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We Tour America / Dishonest company

1 28870 US Highway 19 N Ste 407 Box 28Clearwater, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 727-230-8761

In the beginning of March 2008 my wife and I attended the Carl Casper Auto Show in Louisville, KY where she signed us up for a drawing for a free Disney vacation. A couple of weeks later I received a phone call. The female on the other end asked if I was sitting down and then told me that I had won a Disney vacation. She acted upset that I was not surprised. I asked her how was I to know that she wasn't someone running a scam. (Turns out she was.)

She assured me that she represented a credible company then went on to explain to me how they give these vacations away. My wife and I were to tour some hotels or resorts and then tell our friends how great they were. All I had to do was pay $399.00 for this package up front. Some free vacation! I ended up telling her that I was not interested and could not afford it and hung up the phone.

She called back a few minutes later. This time I was told that all I had to pay was 50% up front, and if I wished to cancel I could do so at ANY time and receive a full refund. Like a fool, I ended I handed the phone to my wife and allowed her to purchase the package over the phone. This was on March 27 2008.

Over the past year I've realized that I'm not going to be able to afford to go on this so called free vacation. Especially after losing my job a couple of months ago. On March 25, 2009 I called for the refund that I was told I would get at anytime. They told me that I was only able to receive a refund after the first 30 days of the purchase. Then they played a recording of my wife purchasing the package over the phone and no where did they mention anything about their refund policy to her. And this recording is supposed to be some sort of legal contract apparently.

When my wife talked to them the woman on the phone called her stupid and ignorant. How's that for customer service?

These people will lie to you and tell you that you are not obligated to go on one of their vacations and that they will refund your money at anytime just to get to your hard earned money.

Beware of We Tour America and the President John Hummell, who also was the owner of Grand Vacation Getaways which is now out of business, and has had numerous complaints filed against them. These people will take your money and laugh in your face and apparently what they do is legal! God bless America.

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  • Ch
      6th of May, 2009
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    I received a call from this company as well after signing up for a drawing. She phrased everything it terms of me 'winning' a vacation, but I all had really won was an opportunity to purchase the package that's available to anyone who visits their site.

    During the call, she had me bring up their website, which looked like it had been designed by a high school student. Thankfully, my browser blocked the ActiveX control the site wanted to install.

    It made me suspicous when she told me the terms of the contest only allowed her to call me one time. She took some to laying out the package for me, and then wanted me to commit to paying $598 for it right then and there. I told her I wasn't comfortable committing to that over the phone with someone who had called me out of the blue claiming to represent a company I had never heard of. I told her I would like some time to look up who they were, read over the offer, and think it over. She hung up on me.

    Guess I didn't win after all.

  • Pa
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    just because that happened to you doesnt make this a bad company. I also received a phone call - because I filled out a form at a show I attended. I was expecting the phone call. We took the opportunity to purchase this package, and we are so happy we did. We have taken our Orlando/Daytona trip and had an awesome time. The whole experience was great. We still have two destinations to take and our family can't wait to pick our destination and go on vacation next year.

    People like you shouldn't say bad things about this company or any other's you might complain about unless you know the whole story or unless you bought the package and went on one of the destination and it was a bad experience.

  • Le
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    I had this happen about 5 minutes ago to my fiance and I. I filled it out for fun at the New York State fair. They said they wouldn't be allowed to do it at the fair if it was sketchy, etc. (lie) She was acting over the top nice and kept cracking jokes the whole time. I think she was trying to get my into it and excited. She also asked where my fiance was so he could listen and if we were sitting down. She told us we were chosen to win a trip to Disney World, then one to Cocoa Beach, a one day cruise, and a 2 night stay at one of their "hot spots." Which... let me tell you DID look like a junior high student created. Even the credit card pictures on the bottom of the page are blurry like they were copied and pasted in. (funny)
    But anyway, she said I would have to pay 498- for the entire vacation, and that's less than price is right taxes. So I'm listening more... she tells me I have 36 months to take the vacation and just have to give them a 60 day notice. When I'm there I have to take a 90 minute tour of each hotel and tell my friends about the company. I ask her how many are given away and she tells me 1 a day. (lie) She tells me because of my income, career, and overall demographics I was chosen. (ok?)
    Then she goes into how they will record all the terms and conditions for my own and their own safety.
    This is when she tells me ... sweetly as can be... "okay we'll just need to have your card number to secure it." I say well that can't happen now. And she says in a rude tone, "Well I told you and your fiance before this is first come first serve." Then I say well I can't do that, and she decides to go "Ciao!" and hang up!!!
    So here I am looking up information on this interesting situation...

    DON'T DO IT!!! - go have a laugh

  • Ka
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I also received a call from this company claiming that my boyfriend and I had won a trip to Daytona and Cocoa Beach as well as two other Hot Spot Destinations. Unfortunately, we purchased the package for $398 US, which ended up being about $430 Canadian. The next morning I woke up feeling uneasy so I googled the company and realized I had probably been scammed. I called and tried to cancel and of course, they said there was nothing they could do. They played our recorded conversation back to me where the lady, Alysa, stated that the package was sold on a non-cancelation basis. Now, I was on a mission. I demanded that they send me the paper-work, which they claimed had already been sent however, we had received nothing. When I finally did receive the "confirmation documents" via e-mail, I discovered that this package did NOT include free trips, it's based on timeshare sales, which they failed to mention on the phone and each trip can end up costing you a lot of money. Also, near the end of the e-mail there was a paragraph that stated the following:

    TA-GVG does not sell this Vacation Package on a review or cancellation basis. We stand behind our product with a 30-day product guarantee, which guarantees you will receive every thing as stated. In addition, State law requires the following clause:


    So, I called back and the lady tried to tell me that I could only receive a refund within 30 days of purchase if there was a problem with my product. I then read her this paragraph and her tone changed entirely, she said, "You have to submit it in writing like it says." And she hung-up on me. Ten minutes later I was faxing a letter requesting a full refund and a cancelation of this contract, including the paragraph above explaining my right to do so. The charge was dropped from my Visa 7 days later.
    Throughout those long 7 days, I was harassed by Alysa and other salesreps, calling me twice or more a day to "discuss my travel details." They were all chipper and upbeat until I said that I was cancelling, at which point, they hung up on me.
    Be careful dealing with this company, apparently they don't have to tell you about this 30-day no penalty cancellation clause because it says that you have to submit your request in writing. Be persistent and document everything!
    I hope this helps,

  • Am
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    they keep calling me as well, saying i applied for this trip, but i did not apply..
    they call me two or 3 times a day, and i continually tell them i am not interested, and that i dont feel comfortable giving them my credit card information.

    I do honestly believe these people are scammers, and i am soo glad that i found this page and did not give out the info.
    They told me that I won a trip to orlando, at a hotel on fortlauderdale beach and i also won a cruise to the bahamas.. a little too good to be true!


  • Hk
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I have also made the mistake of purchasing this "prize package". They had told me I has won a trip but actually I had to pay $700. However, make sure you call your credit company as soon as possible to cancel your credit card to prevent them from charging you any more money and tell them the story. However, because you have authorized the payment, the bank can't do anything within those 30 days. Your credit card company will then tell you to try to convince WE TOUR AMERICA to cancel your payment. However, if you still don't get a refund within 30 days and you did tell your credit card company right away, the bank will help you file for an investigation to dispute the payment.

    During those 30 days you will need to convince we tour American to cancel your payment. All you need to do is that when you speak with the representative make sure you are aggressive in demanding for a full refund. They will demand you to provide a reason why you are canceling. Just say because you are just not interested or whatever excuse you can think of.

    After that they will explain that on their terms that their vacation package is not on a cancellation basis(CRAP) ALLL vacation certificates you buy have a 30 day no penalty refund.
    You can tell them this by saying the Florida statutes law 559.933. here is the site:

    They will then try to trap you by letting you hear the voice recording of the process when you were buying this package. Just say you want your refund and if that they don't give you a refund you will file a complaint to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. (Surprisingly they are registered). But just the thought of mentioning that you will file a complaint they will be scared and will give you your refund. If they do end up not giving you the refund within the 30 days file a complaint which can be found on this site:

    I'm thinking its actually good the day they don't give a refund within 30 days so someone can do a complaint and their company will be further investigated.

    Moving on, they will also try to trick you in saying that, because you are canceling this package they will send some papers to the IRS to charge you $900. This is what she said to me, " Fine I will cancel your payment but I will send over some information to the IRS and you will have to pay $900, will you still want me to cancel the $698?". Just say, I'm getting the refund no matter what! This pissed me off so much as I was trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK does IRS have to do with anything? but they are full of CRAP. They only mention the IRS just to scare you that you have to pay the $900 but no, this is just their way of saying how you would have to pay more by canceling this package so you should stick with the $700 charge. Tell them you want a full refund on this vacation package and you will deal with the IRS. Make sure they give you a confirmation code of the cancellation.

    Another thing you can say to scare them is that if they don't give you the full refund, You will have your credit card company whether it is visa or master card to investigate your company. You will have your bank deal with them. They will get very scared and give you a refund.

    If you have made a mistake in buying this package, don't worry. chances are VERY high in getting your money back. Its just the matter of time.

  • Li
      28th of Nov, 2009
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    Ok. Really interesting reading. I live in New Zealand, hours away from you in the States.
    Interesting in regards too:
    1/ Same part payment required
    2/ Florida, Bahamas etc destinations same
    3/Credit details required to prove good standing with Visa/MasterCard
    4/ person on other end terminates call when no numbers forthcoming
    5/ Only 1 positive comment about company
    The bloke I wound up talking to, told me that he could not hold my "prize" until the next day, cause I actually didn't have my card on me. But not gullible enough to supply these over the phone. The calling number was blocked on the second call, missed the first.

  • Ja
      28th of Dec, 2009
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    They called me to say I have won the cruise, with my wife. i totally refused to give my credit card details...its a BIG SCAM..DONT TRY TO RESPOND..JUST CALL THEM ### AND HANG UP!! Or its gonna take u eternity to get a refund, if they will ever give..Take Care..Its your hard earned money!

  • M0
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    thankyou to everyone who has placed feed back on this site, I also live in New Zealand and was targeted just this wednesday gone, they didnt even tell me i had to pay upfront just asked me to confirm my visa details befor they could qualify me for the trip, like a fool i read out my visa details luckily its visa debit and there is no funds in that account but after reading this web site I am now worried they have my details and I will ring the bank asap. I hope all of you out there who get targeted are smarter than I was and don't fall for their cunning sales ability

  • Ep
      7th of Jan, 2010
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  • Ep
      7th of Jan, 2010
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    What a harrowing 2 days! Yip, another New Zealander-I too received a call 2 days ago stating I had won a holiday in Florida and the Bahamas-like a stunned Mullet I listened, then hubby and I gave our card details over the phone to secure offer $998.00 USD and everything was all BEAUTIFUL! Or so we thought... Upon checking their credentials on the internet, I came across more bad reviews then good. Contacted WTA and requested a full refund via phone/email and fax with the inclusion of the Florida Statute

    Under Section 559.933 of the Florida Statues it states:

    It shall be unlawful for any seller of travel or assignee:

    (1) To fail or refuse to honor a purchaser's vacation certificate request to cancel if such request is made:

    (a) Within 30 days from the date of purchase or receipt of the vacation certificate, whichever occurs later

    The law also states that

    It shall be unlawful for any seller of travel or assignee:

    (2) To fail to refund any and all payments made by the vacation certificate purchaser within 30 days after receipt of the certificate and notice of cancellation made pursuant to this section, if the purchaser has not received any benefits pursuant to the vacation certificate.

    Also cancelled our Credit card, informed our bank of the situation, and kept hounding WTA via email/phone all day yesterday requesting immediate refund, informing them also that I had retained all written correspondence entered into with them for legal purposes.

    Received a very short but specific email this morning from WTA that the travel certificate had been cancelled and charges will be reversed on our Credit Card.

    Really grateful to all my predessessors who left a PLAN of action ON HERE for those of us who get caught out in this scam! MAYN! Talk about silly! usually dont give credit card details over the phone, but they talk so fast, and they capatalize on you being caught up in 'the moment' !
    If you get a call from these Guys fellow New Zealanders, HANG UP!!! Looks like theyre doing the rounds!!!

  • Tr
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    Yup, just got us a couple of hours ago. We are from NZ, handed over our card details on the spot like they make you do. Searched there name and came to this page and many others like it. They have already taken US$500 from our account. They said they would email within 24 hours. Will wait for that email now and cancel as soon as it arrives. They are pretty good though, aren't they. They talk fast and it was a bit hard to hear them, but you do get caught up in the moment don't you.

    How can they still be running this? First comment on this page was 258 days ago.

  • Ch
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    "How can they still be running this? First comment on this page was 258 days ago."

    For an answer to that, I refer you to David Hannum's groundbreaking research into the birthrate of suckers. See the last sentence of this article:


  • Tr
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I purchased this package 2 years ago, and have gone on 1 of my 5 trips. Everytime I try to schedule more trips, I run into other rules and regulations of my package. Has anyone out there been successful in getting any money back after the 30 day window?

  • Di
      11th of Apr, 2010
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    I too have been silly enough to give credit card details as assumed charges would be made at time of bookings. Boy do I feel silly or what. But before they could give me a confirmation number etc, I stated that I had decided not to accept the holiday and would they please refund my monies, I was told this would take 5-7 working days. Within minutes of hanging up I phoned
    my bank, they had already taken the monies, so have changed card and phoned to ask for email address to send confirmation that I wanted my monies back, but all I got was an answer machine, so asked them to send me thier email address.
    So if any one out there could please post WTA Holidays email address I would be very thankul.

  • Gr
      13th of May, 2010
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    I had attendede the toronto bridal show just two weeks ago and signed up to win a free trip. They've been calling me for several days, because I dont answer unknown numbers on my cell phone. so i looked the number up and had seen all this. so today when thye called i answered it, just to hear all the bs. i made him go through the whole thing, about my package (miami for 4 days, cruise for 4 days, bahamas for 4 days and frt lauderdale for 4 days. He tried to tie it into my wedding and we could have our honeymoon down there and blah blah, even said i could change the bahamas package to punta cana (where we are actually getting married) so that we could use the package. I wanted to start laughing. He kept using words like "won" and went on about how it would cost 299 per person because they pay 90% and we pay 10%. (which when calculated is actually 12% but whatever cause the package was valued at 5000). so when i told him that unfortunately we havent started saving for the wedding and don't have an extra 600 laying around he said "you don't have 600 saved?" I said no and laughed and he hung up.
    I actually was kind of mad that he just hung up. but proud of myself cause I made him go through the whole spiel about the trip. I think he was mad.
    Don't know who would be silly enough to actually give their credit card over the phone. I've been through credit card fraud, and it wasn't even my fault, I couldn't imagine if I actually gave it to someone to take my hard earned money.

  • Sh
      6th of Jul, 2010
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    All I can say is hang up!!! They did the same to me and my husband. I knew it wasn't for real when they asked me for my credit card. When you win something it usually means ALL FREE not $298 each. They had me call my husband at work and we had a three way conversation. They then said they would like us talk it over while they put us on hold on their end. I'm sure they were listening because as soon as I said it was a scam they hung up. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS. We are the winners because we didn't fall for their line.
    Sheryl & Darryl

  • Wt
      24th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is a statement issued by the president of We Tour America that was posted on a similar thread on this website:

    This is John Hummell, President & Founder of Tour America.Com, Inc. I have read the above correspondence from a few people, out of the tens of thousands of satisfied Consumers we have, who apparently suffered buyers remorse, and think we are a scam. My first thought is how do these people come to this conclusion when they have never even taken our trip???

    I also wonder how they feel the trip is free when they voluntarily offer their credit card number as the method of payment for the Florida Vacation that they registered for (in person) at a Major Show or Event??? The forms they fill out at these Shows, specifically disclose that, "one winner may be chosen..., and ALL other QUALIFIED Registrants may be contacted by phone for an exclusive Offer to Orlando & Florida Beaches." Keep in mind, anything that someone wins in this Country is subject to Federal Taxes on the full retail value on the items won. Hence, the fee we charge to qualified registrants is often LESS EXPENSIVE than the Taxes the Winner would have to pay.

    We also do a Digitally Recorded Verification, which states in the very FIRST sentence that, "They understand this is NOT a Contest, Lottery, or FREE Offer", and we do not go forth with said verification unless we get an affirmative YES to this disclosure. As well, during the verification process, and IN WRITING in their actual Confirmation Documents, which we send to them via email within 60 MINUTES of their purchase, we state their 30 day right to cancel. So, when they call in to cxl after the 30 day period, and make up a bunch of half truths, as to why they want their money back, then we obviously allow them to listen to everything they voluntarily agreed to during the Digital Verification. This recording not only guarantees the Consumer will receive everything we promised, but also protects my Company against false & groundless claims from Buyers who felt they needed to accuse us of half truths in order to get their money back.

    The bottom line is that we disclose everthing, and over the past EIGHT YEARS have sent THOUSANDS of satisfied Customers on Vacations that they absolutely enjoyed. Go to, and read pages & pages & pages & pages of Testimonials from those who actually know what are Company is all about, and NOT someone who suffers from Buyers Remorse, and makes up a bunch of half truths in order to get their money back. After eight years, if we were not fullfilling what we promised, then we would have been out of business years ago.

    Yes we have some complaints, but EVERY Company does. However, considering we have made millions & millions of Consumer contacts over the past years, we have had relatively few (very few) so called complaints, AND EVERY ONE of them have been Satisfactorily Satisfied. This Company is solid, the employees who work here are solid, and we Offer a Vacation that can NOT be found anywhere else, considering the price. How would the above person's have any real idea otherwise??? Pay more attention to the Consumers who have made the Memories of a Lifetime, while traveling with Tour America (

    Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at Best Regards & Good Health to you all.

    John Hummell IV
    Tour America.Com, Inc

  • Wt
      30th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    If you have any further questions regarding We Tour America and our business practices, please visit

    In an effort to eliminate any and all misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding We Tour America, company president John Hummell has posted numerous in-depth statements explaining many different aspects of the company - everything from company procedure and personal character to consumer eligibility and transactions.

    We not only recognize the desire to research a company prior to consuming the goods and/or services that it provides, but we encourage it as well, and so we ask that you take the time to stop by in order to further your research. Thank you very much for your consideration.

    John Campbell
    Internet Relations
    We Tour America (website under construction)

  • Vi
      5th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    To all the folks on here who are mad because they had to pay for a FREE vacation I just want to say a few things to you.
    1. YOU filled out the registration card, on the back of the card it says ONE person will get a free trip and all others if qualified for a promotional vacation.
    3. If you win a gift or a prize you have to pay the federal gift tax to the IRS at the end of the year, which is about 20%. This is more than you pay for the cost the companies give them to you for.
    4. This isn't rocket science, it's a good quality vacation, heavily discounted that you have a year and a half to use for the simple reason that they offer beautiful timeshares that they want to show and hopefully get QUALITY people to purchase.
    So...if you're mad because you thought you WON, pay attention to what you fill out!! Sounds to me like you're a bit spineless if you are throwing your wife under the bus saying you handed her the phone. Be a man and make the decisiion and stop whining because you realized that after you all of a sudden realized you can't afford it and lost your job. Bag groceries, collect cans, borrow some spending money...or transfer the trip to someone else who's got their #$%^ together. Usually when you attend a trade show or similar and fill out an entry card at a booth, you can bet the show or event checks out the company before they let them in. Are you really that lost?
    These are good quality legitimate trips for getting prospective timeshare people. If you want something free, buy a lottery ticket, mooch off a friend, have your wife buy it since it appears she's in charge. Or take the family to Wal Mart and put em on the rides for .50 cents! Maybe buy a tent and set up camp in the back yard.
    But seriously...don't come on the internet, bad mouth a company with a good long standing reputation that provides a quality product and whine about how you think you got scammed. Man up, read what you sign. If you think you can get a better deal for what they offer than good luck finding it. Otherwise, grow up and be an adult, take some accountability for your ignorance. It's nobody else's fault your not an intelligent consumer.

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