Wawa / unethical behavior, discrimination

Pp Mar 13, 2016 Pitman, NJ

My wife and receive food stamp benefits from welfare. One day at Wawa there was an issue with the card, or something. The cashier told me my balance was $19 or so. There was $14 in merchandise when she rang it up it went through but then said she had to void the transaction. when she tried to ring it up again it wouldn't go through. so i moved off to the side with the merchandise to figure out the problem and decide if i needed to pay with cash or what. the cashier tried to grab the bag of merchandise and remarked that we probably didn't have the money and she isn't going to allow me to walk out and away with the merchandise! When i had the manager ring it all up my balance was $3, so i paid for everything with cash, even though i believe that it was already taken off my ebt card. just before we left a few words were exchanged and she, the previous cashier preceded to yell at us about how all she was doing was helping us because we can't understand that our food stamp card isn't working. the following day after leaving the store the same employee made faces out the window to my wife and so my wife, (wrongly), gave her the finger. afterwards the following day a manager approached me publicly to discuss how her employee was wrongly treated and embarrassed. the issue ended there. 2 days later another manager, male, approached me publicly again over the same isseu, only this time he told me i was a lair, childish, lowlife, disrespectful, and ignorant. he said that he has known his employee for 5 years and she isn't that way so i must be lying. he continued on to let me know i was lucky that he was asked to not do anything because he was getting ready to come out after my wife to do something about her giving the finger to his friend and employee. he said, "don't get it twisted i will protect my employee I've known her for years and no one will disrespect her!" I told him that the conversation was over and he should just leave me alone. He then told me i was banned from the store and that he would have me removed if i came back!
This store is my home town Wawa! i have been going into this Wawa for about 20 years and have never felt so low in my life! I had people asking me if i was ok and if i needed help paying for my food!!! i spend about $30 a day there. if a cop is called on me there will be a much bigger issue over the DISCRIMINATION of EBT users and the outright THREAT on my wife from a Wawa manager!

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