Wachovia Dealer ServicesShoddy Accounting/Scam

I co-signed on a loan, through Wachovia Dealer Services, for my friend's truck in Oct. 2006. My credit history is spotty and Wachovia, I believe, uses such credit histories as a basis for a malicious rip-off scam. Simply stated, Wachovia Dealer Services refused to recognize many of the payments I made via Money Gram. Even payments they had previously recognized were later the subject of collection efforts. My friend was forced to surrender her truck today, the cause cited being that the loan was 5 months late (which it was NOT!!).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Riverside, CAThere are two months in particular that I double paid since the first attempt was ignored. Since January, I have made nearly $3000.00 in payments when only $1800.00 would have been owed; $1200.00 were just "lost". Now Wachovia is saying that NONE of those payments were made, and that I owe February through June. This is truly an example of a company preying on those with less than stellar credit to scam money. Who would be believed? Of COURSE not the person whom has previously demonstrated financial irresponibility; this is a pretty air-tight scam! If anyone else has experienced a similar fate with their Wachovia Dealer Services loan, please email me: [protected]

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