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Waffle House / waitress constantly complaining about her hurt/aching back

1 120 S. Goose Creek Blvd.Goose Creek, SC, United States
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1/11/16 1015am, I went into the Waffle House on Hwy.52 in Goose Creek, South Carolina, to have breakfast. I seated myself at the lower counter, next to the cash register. A waitress came with silverware, asked what I would like to drink, I replied " Coffee ". She also took my breakfast order; Spanish Omelet, Bacon, Hash Browns, and Wheat Toast. While she went for my coffee, I overheard another waitress moaning, and bending over ( as if she was stretching her back ), and she was rubbing her lower left back. She went over to a couple having breakfast, poured them coffee, continuing to rub her back, making these moaning noises. They told her to go to see a doctor, she replied she didn't get off till 2 pm, and would just have to wait. Meantime, my breakfast plate was served, and I began to eat, and hopefully enjoy my breakfast...but, as luck would have it, the waitress continued to either bend over, stretch her back, sit down, or moan. This was happening almost right in front of me, not doing a thing for the atmosphere of what I hoped to be a relaxing, enjoyable breakfast. After several minutes of watching and listening to the "Aches and pains" of the waitress, I did not feel like eating any longer, my appetite was upset over the activity around me. I said something to my waitress about this, and she just kinda shook her head, and sighed. I had had enough... my desire to eat was ruined, the atmosphere was no longer pleasurable to enjoy my breakfast. I picked up my check, went to the register, where Kristy waited on me, I complained to her about the "moaning and groaning", she nodded her head, maybe in agreement, I'm not sure, I asked if she was in charge, she said no, but she would tell her boss about this situation. I got up from a unfinished $14.45 breakfast, with a spoiled appetite.. but I did leave a $2.55 tip for my waitress. I then left the building. I am pretty sure I won't be back at THIS Waffle House, not looking for another case of Moans & Groans while I eat.

Jan 11, 2016

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