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The Waffle House Corporation has long ago lost its traditional value of good customer service coming from making the employees happy. It has now become a number company, like so many other companies that start out and grow.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lawrenceville, GAIt harasses its employees and make them do more work than most labor boards would allow but few employees complain because they need their jobs. I have several examples of how employees have been taken advantage of while the company rewards those who follow whatever trend is set at the time. Their is discrimination going on with the employees as well as the customers. Someone really needs to look into what the waffle house is doing.

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      Jul 30, 2009

    I worked at the Waffle House where I loved the customers but was treated so unfair. I did my job above and beyond the call of duity always hopen to make some kind of difference. It did not work and my efforts were endless. TO YOU ABOVE. Did you work there or are you a male jus caught up in the waffle house way??? LOL. You need to read a book or consider one other than your self. I had a problem with my check the entire time i workd there. when i went to the management they would blow me off and never fix the problem. when i pushd the issue after being short on my check every week they would change my schedule with no prior notice i would drive takes me hour to get there i live far away jus loved the SPRINGVILLE AL STORE. and slept part of the day to work the 3rd shift 10 hours and they would have taken me off the schedule with no prior notice. question for you how would you feel????? and if you were senior mang h0w long would you work there with no pay or your check messd up after workn so hard all week time and time again?????????

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      Dec 06, 2009

    I went into the new Waffle House in Clinton, SC Hwy 72 about 11:25, just last night, December 5, 2009.They were not particularily busy. There were just two guys there. The cook and a waiter. I was never greeted. I went ahead and sat down and waited 5 minutes. Still NO acknowledgement. The entire time, both cook and waiter spent flirting with four high school girls who'd just gotten back from the State Championship Football game in Columbia (SC)...Man who had already ordered and finished, came over and sat down to me at the counter. He waits, then goes "HEH, wanna' pay here". The waiter kinda' gives him the hand-sign, "YEA, wait a minute" while he continues to flirt with high school girls (btw, he was in his 20's, none of them were over 17). I got up and left and I think the man got up right after me.

    Since then, I've talked to a couple of different folks today and they confirmed what I thought. This wasn't an isolated incident, but systematic. Many times folks have ordered take-outs, then waited 10 minutes to only find out (and those doing the ordering only have a 30 minute lunch break and unfortunately, now that the MacDonald's is being rebuilt, WH is the only place to open on 3rd shift) WH said they "never got the order". This has happened a couple of times. The person was late by a half-hour back to work (took an hour) to get the food.

    I've got a call in to the company BUT I"m g0ing to go further than that. HELL, there are people needing jobs desperately. The radio talk shows around here are heard by alot of folks. I've actually gotten results from making PUBLICIZED complaints in the past!!..

    You know, they say one person will usually tell 10 about a bad experience. I'm going to tell a few thousand Monday morn!.As far as cleaninless issues, if you see a legitimate problem, don't tell the resturant BUT immeadiately call your local health department's emergency reporting line and then STAY on the inspectors.

    The idea is, when WH or anyone else decides it's cheaper to do it right, then do it wrong, customers will be happy.

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