners of this fake company :
SAMRAT GANGULY : [protected]
HASHIB : [protected]
OFFICE ADDRESS : 190 Vinobha puri, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, India - 110024
The HR name is DIVYA.
They all are ruining the corporate values and playing with them.

Please take a serious action against them ASAP.

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  • Se
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    First of all We24Support is really trust worthy company.
    The above complain seems to be personal revenge of "kevin420".
    I purchased 3 year unlimited support with technician visit to my-place.
    The technician "Jean" is really knowledgeable guy who fixed my PC at my home.
    Other technicians who support online are also having sound knowledge.
    Their positive nature and 24 X 7 availability is amazing.

    I called them approx 2:00 am in the night. One technician "Manu", pick up the call and fix my outlook problem immediately.
    It seems Kavin420, you have some personal issue with that company.

    As per client satisfaction, they are really good.

    Their payment option is fastest one. I checked my bank and it is clearly listed as We24Support LLC.
    This seems they are properly registered in USA as well.

    In future as well I like to work with them.


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  • Al
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    Hey Sean,
    I am also totally agree with you.
    Their [ We24Support ] service is amazing.
    Nitin [ Tehcnician ] personally called me at-least 5 times last week to check whether my printer working well or not.
    My other colleagues whoever purchased their service are all having sweat note regarding their service.
    I recommend We24Support personally.

    Note: This guy "Kavin" seems to have personal rivalry with We24Support owners.
    Please stop misleading the people.


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  • Se
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    Hey Kavin,
    Please dont abuse this blog.
    I dont know who is the owner of We24Support and dont like to know as well.
    I paid them online and in my credit card statement it came as We24Support LLC.
    It seems to be genuine organization who are properly registered under US law.

    Apart from all, their service is really respectable. I salute them.
    Their 4 levels support concept is really works.
    My experience:
    1. I called We24Support and Miss Brinda Williums pick up the call.
    2. I was impressed with Binda's technical knowledge and paid for 3 years unlimited support.
    3. Kapil - the technician was assigned me immediately after her diagnosis.
    4. Kapil supported me for 45 mins on phone and restored my Windows 7.
    5. All my data and emails were properly saved as before.
    6. After that, their supervisor [Tom], called me and verified whether all were perfect or not in my pc.
    7. I received their follow up calls last 4-5 days to check whether my pc working perfectly or not.

    Very nice support.
    I like their service.


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  • Sa
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    Hi All,
    Let me tell you the truth about this person "Kevin".
    His actual name is "Kulmeet".
    He was a fraud seller in We24Support team.
    He was terminated from his job months ago.
    Apart from that, there were some important data and client information was stolen by him.
    Even they steal our older website design and use that in his own website

    Please keep away from him and his website.

    Thanking you all,
    Samrat Ganguly

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  • Yo
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    Hey Samrat,

    I don't know what type of personal problem do you have with Kulmeet or whatever and what is this ?
    are...Are you crazy or what ?

    what I think is that, I believe you are also the owners of and In order to mislead people who are opposing somebody's name and focusing your own website for showing yourself good.

    Why are you hiding your real image with the help of focusing fake information or focusing fake people.

    I individually wrote a comment on the wall. okay?.. Because I tried your service I was on the call for 8-9 hours and the issue was not fixed. And when I ask to refund my money, then you guys hung my call and it continues for a long.

    Are you guys trying to mislead the people...I know you are creating fake ID's and posting comments for your company on the wall by yourself.

    If you are the owner then I think you don't deserve to be an owner of any company because you guys are ruining corporate values by running scams.

    And At last just one simple question for you ?

    Are you Microsoft Gold Partners ?
    I believe you guys dont have the answer because you are not even certified by them. hahaha...


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  • Be
      15th of Apr, 2012

    This company answered a phone call made directly to Microsoft support. I do not know how a call made to Microsoft got re-routed to or intercepted by this company. Perhaps it was because the phone call was made after Microsoft's support hours; I did not know Microsoft did not have 24/7 tech support. This company led me to believe I was speaking directly to Microsoft. Not true. Microsoft does not know them nor do they support anything this company does. Beware of who answers the phone at Microsoft. This company may or may not be able to assist you, but they are NOT Microsoft affiliated. They are a completely separate company who will sell you software tech support without ever revealing that they are not Microsoft.

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  • Ja
      24th of May, 2012

    hi can you give me divya's number.. the hr.

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  • Ge
      30th of May, 2012

    I listened about one month ago. And Now join with we24support as customer. I suffer from hanging problem of my PC. I can't play game, song. etc. Then i contact my friend rosy she gave me reference of we24support. Then i call we24support. And i am talking with harry technician, He solve my PC Problem. Now i realize better and comfort with we24support.
    Thanks harry.

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  • Jo
      4th of Jul, 2012

    I john bret had a problem of rebooting many times when i worked on it. then i searched to fix it on internet. i contact my support organization but they coudn't fit it. but when i callled to we24support then i found thesolution of that problem they connect my system to their system by remote hosting and did all the work to fix the problem.then i feel comfortable to get my pc back.
    thanx we24support

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  • Ma
      5th of Jul, 2012

    I got fully support for my technical problem of network connectivity by we24support tech team. we24support is a good technical support company and they provide satisfied solution for related problem.
    Thanks For Support!

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  • Sr
      6th of Jul, 2012

    Hi Everybody, Good News.
    No Doubt, we24support is well pad company. everybody should firstly analyses this company then you can know more about we24aupport. Infect we24support is a great full & helpful company. Don't focus negative complain of "kelvin420". 420 means " thief " . Kelvin420 has a dual personalty. So, only believe on company "we24support" and make a good relation with company we24support.


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