Village Inn / made order wrong twice, waiter kept forgetting food and manager was very rude.

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We got our food except my husbands. The waitor said the chef had to make it again. My husband got his food and it was still wrong. the waitor forgot all the rest of our food we ordered. We had to keep asking if he got the pancakes and sausage and bacon. My sausage came out cold he never brought me my sausage he said would. The food came out and was still wrong. So he took the food back and they remade the order but forgot the extra eggs this time. By than it had been maybe 40 minutes we said forget it. Still we had continue to ask where the rest of our food was? Than the waitor offers pie after we asked if we could some kind of discount he said yes came with our pie and never brought our check. We debated so do we have to pay for the bill or not. So we asked and they brought the bill and messed it up and tried to charge us extra. We asked the night manager about it and Katrina very rudely said there was nothing she could do about it at all because we got free pie. We argued considering my husband and I did not get to eat together and had to sit there for over an hour waiting to get our food that never came out right in the end. Katrina took off the pancakes they tried to over charge us for by its almost 11 we got there around 9. I'm tired pregnant and not happy with service I got at all. And I will never go there again but I think Katrina should be demoted she handled our situation very poorly and rudely and not once did she come to our table to assist or see what was going on and fix the problem. She acted like she did not care and seemed to occupied making silly conversation with her other colleges. Never again will we eat there and not to mention the night chef is always messing the orders up. I've been in there before when he was getting screamed at for messing up orders on other occasions. Tonight nothing was said or done.

May 30, 2015

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