Virgin Mobile / deactivating/terminating service

Co Dec 15, 2015

I purchased a mobile phone from Walmart in August 2015. After 5 days of attempting to get it activated, I finally got to the division that activated Walmart phones and service was turned on. After two months of horrible service, I terminated my service, with no outstanding balance, and service was supposedly disconnected completely. No access by web, or calls. I kept my purchased phone until I sold it a week ago which is Dec. 8, 2015. The person I sold it too "Top-up" to the phone and it reactivated with my same phone number that I had with Virgin mobile. The person attempted to set up their own account but Virgin personnel kept asking for password and security question. The person asked to what? The account was disconnected why are you asking for a security question and password. The representatives and managers are either illiterate or hostile toward Americans. I have asked that they remove my information from their records but they ask me for a security question answer to do that. This is absurd. Where do I go to get this resolved? Don't say hell, been there and they all have V's on their chests.?

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