Vons / rude manager

Today 12/28/08 at 2:00PM after shoping at Vons Supermarket in Huntington Beach CA, I, reminded to cashier about my $27.00 gas card that was not working at ARCO Gas Station after trying for three times, the cashier asked the supervisor to look at the matter, he was a nice personn calling the number to find out what was wrong, all of the sudden Mr.Long show up and mentioned he is the Manager, and direct the supervisor to do not follow up the matter, he was very rude and said this the way that it is and we can not replace the card . By reminding him that, I, m a Vons customer for more than 20 years and you have to be poloid to your cutomer, he mentioned it is what it is and if you have any complain just place it to Customer Services and I do not care about it.
I, was shocked since I, m a senoir citizen and this young Manager did not respect the people. Immediate attention to this matter is required by Vons, and if Mr. Long is not removed from this Store I, will not shop any more from Vons and ask all my freind and neighbors to do so .
My name is Sara and my e-mail is : [protected]

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