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VIP Auto Parts / Bad service

1 3 Garden LaneLondonderry, NH, United States Review updated:
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Derek is the service manager there. I REALLY REALLY have no idea what-so-ever how he became a manager of any store. The level of service I got from him today was the worst I've gotten from ANYONE before - cashier, grocery bagger, waiter/waitress, etc. I've never been mistreated that way before.

Lou that works there teamed up with Derek to scorn me in front of many customers about a coupon that I wanted them to honor. I called on Aug 4, 2008 to verify the validity of a state inspection coupon I got from the VIP website. I really should have gotten the name of the guy I spoke with. I even asked one of the employees when dropping my car off this morning and he said it is valid. He said that when he was standing right next to Derek the service manager (Derek heard him say that).

NOWHERE on the coupon did it even IMPLY that the coupon expired July 31, 2008. It has a PICTURE of an inspection sticker that says "7". Not even a single word that comes close to "expiration". YOU be the judge and please tell me honestly if you think this coupon should have been honored - I tried telling them that a coupon is similar to a contract. And they cannot just assume that a customer should know the expiration date of the coupon by looking at a picture of an inspection sticker on the coupon. That it needs to state clearly in writing the exact date the coupon expires on. I asked them "so does it mean if they had decided to put a picture of a honda on there, it implies that the coupon is valid only for hondas?" Derek just replied with a scoff then said "what part of coupon not accepted do you not understand? If you don't like that then I will cancel your appointments and you can leave". That's when I just gave up and agreed to pay for the inspections, but I asked the manager to just write a simple "customer had coupon but not accepted due to July expiration" so I won't have a hard time trying to prove to the corporate that I tried to use the coupon. At that point, Derek just walked away from me and Lou took me to a different section of the counter to say "I am not sure what your level of English is, but Derek tried to communicate with you and apparently that's not happening. Derek is not going to honor the damn (no, I did not add this word in) coupon so you can either pay for the inspection or get it done somewhere else if you don't like it". I ALREADY TOLD THEM I will pay for the inspections but I wanted them to just write a simple statement about the FACT that they wouldn't accept the "expired" coupon. What they say to me, they should be able to write in writing. So when I heard that, I just walked out of the store, lost half of the Saturday that I was suppose to be working on (I had 8am, 11am, 1pm appointments for 3 inspections, brake flush and brake rotor resurfacing).

Derek/Lou has absolutely not even the most basic ethical/legal knowledge of how to manage a business. Not only had they broken the business ethics and moral, they've gone low enough to even violate the basic social manners. I will NEVER EVER go close to that VIP again. I will discourage EVERYONE I CAN to not deal with that VIP store. I will write to and call the corporate offices, and if they can somehow remedy this situation, then I will continue using the other VIP stores but never the one in Londonderry, NH (near market basket).

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  • Se
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    They fixed the wrong part and they charged me $400.00. The manager at Lawrence location is named Fred. They now are telling me it's the belt tensioner. They are willing to change my old alternator back, and fix the belt tensioner for the same price. Fred is not willing to listen. Please give me a call at 978-771-3656. I am also going to report this to the bette business bureau. And sending detailed information to the local new paper agencies to look at the whole operations at VIP parts in Lawrence. I am going to hire a lawyer to take this matter unless I hear back from the corporate office ASAP.

  • Da
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    look u can't go around bassing your opion on one store to the rest. VIP is a chain store but the poeple who work in the are all indipendent. and run there stores differantly. The coupen is true i've used one myself in dec. now how was your attitude when u went into the store. and left. for some reason i can't see that this is all vip falt. and to the 400 daller comment. thats all so a lie. vip warrantys there work plus they replace mistakes for free. atitude is a big key her. in any store i've ever gone to if some one gos in and acts like a jerk or an ### they will charge u the full price and not discount any thing which is what happens a look. as fas as your parts go i think u went in there told them u wanted an alternator they put one i and the next day u found out it was wrong so u blamed it on them. they probley suggest a tension to u and u told them u didn't need it. so now your pissed and ur trying to blame someone for a mistake. auto parts stores can't fix or tell u whats going on if u demend one thing and thats it. they do what there told and if a mistake is made by u than u have to pay for it

  • Va
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    VIP Auto Parts - Terrible experience
    VIP Auto Parts
    United States

    I made an appointment to purchase four studded winter tires and to have them studded, mounted and balanced. The work was performed on December 9, 2007. When the work was finished the paperwork was completed and I wrote a check from an Equity Line of Credit.

    This Equity Line is hardly used and has a minimum balance on it and we do not write checks against this line of credit very often. The check was 'called in' to a company called CERTEGY. Certegy refused the check because the check met one of their 'risk models'. I explained that I own my home outright and that I had an ample balance on my equity credit line! I was forced to use a credit card at the time of sale, thus paying interest (equity interest is a deduction with zero percent interest). I will admit that I became extremely angry at the situation BUT will never step foot in VIP again. I called CERTEGY when I came home and they stood by their decision.

  • Ch
      29th of Aug, 2016
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    VIP - Poor service
    3 Garden Lane
    New Hampshire
    United States

    Hi, my name is Jesse Michaud. My vehicle was recently stolen from VIP in Londonderry, NH. I dropped my car off over two months ago to have a pair of fog lights installed and a state inspection done. Anyway, from the time I dropped my car off over two months ago this has been a complete nightmare. Not once have I received a call from VIP regarding the status of my vehicle. Every time I drove past VIP my car was always parked outside (this was at least a dozen times and after business hours too). What bothers me is that I had spoken to VIP (managers and employees) and asked that they keep the vehicle inside at night. VIP informed me that they would do so. Needless to say, I felt like this was a fair request considering the length of time my car had been there. Around 8/3/2011, I spoke to Rodger (who I believe is the service manager) and was informed that my vehicle needed oxygen sensors to pass inspection. I told Rodger to go ahead and fix it because I was sick of waiting and I needed my car back right away. About three days later, I called and spoke to Rodger again and was told that my car was apart and that VIP was just waiting for the parts to arrive. I then stated (which I had done plenty of times in the past) that my car had been there way to long and that I needed it back ASAP! I was reassured that it would be done within the next couple of days. I was also told that VIP would contact me immediately after the vehicle was finished. VIP had my cell, my girlfriend’s cell, and my home number so there is no reason why they couldn’t have called me at any time. However, no one from VIP has ever called me back. What happened next just adds insult to injury. On 8/10/2011, I was contacted by the Nashua Police Department and I was told that my car was missing. Obviously, the next thing I did was contact the Londonderry Police Department considering my car was stolen out of Londonderry. After speaking to the Londonderry Police Department I was able to gather some more information on the situation. Apparently, VIP didn’t realize my car was missing until they were contacted by the Londonderry PD. I just don’t understand how a car that’s been there for over two months, supposed to be kept inside the garage, and still being finished could go missing and unnoticed? Maybe if someone from VIP realized my car was missing sooner, I could have at least reported it stolen within a reasonable amount of time. Also, if my car was parked outside then it must have been finished. Thus, if I had known my car was finished I would have gone and picked it up immediately. So why wasn’t I contacted and told my car was done? Why have I never been contacted by VIP and given an update on my vehicle? Why is it that every time I call VIP no one seems to know what’s going on with my car? Why does it take 2 months to install fog lights and do minor repairs? Why was my vehicle left outside when I was told it would be parked in the garage at night? Why was my vehicle not given any kind of priority considering the length of time it had been there and the fact that I told two different managers that I needed the vehicle back ASAP? How does a missing vehicle go unnoticed considering it’s been at one of your locations for over two months? How does a vehicle go missing and unnoticed when there is still a balanced owed on it? If my car had been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time and/or parked inside the garage at night, this would have never happened. I’m trying my best to remain calm, be fair and understanding, but this is both ridiculous and unacceptable.

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