Wasatch Advocates / Abe Bates should be disbarred

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Abe Bates should be disbarred! I can't believe he is still even a member of the Utah bar. He ripped off numerous clients (including myself), took their $4, 500+ upfront fee, did nothing on their cases, stopped returning phone calls, fired all of his employees (well, some of them quit because they finally realized how crazy and dishonest he is), yet he is still practicing law?? I don't get it. I know for a fact he has more than 50 outstanding bar complaints against him. Also, look at all the complaints about him on this website alone. Clearly, not a good guy. If you have been ripped off by him too, do NOT be silent about it. You are not alone. Whatever you do, DO NOT hire or trust Abe Bates. Bad bad bad.

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