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Vob Nissan Sales / nissan dealer charges parts I will not use

1 11605 Old Georgetown RdRockville, MD, United States Review updated:

I took my Nissan SUV to VOB Nissan on Old Georgetown Rd in Rockville to have them look at a problem with the airbag system. They looked at it, charged me for the diagnostics, which was fine. But then they gave me an inflated estimate of how much it will cost to fix the problem. When I found that another Nissan dealer is willing to give me a better price for the work I cancelled my order with VOB. VOB then charged me an additional $143 for ordering the parts, parts that will not be used in my car. I told them to cancel the order but they refused, saying that they can't cancel any orders. I find that hard to believe in this day of internet and instant-messaging cancelling an order is so difficult. They blame it on the Nissan corporate parts system, telling me they are powerless to change this type of unfair practice. On top of all this the Service Manager was rude and condescending, telling me I need to be educated. Consumers should beware of this dealer.

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      11th of Apr, 2009
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    1st Complaint:
    First of all, I own a 1997 Nissan 240 SX, and love the car. But will NEVER, EVER, buy another Nissan again in my lifetime. Here's why. Never had a mechanical problem with my 1997 240 SX until recently. The problem was rough idling. Took it to VOB Nissan in Rockville, MD because I thought at least a Nissan certified mechanic would be able to diagnose the problem and be upfront and honest with me. Was told I needed new mass air flow sensor unit ($850.00) and that the throttle was clean. Declined the service there and called around to different NIssan dealerships in my area to try to get a second evaluation and eventually took it to DARCAR Nissan in Rockville, MD who evaluated the car and told me the throttle was full of carbon and needed induction and cleaning service ($250.00) which I approved. They also said the mass air flow sensor was clean, fine and did not need to be replaced. The car runs fine now. Why would that Nissan certified mechanic lie to my face like that. Maybe I look stupid or something. But I was highly frustrated in trying to find an honest nissan certified mechanic who could tell me the truth. Why does NISSAN employ such criminal and corrupt practices in their dealerships? I am so angry that a Nissan certified technician would lie to my face and tell me some ### just to increase their commission at my expense. I took it to a Nissan dealership in the first place because I thought they would at least be honest with me in trying to help me find out what was wrong with my car. It was a frustrating experience I had to endure. For this reason, I would NEVER recommend someone to buy from Nissan because it is almost impossible to find a Nissan certified mechanic who can tell me the truth. As far as I'm concerned, a Nissan certified mechanic doesn't mean ### and has no conscious when it comes to treating loyal Nissan customers. But I will tell everyone I know about the awful practice I endured in trying to get my Nissan serviced and will mention it to anyone whenever I get the chance to avoid purchasing a Nissan vehicle any chance I get. My next car will be a Honda or Toyota. You can bank on that. Never again will I buy another Nissan car. I wonder what type of criteria Nissan uses in hiring someone to become a Nissan cerftified mechanic. As far as I'm concerned, Nissan employs crooks, criminals to lie to Nissan owners. My new motto: NEVER BUY NISSAN. EVER

    2nd Complaint: DARCARS Nissan, 15911 Indianola Drive, Rockville, MD 20855
    In October 2007, I took my Nissan 240SX to DARCARS Nissan to inquire have my tires rotated and balanced. I also inquired about a humming noise that occurred whenever I turned my steering wheel. I was told by the Service guy that my power steering was leaking and that I needed a new rack and pinion.The estimate given for a new rack and pinion was $2000 for a new part or $1300 for a used one. I was also told that the technician wasn't even sure it was the rack and pinion that was the problem and that it could also be the power steering pump which might need to be replaced also. The estimate given for a new power steering pump was $800-900. So I was looking at roughly $3000 in repairs to fix the "humming" noise coming from the steering unit. And I believed these technicians. So I decided to sell my 240 SX reluctantly. I found a buyer right away for the car and decided to have the car inspected by an Exxon service station in Bethesda, MD to see if it would pass Maryland State Inpection. It did not pass the inspection process because the Exxon mechanic found that there was a leak in my power steering. The Exxon mechanic checked my rack and pinion and power steering pump and did not find anything wrong with them. Instead, the only problem he found was that I needed new hoses that connected to the power steering which had been the cause of the lead. Exxon replaced the power steering hoses for $100. The car has been working fine since and the humming noise was gone. On November 19, 2007, I sold my Nissan 240 SX and purchased a BRAND NEW HONDA ACCORD. I CANNOT BELIEVE THESE SO CALLED "CERTIFIED" NISSAN TECHNICIANS WOULD BLANTANTLY LIE TO MY FACE OVER AND OVER. Because of the lies, I would NEVER EVER buy or recommend anyone buy a Nissan car.

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