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Walgreens / no respond and bad service

1 1424 Broadway StreetEureka, CA, United States Review updated:

I bought the itune card on sat 08-09-08 and came home to use it and it said not vaild so I tried to reput the account number in several times and it said again not valid. So I called the back of the card and all it told me was to use their website. So it gave me the option to enter all of the information and the accout numbers and they would get back to you in 48hrs. Mean time I took the card back to walgreens and the asst. Manager said that they dont refund gift cards. I said that it is a not valid card what am I supposed to do with it if it doesnt work. He said its company policy, but he would take it and have the manager call me monday 08-11-08. Well monday came around and no call from the manager. So I called on tuesday and asked for the manager (Tim mccullough) and explained the situation and he said that is it company policy that we cant refund you the money. I said what am I supposed to do with the card then when it doesnt even work. I also told him that I would let everyone know about his customer service skills not and not to shop at walgreens!!! Oh yeah I also never got a respond from itunes either and its been longer than 48hrs.

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  • Sb
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    Just a heads up,

    Most Retail outlets WILL NOT refund or excange gift cards of ANY kind..

    Whenever you puchase one of these please make sure you RECIEVE the ACTIVATION RECIEPT.. this is a smaller reciept that prints out AFTER your normal one containing all pertinent information and is the ONLY way to prove you purchase and activated that SPECIFIC card. If you do have this reciept and the CORRISPONDING gift card, there are several options available to you .

    - 1. There are directions printed ON the "activation reciept" that will direct you to a site that can help you resolve your problem
    -2. You may contact the company regaurding your problem via the phone number listed on said reciept and with the provided information it should not be difficult to resolve.
    -3. WITH a Walgreens activation reciept ONLY you may come back to ANY Walgreens store and there will be a staffer or manager more than willing to help you activate it. ( Via phone calling the company in your stead.)

    I have in the 3 years I've worked for this company only ever had one TRULY faulty activation. Through my managers efforts however it was resolved.

    I truly apologize for the treatment you recieved and would like you to know this is NOT the way of walgreens.. I love working for this company for JUST that reason.. If you would like more information I am more than willing to help within my realm.

    ~SBubble email-

  • Te
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    I myself do work at walgreens and the way this was handled was poor and incorrect. At the store i work at its our store policy that the customer comes first and we will gladly refund any gift card that isnt working

    Yes it may be store policy to not accept them due to scams and such but it really is customer comes first and especially if they have a recipt and are not trying to return four cards a day

    This isnt even an stance based on morals or anything, although it should be, but because if a customer gets angry and we dont give a refund, they are going to call corporate, who in turn will just tell us we were wrong and should have given a refund.

    So yes i am sorry for your problems but ill be the first to admit, some of, neigh many of our stores are filled with lethargic employees and braindead managers, but i hope it worked out for you in the end

  • Lh
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    Nearly one month ago on December 19, 2009 on my brother's birthday I purchased two birthday cards, a pre-determined $25.00 gift card for Outback Steakhouse, and some other items from Walgreens in Savage, MN. I paid in cash.

    The cashier seemed to be functioning slowly and seemed somewhat confused but since I have never had a problem with Walgreens I didn't think anything of it. Because I had no intention of returning the birthday cards, gift card, etc I did not retain the receipt (which I should have) but how many of those two foot long reciepts can one keep around?!

    Yesterday I received a phone call from my brother whom I gifted the card to for his birthday. He and his wife had gone out to Outback for a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday late since they both had to work on December 19 and the card was rejected because it had not been activated. I am unsure whether the cashier struggled with how to scan the gift card, if she simply inputted the cost of the gift card, or what could have happened, yet a mistake was made on behalf of Walgreens and they refuse to take responsibility for it. My husband and I made phone calls to the location involved and were told they are not responsible for their gift cards and there is nothing they can do without a reciept. My husband and I were not only accused of stealing the gift card and attempting to get money from it but were also told they have no way of tracking purchases or looking up dates of transactions taking place. I believe this to be very false as every retail store tracks inventory and transaction history. Walgreens customer service is dispicable and the managers seem to be very much on edge and defensive even when spoken to calmly about an issue such as this.

    I am hoping to get a message across that anyone purchasing a gift card from Walgreens (that are so frequently advertised as convienient) needs to retain their reciept as well as including a gift receipt for the gift card to whom it is given. I feel like I can't be the only one who has encountered this type of issue with Walgreens.

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