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Villa Direct / Completely Irresponsible

1 Kissimmee, FL, United States Review updated:

I checked into my condo that I rented on February 20th, 2009. Upon checking in, apparently the previous renters needed a crib and it was still in the unit. I called and asked to have it removed. We left the next morning and was gone to Sea World all day. Upon coming back to the rental unit on Saturday night at 8:300pm, the crib was still in the unit. I called and left another message with the answering service. We left the unit the next morning at 9:00 am to go to Disney. When we came back at 8:00 pm that night of Sunday the 22nd, we saw that the front door to the unit was completely wide open. Not just unlocked, completely wide open. We carefully entered the unit thinking that someone was there. We did not find anyone in the unit. The crib was now gone, so apparently during the day, Villa Direct came and took it. Instead of ensuring that the door was closed, they just left and left the door wide open. I had an iPod stolen and $400 dollars cash stolen as well. I called the office and they told me to call the police, which I did. Osceola County Sheriff's office sent Deputy Wilder who filled out a report, Incident # 09I017113. Villa Direct sent someone out that night who apologized and said that they would get with me the next day. As of today, March 10, 2009, Villa Direct has yet to contact me. They are completely incompetent and I am forced to pursue some means in order to hold them accountable. Talk about some sorry individuals, they don't have any idea what customer service is about. The should at least give me a credit equal to my loss because they are totally to blame. Don't use them!

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  • Pe
      18th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    This company is totally irresponsible and are a bunch of liars. I had a problem with ROACHES in the house that I rented. The carpets were filthy and disgusting. THe sheets were nasty and had some stains in it and the comforter had some type of white bodily fluid on it. I called and was treated like I wasn't even a guest. Not to mention, the supposed manager Rebecca Perez would never come out to speak with me. She did absoloutely nothing to fix the situation and wouldn't give me my money back. What type of management is that, that's pathetic. When I came into the office, she still wouldn't speak to me but I knew who she was and when one of the doors was opened as another employee was coming out I saw her stuffing her big fat mouth and sitting on her fat ###. She wasn't on the phone with a customer as I had been told. That whole company should be shut down. THere are numerous complaints about this same unit I stayed in. All they wanted to do was blame it on the owner and say that they did not pay to have things fixed in the house. But it's funny to me that the unit next door that they managed was in the same condition. These people are a bunch of ### and something needs to be done to stop them!

  • Vi
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    We are very sorry that Glenn suffered a loss at the property in which he stayed. After the Sheriffs office had left (there was no forced entry) we also performed our own investigation. The supplier that delivered the crib had attended the property and failed to close the door on their departure. All doors on units managed by VillaDirect have self-close locks and do not need to be locked.

    We were about to refund Glenn when AMEX bounced his charge for a total of $627.38 (far above the amount that he claimed went missing). He had told AMEX that his family and he had not stayed at the property and that the charges made by VillaDirect to his card were bogus. We will forward this thread to the merchant to review.

  • Gr
      12th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    As soon as we walked into the house it was hot and muggy, the central air was not working, walked to the pool area and it was filthy, the pump was not working and the overflow spa was empty. Called Villa Direct right away and after 6 hours someone came and fixed the central air. As for the pool problem we had someone come 2 days later and said "yes your right the pool is not working" then left. We had to call Villa Direct for 3 days straight to get them to come and fix the pool!! Our children were very upset that they could not use the pool until the day before we were leaving. As for the rest of the house, the phone could not make out going calls, the sink leaked, the bedroom furniture was falling apart in every room and you could feel the mattress springs in the beds. I will be returning to Florida with my family but will NEVER use Villain Direct again; they are all about money and not customer service or satisfaction.

  • Vi
      12th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Craig and Family
    We are sorry that you had a problem with the pool. Occasionally equipment will fail on even the best maintained vacation homes in Orlando. VillaDirect welcomes over 10, 000 families each year to its managed homes - and on a very few occasions we are unable to meet the guests expectations of service.

    According to our field service notes, the pool pump failed on your arrival on the Friday evening (2nd April) after 4 pm. One of our pool techs called out the following morning, confirmed the failure and that the pool water was not circulating. A part was ordered and was fitted on the Monday morning (5th April). Your stay in the home ended on the 9th April - 4 days after the repair. Regrettably, the Monday was the first available day that the supplier was open and that we could collect the part for the broken unit.

    Our guest services department tried to call you during the day on the Tuesday and the Wednesday to discuss the problem that you suffered and to discuss what could be done to compensate for your experience, but was unable to speak with you on either occasion (we hope that you were out enjoying yourself at the parks!).

    We are sorry to read that you were so upset by this matter as to write on this forum.

  • Cr
      14th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Villa Direct,
    Your records are completely false and inaccurate, the pool was not fixed on Monday however someone did call us on Monday to tell us that even though our pool was green it was still useable to which I replied then you come swim in it. The pool finally was back in working condition and looking clear on Thursday which is when we went swimming in it. As for you calling us I have no idea what phone you tried so hard to call because we always had both our cell phones on us, as for the house phone that did not make outgoing or incoming calls surprise surprise. For the amount of money we paid for the house we were very let down by the condition and service.

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Craig, Villa Direct has always treated my and my family with respect and their homes have always been to our satisfaction. We're their to vacation and having a home instead of a hotel room is good. Try spending time with your family and stop complaining about life -

  • Cr
      25th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Michigan- The reason for a review board is to give your comments regarding a service or product. My family and I had a very nice vacation in Florida. Unfortunaly, VillaDirect did not live up to their promises and therefore when we visit Florida again we will not be using VillaDirect.

  • To
      30th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    My family and I rented a four bedroom house, I requested a pet friendly house over the phone. When we arrived Sunday night, the house was clean, but had some wear and tear, so I called villadiect but they were closed for the day so I called the next morning to report what I saw.the living room furniture was old and stained but I didn't mind to much as this is a pet friendly house, as the carpets were old as well. The pingpong table in the garage was was barely standing on its own and there was a baby stroller and old toys thrown everywhere. There was a 20 dollar toy Foosball table that was missing a leg too. A week after our vacation ended, I was charged 573.00, for a broken Foosball table. So I called an explained about this matter only to be charged an additional 500.00 for having pets that they claim I never told them I had and for stained up old living room furniture they claim my dogs did. My dogs stayed kenneled when we were not at the property. This is an outrage and the more I Google villadirect the angryer I get for not looking them up before booking. The bed mattress were springy, the TV in the master bedroom an living room had 23 cable channels, and the other 3 TVs did not even have a cable outlet to plug into. The TVs were very old too. For the amount of money this was a terrible experiance and I highly recommend using another company other than villa direct.

  • Ca
      4th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    My family and I have booked with Villadirect the last foud years. We have stayed at 101 Happy Memories, Floridian Retreat, Royal Floridian, Bostonian, and Mickey's Hideaway Villa. The Royal Floridian was the cleanest. I was extremely pleased. The following year we booked the Floridian Retreat. The carpets were filthy but the home was roomy and everything else was clean. We called to complain about the carpet but noone came to clean. The next year was the Bostonian. Beautiful spacious home but there was an awful spell coming from the kitchen. They sent maintenance to fix the dishwasher but the smell was still atrocious. Then the next year we booked the Mickey's Hideaway Villa. This is when the terror began. Upon checking in the house was dirty and the carpet was terrible. We had to complain and they sent someone to shampoo the carpet. Carpet was so filthy until the dark spots could not come clean. Sheets were dirty. After returning from the park there was a gas leak in the home due to an old gas stove and the fire department and the gas company along with the police department came. After inspection the gas company gave us a pink slip that stated no one could go back to the home. We called Villadirect all night. They had to "get" permission to place us in another home. Due to short notice they placed us at 101 Happy Memories. The washer and dryer was so old until we could not wash anything. The cleaning crew marked the home as clean but dirty sheets were laying on the sofa and nothing was done upstairs. The carpet was filthy. It was horrible customer service and it took them over two hours to place us somewhere. They were unconcerned and never came to check on us. Terrible attitudes and they do not understand the importance of customer service. My family size is 14 so we vacation together and always pay over $2000 for the weekly stay. Due to being inconvenienced and could not take groceries from the home they only reimbursed us $189. Can you believe that!!! We are a family that has booked with them and pay good money. However what I did notice is that All Star Vacation Home van came and checked on each person in that resort that booked with them. I would not recommend Villadirect to anyone until they clean up their act. By the way, I went on the website and no longer see Mickey's Hideaway Villa as one of their properties. Villadirect should have refunded us more and should have been more considerate. They should have also came to check on us. By the way I wanted to see just how they clean their properties. Are you ready for this: There are hispanic families (mom, dad, and children) doing the cleaning. They wash sheets with no detergent. They take the sheets off the beds and just throw them in the washing machine. No clorox no detergent. NASTY!!! This was all during Spring break of 2014. Yes this is November and i am still upset. Villadirect please get your act together as word of mouth is the best form of adverstisement.

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