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Walgreens Pharmacy / rx short of quantity

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The RX I have there is for my dog. It's for phenobarbital which is a controlled substance. The quantity is 150 tablets for 30 days. Three times now they have miscounted a bottles of pills. She is to take 5 pills a day. The first time the count was wrong I got to the last day of a quantity and there were 3 instead of 5 left. Since I wasn't counting the pills I didn't know if I was 3 long or 2 short so I didn't report it. After that I started to count them. Several months later I came up 2 short and called the pharmacy and was able to pick up the missing 2. A few months later and now I'm missing 5. I will need to call the pharmacy tomorrow to discuss it with the pharmacist. They told me the pills are not hand counted but counted with a machine by weight. I was also informed I could have a note added to the account to count twice, but if the machine is not being calibrated properly the fist time the same result will happen again. My concern is that this is a controlled substance and wonder how often this may be happening to other people who don't count their pills when they get home. Especially because an even 5 pills, which is a daily dose, would easily be looked over if I didn't count. I will call the pharmacy tomorrow but I'm going to start filing complaints because if it's not someone pocketing these pills than it's at least negligence and carelessness. COUNT YOUR PILLS NO MATTER WHERE YOU GET THEM!

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      12th of May, 2014

    We have used the Walgreens in Brownwood, Texas and had the same problem of not receiving the accurate count of pain meds. We called the manager, spoke to the pharmacist. The next time the RX was filled, our daughter went to pick up the prescription and she emptied the bottle on the counter and counted them. 4 short ! The pharmacist was ticked off that she had the audacity to count them right there. Our daughter told him of the shortage. He went in the back and...whoops! there were still 4 in the tray that they count them in.

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