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Walgreens / defamation, lying, anti-semitism

1 7751 49th Street Pinellas Park, Florida 33781Pinellas Park, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 727-544-5551

After filing a complaint on a pharmacy manager (Isaac Smith @10196 66th St N, Pinellas Park, FL 33782) for calling the cops on me for asking why he suddenly felt "uncomfortable filling my prescriptions" but never felt that way during the unfortunate time I had to self pay for many many months. I could immediately put two and two together and tell it was due to the fact that I no longer had to self pay with cash for a very expensive medication (I qualified for a year supply paid for by the manufacturer) I knew it was due to the fact that I was no longer pumping his pharmacy with well over $900 each month! So I end up talking to investigators which told me they would do what they can to remove the trespass and recommend another near by location for me to shop @ (7751 49th St. Pinellas Park, Florida 33781) So on the afternoon of July 29th 2015 I stopped at the location to drop my prescription off after noticing Walgreens had better prices than CVS.. After pulling into the drive through and handing over my ID and prescription I'm asked "are you Adrian B... (he could not pronounce my last name which is okay, it happens) I said "Yes sir" he goes on a rant saying "Im not filling this prescription, dont come back here" ...I asked why?! He goes on to tell me "because you're a bad person".. I pull away confused and I go inside to figure out if this is some joke or misunderstanding just to be further insulted by the same guy (Brian Tapley, Pharm. Manager) he goes on to tell me about how I'm a bad person due to my complaint I filed against his friend (Isaac Smith, nearby Walgreens Pharm. manager) clearly there is discrimination and gossip going on, also defamation of character since there were numerous customers watching this charade go down in shock, I said okay fine you don't want or have to fill my prescription or answer questions about an Epi-pen that was purchased from this location... I proceed to purchase two bottles of water which he refused to ring up for me and said "you're not my customer" I told him thats not his choice you dont get to pick and chose your customers and he laughs at me and says "I don't want you as my customer" and that he "Doesn't want to help me at all" he continued to rant and said that he will be calling the cops to remove me from the store if I did not leave immediately.. the store manager watched all of this go down in clear shock as to what the Pharmacy manager just said to me...she asked a customer she was assisting to please wait so she could come around the corner and ring me up for the water and apologized for the insulting, defaming charade I had just dealt with! I have no idea what to do besides file a complaint through Walgreens, which got me no where the first time I was discriminated without being told why because "he did not have to tell me why" -- said the Police. So besides Walgreens employees gossiping and spreading the word that I file complaints on people that discriminate and share confidential information with mutual friends. What type of lawyer should I hire to make sure this actually gets through to Walgreens that their employees cannot treat customers this way...Obviously they don't keep tabs on their employees nor enforce their promises & policies. Luckily if anyone does not believe me I audio recorded the entire thing with my phone, from Brian Tapley admitting he did not want to help me because of a complaint I made against a store manager down the road to "You're not my customer" and "I don't want you as my customer" all the way to how he would not ring me up for two bottles of water and threatened to call the Police and have me removed from the store if I did not leave 'his store' on top of it all he also made a very antisemitic remark after I said I'm going to put every shekel I got into exposing your unprofessional behavior... What should I do, I know nothing besides being told "Sorry by the Walgreens local investigators, my father when back the next day at noon on the 30th of July and tried to hand over my prescription for me since "I'm a bad person" but the staff were clearly told to not deal with my family I assume and refused to take the prescription from my father... I guess they think he's a bad person as well. I'm very upset and unhappy with the defamation of character, lies and overall lack of unprofessional-ism..I have never encountered such an experience in my life, nor has my father.

Luckily I had it all audio recorded so should I post this on the internet? To show how Walgreens likes to treat their customers? How can a corporation treat its customer in such fashion? This is not right and I will do whatever is needed to make sure this does not happen to another victimized customer of theirs.

Excuse my lack of proper literary skills. I'm still very frustrated about this whole situation and the fact that I was FORCED to go to CVS and pay higher prices, drive much further etc.

If anyone knows of a lawyer in Florida that would handle this for me, please let me know! Thanks in advance.

Jul 31, 2015

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