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i got a deal from the after i bought my used truck . i only had to wait a month and put on a thousand miles. so two months after i bought the truck it wouldn't start . i called WD they had me take to the ford dealer. than a few days after that the dealer called and said WD wanted them to take the engine out so the can send there inspector to make sure what the dealer said was right. the catch if they deny my claim i have to pay $750 for engine removal . so i called and talked to Thomas at ext. 625 right away he told me very normal nothing to worry about was just to make sure they didn't need to replace anything else. so engine pulled they found that the timing chain shaft and chain broke. which is covered under my plan. good news. so i was told would take a couple days for final OK but all looks good . from Thomas again. so a few days pass . dealer calls me and says they want to send another inspector because first one didn't make sure oil pan was of to further check it. so i called Thomas again he said no worries that i was fine and i would get OK in a few days nothing to worry about. so a few days go buy. and i get a call at 6pm on a Friday saying i was denied because who ever worked on the engine before left a metal tooth in there from old gear . which is funny because the one that broke is all over the place. i called Thomas again not nice this time he said nothing he could do . that because someone left a bad part in car they don't have to cover it . i said how do u know it wasn't the part that blew apart did u glue them back together and find extra parts he said no his inspector could tell . so now i'm out of a car to make matters worse lost my wife this year to cancer have 4 boys to raise and i'm driving a 1998 dodge truck that has only 3 seats and no way of fixing my truck . that seats six. i put about 3000 miles on car before it failed no sign of problems before hand . i think they look for any reason to deny. my ford dealership said they will never touch a car from them again they said the worst company they have ever dealt with in there 40 plus years. i learned that people can still get screwed over so the first thing i'm doing is contacting my friend that works at BBB and filling a Complaint and calling my Best friend who is a lawyer. my number is 10193576WD called and talked to a regular customer service guy and he said wow cant be leave u didn't get covered told me to get on a three way call with the dealer and claims department . because normal customer cant get a hold of claims only the company working on your car. at least someone there has a clue


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