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I've been trying to give this pharmacy a fair chance, because it's so close, but after over a year of attempting to refill prescriptions here I've had it. A word of advice Walmart Pharmacy: in order to call yourself a PHARMACY it might be beneficial to actually STOCK medications for your customers. From showing up to fill a simple one month prescription and having them tell me they are completely out and won't have more in stock for a week to being told that a prescription I ordered would be put "on hold for me until I came back in two days"-their exact words-then going there and having them tell me that my prescription is gone because "well that was two days ago" and it would be another 3 days before they even had anymore, this pharmacy has caused nothing but aggravation and frustration. (And this was a $600 MEDICATION with serious withdrawal effects if you stop suddenly, so it's not like I'm pissed about a $2 antibiotic or something). Sure, it's good almost most of the time, but who wants a pharmacy that's only good "almost most of the time". If you're a busy pharmacy with lots of traffic, keep more meds in stock, order before you run out. It's your job to know your inventory, not mine. I give this pharmacy a fail, and I'm taking my pharmacy business elsewhere

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  • Fo
      Feb 16, 2013

    Did it ever occur to you that any pharmacy only has so much room to store things. The medications might have been ordered well ahead of time but it isn't a matter of a "Genie" twitching their nose and the medications will appear on the shelves.

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  • Al
      Feb 18, 2013

    wal-mart at alafaya/mcculloch in oviedo florida employs nasty rude cashiers who are braindead and mean...

    went to walmart neighborhood market and dealt with a really nasty cashier...he wasnt mean or rude or said anything derogatory. he was rude because he literally said NOTHING at all and did this on purpose. as a cashier its literally your duty to greet a customer and at the very least give a price. He did nothing of the sort. He didnt even give a price!! he just rang everything up and rudely...stood there...RUDE AS HELL. i have encountered all types of RUDE cashiers but NEVER one this bad who just stands there and RUDELY ignores a customer on purpose. this thing nasty spic creep was TERRIBLE and he did it on purpose...he rang all my items up...and just stood there...or annoyingly.. and turned his head away...what as if he's too good to say anything to me? he purposely made it a point to not say a SINGLE word to me. im a female..and i assume its because im an attractive female and this is a disgruntled ugly orlando male who hates attractive women and has to put them down because the nasty rude thing is insecure and pathetic...most orlando males are jealous insecure dumbfuks who treat pretty women like trash...and enjoy abusing them and even random strangers. I have NEVER encountered a cashier who has said NOTHING to me...not even a PRICE. forget the can say your total is this...this ### creep said NOTHING. he just seemed to purposely want to treat me like crap this way. It worked...he upset me and im sure that was his goal. why..who knows the people in this city are crazy and weird...and disturbed backwards sick people. the description of this creep ### is 5 10 spic and RUDE as hell. is this what their parents taught them, how to treat people-- especially at their jobs...IGNORE THEM? i work in customer service and even to the RUDEST customers i will talk to them, but this jerk of a non cashier thought it would be good to totally ignore some good customer coming in...couldnt even say a price??? VERY RUDE...why are sickos like this even working as cashiers when they arent doing their jobs at all and treating people this way...wal-mart workers are always these illiterate rude people not all of them but so many...

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  • Fo
      Feb 18, 2013

    Why did you post this here as a response to the original complaint? What you posted isn't a reply it is your own made up complaint. Get over yourself-------quit running around thinking you are are pretty. Pretty is as pretty does.

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  • Wm
      Feb 18, 2013

    Walmart has to keep the costs low so CEO mike duke can make more
    Money. The less inventory in stock the less they spend. They don't care
    About you they care about your money. Go to Walgreens. I have
    never had a problem there.

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  •   Mar 06, 2013

    I swear people think we have a magic closet to keep medications in. No we do not order a million pills over every medication. And some medications are not allowed by the DEA to keep on hand, some narcotics we are only allowed a specific number per year. People need to get a clue.

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