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Waffle House prides itself in being America's place to eat; offering sometimes good food, and pleasant service with a smile. Though in truth those smiles are often faker then many realize.

Nowhere is this more apparent then the location at 219 So. Clayton St. in Lawrenceville, GA. Arrive any time after the traditional breakfast, and lunch rush, and a cloud seems to fall over the entire establishment.

But it's what happens with each customer entering that is most appalling to me. From salesperson, to cook, they watch the guest, comments like how a mother of six "must be a baby machine" or how every taxi driver "is Spanish."

Another server (who I believe no longer works at the location) refused to take tables that weren't white; stating they never tipped! On several occasions other employees complained about her, but nothing was done until corporate's back was against the wall.

On third shift, which must begin some time around eight or nine a whole different bred of staff comes into play. Particularly the cook; he is rash, drunk, sloppy, on several occasions I have seen him not where gloves after sneezing, or changing garbage bags.

And what he has to say; he is perhaps that worst of them all, he watches cars, people, and trends; referring to a group of European Girls as "Euro trash"; and a female taxi driver as the "Mexican madame"; he speaks of sexual acts and deeds without any care for who might be listening; and yet the other staff members just laugh at him, and even egg him on.

In their effort to maintain status quo; Waffle House will likely continue to ignore behavior such as that going on at this location; getting involved only when necessary; and why not they've gotten away with it this long, why change?

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  • Ja
      17th of Sep, 2014

    good morning my name is jareem known to waffle house as supreme on June 1, 2014 I was working the 9pm to 7am and on this day at or around 3:15am another cook came into the store he did not eat or order food but this is what happen the cook lets say his name is off the clock went and walk out the back door so after I on the clock cook cook two orders one was a to go order was about to start to do some of my clean up as I walk to see what I wanted to do first it look like the back door was open so after looking two time i see that yes it is open so i on the clock cook walks out to see if anyone is out there yes there is the off the clock cook he is smoking weed i ask him to stop no answer i ask him to leave no answer i ask him to think about the job and how much we get payed and no answer a sales person comes out the back door and saids i smell weed i on the clock cook closes the back door from the outside and get mad at the other cook and ask him one more time to stop or leave this is my story but this is what happen i jareem no longer has a job by waffle house inc because of trying to handle it and i did not know what he was doing outside in the first place and because of how it can look and seem for the actions i took to try to take care of it in waffle house inc words the off the clock cook still has his job and i dont.p.s.if you are working on your job and a co-worker comes on to the work site and smoke weed should you loose your job and he keep his? ny name is jareem brady and i have work for waffle house for 2 years 2 months and 18 day up to the day i no longer had a job june 8 2014 if you can help me or feel this is wrong call me at 843 224 2954 if you can help ownly thank you for your time and this is the vision of my eyes my mouth is the ownly way i can te;ll you the truth

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