Village Inn Restaurantsassistant manager rami zieter at the location on broadway and centennial blvd in littleton co.

This situation took place on 12/7. I spoke with the General Manager, Nur Nobi about it on 12/8. I want to ensure you are aware of it also, just in case the GM doesn't take any action to rectify it.

I was eating dinner at your restaurant between 4pm - 6pm on 12/7. My server, Krystal was doing a great job but she was busy with several tables.

I was sitting next to a table that she was also serving with a family of three. They had ask her to get something for them but she had a tray of drinks, so she told them she would bring it right back. As she was busy the man went up to the manager, who I later found out was named, Rami and ask for tabasco. What happened after that was disgraceful and appalling!

The manager, Rami yelled across a crowed restaurant "Krystal! Tabasco now!" and pointed to the man asking for his assistance. The man looked very uncomfortable and went back to his seat.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Littleton, CO Since I was sitting next to them, I heard most of the interaction between the family and Krystal. The man said that since Krystal was busy he thought the manager could just hand him the tabasco, he had no intention of getting her in trouble. The woman was very upset about what had happened and kept apologizing to Krystal.

I watched the interaction "Rami" had with Krystal and the other servers who were working that night. He was rude and disrespectful to them. In my opinion, he completely stepped over the line with Krystal. Several of us could hear him yelling at her even when they were in the back next to the open doors.

I stopped her and encouraged her to report his behavior and to file a "hostile work environment" complaint. If you allow this behavior to continue, I'm sure you will have MANY complaints about him and lose many customers

Since, I'm also a business owner and knowledgeable about labor laws and customer service I hope to never see that manager working there again after the way he treated not just Krystal and the other servers, but the customers as well!

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