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Rs Nov 24, 2018 Buffalo, NY Review updated:

I'm very upset with the treatment I received with the workers. I bought a bunch of stuff on Black Friday and I had to return some stuff the next day as they did not fit and it was so crowded on Black Friday I did not want to try them on. I ended up ordering different stuff online from there so I could still get the nice sales and I figured after the holiday they would not have many things left. I also did not want to have to rush to take the items back as it wasn't that serious to me. That being said I had gotten a free blanket for spending over $150 and a $20 reward card and during the exchange the girl messed it up and did not realize that they had been free. Once she gave me the refund she noticed and told me to hold on as she messed up and couldn't do the refund without the blanket back so she might need the money back but had to ask a manager. Mind you the cashier had taken a call in the middle of my transaction to help another customer and made it seem like it was my fault that she was distracted and I didn't tell her about it the blanket as I was openly talking about it. I shop at Victoria's Secret and pink all the time and never have I really returned anything so I wasn't really aware of how it worked with the "free stuff" when you got it. The cashier went on to get a manager who said in front of me "it's too late, you already did the transaction" as she looked at me in a very snide way. I told the manager well I ordered the stuff online this morning if you want I can show you the confirmation so you can see I'm still spending over $150 or I can cancel that transaction and we can re do this transaction and I'll just exchange everything. Again I only ordered online because I didn't know what they would have in store. So the manger says to me "so you want to give the refund back and we will give you all the stuff back and then just do an exchange?" So I replied nicely yeah whatever works, I just don't want to stiff you guys out of money. Or at least charge me for the blanket. It's fine regardless. The manager then looks at me and says "well it's honeslty too late, she's just going to get fire" and then looks at her cashier. I'm not sure if she was kidding or not but she was very rude and her employee seemed very scared. I then looked at the cashier and said are you sure? I really have no problem doing it that way and then I'll just wait for my refund from my online order and she backed up and said no it's fine it's too late. So I then asked again and she said the same thing so I said okay thank you and walked out. Now usually I'm not one to complain but I am a very honest person. There have been times where Victoria's Secret sent me two of the same packages by accident and even though they didn't notice and I was never charged I have returned them back to stores and had employees look at me and say "are you sure you don't want it, it's free." Yet for some reason today when I left the store. I felt as if I was a thief or a shady person because that is how I was made to feel. Now I could have been very rude and snide back especially because an employee rudely interrupted me to answer a call for another customer when there were other workers on the floor. I could have been very rude towards the manager and made a big deal but I was genuinely trying to be a nice person. Moral of the story is I have never felt so belittled and judges in my life and I shop as Victoria Secret all the time and I am shocked at the treatment and ever more schocked by management.

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