walgreen / said i can't get three days of supply after the manager said i could go that way

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I have been waiting for preathorization approval on new meds again, The Pharmacy manager of walgreen spoke with me on monday about getting 3 days supply and i would have to get another prescription from the doctor again, but if you wait it could be today or longer for approval. So today Tuesday ( day after) i spoke with my nurse and she told me to wait for the approval which could be aday or longer and the pains i have i cound not wait.

So, i called Walgreens about the 3 days supply and was told that i could not get them as She stated that they don't do that on these kind of meds, then i told her about Pharmacy manager charise Lewer said yesterday that i could get my three day supply then she immediately cut me off stated that the manager never said that i could get three days supply and then i said thats what the manager said! And she started to raise her voice stating nobody said that i could get a three day supply. As they are waiting for approval to give me meds. explaining to her that what the manager said she wouldnt listen, so as i asked to get her name to report her for talking the way she did. As I handed the phone to my wife i said get that ###ers name for me, (wife) said hello and the pharmacy hung up on her.
My wife calls back and a Pharmacist answered, my wife then identified herself as Rachel and that she wanted to know the name of the employee who was helping Ted and hung up on him. The Pharmacist then asked her what this pretained to, she started to explain to him and he said I thought he said he just come back from Florida. Rachel told him no he wasn't in Florida and started to explain the problem. He then told Rachel yes he can get a three day supply and Rachel told him the Pharmacist Ted just spoke to quarreled with him and raised her voice and hung up. he said that he would have it ready soon.
SO i got there and said my name and the Pharmacist Donna D left for the back and Gary came to the front and gave me my meds saying something about florida? He said i told him im going to Florida a few days ago I'm confused with this. and asked if i was useing profanity on the phone. I'm still confused. The fact is I ordered my meds and i got greif from her every time.

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