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Be warned. Don't you this agency as they don't provide your documentation to the applicable Embassy, they sit on it, and keep the money and hold on to your passport till the last minute to say that your visa was not approved. A bunch of incompetent and unskilled people running this outfit.Had a very bad experience with this company and seeing them operate from a very run down house out of Pretoria. Had to get a lawyer involved in order to get my passport a day before I had to leave for my journey. Contacted the relevant Embassy only to discover that my visa was never provided to the XXX Embassy In Pretoria. WHen the Embassy official spoke firmly with the Customer Relations Manager, Belinda van der Nest she informed Belinda that she was lying. THere was no way that could get out of it. They were found out and have used this company as a way to extort money from working professionals who are too busy to go and apply for their own visa. Moral of the story, take the time of and do it yourself rather than trust these fraudelent companies who don't do as they indicate.

Don't be fooled and don't waste your time and money. I would never want to deal with them and want to make sure no one is this stressful situation of getting a lawyer to get one's passport back. They don't return calls, lie about the visa being with the Embassy when in actual fact they keep it with all your financial details. DOn't waste your time and money on this bogus operation.


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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2013

    This incident must have happened more than three years ago. There is no way to determan the [censored]ts. None of the poeple involved in the company that time, is still involved. This seems like a website trying to get traffic...

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  • Fr
      Dec 18, 2018


    From my personal experience I would not recommend anyone use their services. The consultants take chances and are not closely familiar with the rules and regulations of the consulates and different immigration laws.

    I was given the wrong instructions to proceed with a UK transit visa application before I had entry into my destination Schengen area even after explicitly asking the consultant on this and the application was refused on those grounds. In my particular case there was really no room for error and this ended up costing me upwards of R7000 and I needed to book a new flight ticket directly into a Schengen area.

    Their management team refused to take any responsibility in the matter and staff generally showed zero sense of urgency.

    My advice would be to DO IT YOURSELF. At the end of the day almost all applications are online and VisaRequest adds little to no value during the process.

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