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Walmart / discrimination at walmart

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The last few times I have shopped at Walmart I have been accosted as I leave the store by an employee demanding to see my receipt. Normally I would not take offense; however, I am white and the employee is an African-American woman who works there every Sunday and she does not stop other African-American shoppers and demand to see their receipts. In addition, I have shopped at other Walmarts and they do not stop you as you are leaving demanding to see your receipt. If this is a practice that they are going to continue then it needs to be consistent. Every single person should be stopped and have their merchandise counted (i.e. Costco). I feel that I was being singled out and discriminated against since I am white and the store is in a hispanic neighborhood. My father is a retired judge and we are looking into if this violates my civil rights.

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  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    But an explanation.

    Since I wasn't there, man, I really can't even begin to like fathom what took place.
    I do know that like if you have an uncovered item (like something big, or bulky) in your cart, that sometimes triggers a response from the greeter, dude.
    Other than this, I can't really say, for like sure, why she stopped you. Some of them do, admittedly, have a loose wheel here or there. Sorry you were axed like that and stuff, man.

  • Su
      12th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have seen this more and more. I guess being white and the MINORITY
    now we can use the WHITE CARD now!!!

  • Wa
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    ###s have to get back at the whites some how lol

  • Fu
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is usually caused by something that you have purchased (usually pop...LOL). You were not targeted for anything, unless of course you needed that 2.5 second receipt check to run to your car. Nothing you bought is secretive and it isn't like she asked for your i.d. She asked for a receipt that you were handed by Walmart not more than 2 minutes beforehand. Our local store employees seem more so to do this at night. One night I even had a greeter watch the cashier check us out, we took maybe 10 steps toward her and she asked to see the receipt. It's not just you and good luck with the civil rights thing...maybe if she had said "Hey cracker let me see that receipt". Has nothing to do with color and you are going to find in the long run that it has nothing to do with who or what your daddy is or was. They ask to see a lot of receipts and unless you spend the entire day standing right by the door to walmart, you probably will never see them check another receipt. If the walmart is in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and you are white, I would think that this would sound really good if you said she was hispanic. You are trying to make a case out of nothing. BTW no one cares what your daddy used to do. This woman did nothing wrong and it is not out of the ordinary at wal mart to be asked to see your receipt. My advice to you, shop somewhere else and you stop trying to legally accost the employees at wal mart.

  • Je
      14th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Walmart has a greeter at the door for the sole purpose of checking receipts. If an item is not bagged it is ALWAYS Walmart's policy to check the receipt. They also do random checks...

  • Ti
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    Oh, I think this is a very grevious action to take by Walmart, considering we wait in line almost 30 minutes sometimes to get checked out!

    I mean, come on, you come out of a shopping line, with ALL your stuff in a walmart bag, most of the entrances are rather close to the cash registars.

    I hate when they do that, and I don't even care if the greeter is white, black, chinese!

    They need to stop treating their customers like they are common criminals or else I don't want to shop there no more!

  • Un
      19th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Okay firstly, I used to work at Walmart as a cashier. Luckly my store had very friendly employees and the greeters who were of all color and age. We had all types of shoppers. Sometimes we were short of cashiers, so customers would stand in line longer than usual, become agitated from the wait and want nothing but to check out and go home. But the greeters are trained to ask for a reciept from anyone leaving the store with any item not in a shopping bag. Doesn't matter if they see with their own two eyes the customer paying for, let's say a 24 pack of toliet paper, when they approach that door they are required to ask for a reciept. It's to make the cameras and the store owner/managers/corporation happy. You just paid for your items and requested not to have it bagged, while someone else just dropped it into a cart and walked out, laughing at the idiots who just gave him a free -insert item here-. It's just their job. Maybe your a mechanic who works on cars. Maybe your a cook and you work with food. A Walmart door greeters job is to welcome the customer, make sure you paid for your merchendise and to give directions to whatever item you might ask for walking Into the store. sure there's some rude workers who could be predjudice, inconsiderate or could jus be having a crappy day, and you just accidently caught in the crossfire. And then again I've seen a guy running around the store, pushing women and senior employees making a mad dash to the exit just because they stole a cd. So you know the next time a door greeter asks you for your reciept, just take the 5 seconds out of your busy important life to hand them a piece of paper. It's just part of their job. Don't make it so difficult and ruin a persons day by being an ###. And treat your cashiers good, remember your parents taught you 'treat others how you want to be treated' for a reason. Karmas a ###.

  • Hg
      14th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Walmart absolutely DOES practice discrimination when it comes to asking customers for their receipt as they are leaving the store. At first I also thought it had something to do with whether an item was bagged or not- but it doesn't. My husband and I- ( white and in our late fifties) are NEVER asked to show our receipts. I don't care what we've bought. However, any Hispanic person (and there are many in our town) is asked for his receipt. It doesn't matter whether all of his items are bagged or not. My husband and I have talked about it several times. And trust me- if I were Hispanic and asked to produce a receipt and the older white couple were just waved through the door- I would be livid and yelling about discrimination.

  • Ka
      8th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I work at walmart and it really annoys me how when i check out a customer (RIGHT IN FRONT OF A GREETER), and they have something like a vaccum, tv, video game, or dvd that will always set off the door alarms, the greeters still hound them for receipts! I understand the whole 'only doing my job' thing, but when you WATCH the customer check out, just LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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