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Vickie Milazzo / Legal Nurse Consulting

Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

I was interested in buying their legal nurse consulting course but heard it was overpriced. It seems their advertising is more about hype and pumping people up than anything else. Apparently they offer a guarantee but here is my question: how many people take the course and return it for a refund vs. keep it and become successful? That stat would help me make a decision. Does anyone know that?

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  • Ch
      15th of Sep, 2009

    Don't do it, it's a scam! Go to your local trade school or college to take a course like this, NEVER an INTERNET, TV or RADIO advertised course!

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  • Ja
      3rd of Oct, 2009

    One of the first things, and most important things, that that you would learn from this course is that you do not need to be certified to be a legal nurse consultant. There is no nationally recognized certification other that the one offered by the AALNC. The ABA does not recognize or endorse certification. I took the course you are considering, in 2003. I did everything I was taught. I marketed myself in several states. I have never had a lawyer respond to my marketing. I have never reviewed a case. I did not renew my certification. The institute's marketing is a lot of hype. The six day seminar is a page right out of the Anthony Robbin's (the ultimate scam artist) lesson book on how to hook unsuspecting consumers, convince them that there is no alternative and that you will be making six figures within a year. Then, they make you dependent on their support to "build your business", all of which you have to pay for, with no guarantee of success.
    The basics of tort law can be learned in your local library. If you are already acquainted with a lawyer, ask them for mentoring and advice.
    I hope you have not fallen prey to this scam. Save yourself and your money before it is too late.
    Oh and by the way, the second thing that is taught in the seminar is that you do not need to be a lawyer to practice, however the owner of the institute IS a lawyer. She also is ruthless towards people who have comments about her and her business that she does not like and will go to any length necessary (including restricting free speech) to knock them down.
    I hope this is helpful. Nursing is full of so many great opportunities, don't make a bad choice based on hype and promises. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true...

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  • Li
      19th of Oct, 2017

    @Jasper's Dad Did you ever persue a career in legal nurse consultant? If so, where? Ty in advance.

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  • Ha
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I took the basic course last year and sat in a large Reception room for 6 long boring days and never thought to ask how much it is to be Recertified every two years. The basic course is 4 grand and I had to pay for my Hotel room and Flight separately. I think I suffered from Jet Lag the whole 6 days. The lectures from the different Nurse Consultants were too long 2-3 hours and my attention span is 1 hour. Did I mention after my initial contact with the Vickie Millazo Institute I waited for 2 weeks to decide what I should do and the institute called me back after 1 week and knocked off a grand of the cost of the Seminar which brought it down to 3 grand. I guess I was looking for another path to go in my Nursing Career and fell for the Scam. It can cost 3 grand to recertify every 2 years and if you attend their Nursing conferences yearly cost: approx 1 grand. You have to pay to advertise on thier site and it isn't cheap. This lady is making hand over fist in big money of people who are vulnerable. I called and emailed several nurses who also took the course before I did and none of them got started or got a hit from an Attorney. I imagine there are many many more Nurses in the same boat. I also found out you don't have to be Certified and there are very few Attorneys who will pay a Nurse $150.00/hour for their expertise. With Vickie Millazo it is all about the money and greed is the operative word. Lastly Vickie is an RN with a law degree. Go figure. Lond live America.

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  • Rn
      6th of Mar, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    I just wanted to post a thank you to the 2 people who reviewed this program. I sent away for the information and have been getting ready to research it. I thought in a few years, it might be worth it to spend the $4000, but it sounds like it will never be worth it! Thanks also for re-iterating that you don't need any certification to do this. There are places where you can learn the information you need without getting an overpriced, bogus certification. Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

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  • Li
      8th of Mar, 2010

    I also would like to thank the ones for posting their experiences on the internet. I am currently in the process of doing research on this "institute" & also wanted to see what other things were offered besides by Ms. Milazzo since she seems to be so terribly expensive! I originally responded about a year ago to get a packet in the mail along with her book to just look it over & then start the research aspect of it all. It's probably a good thing that I was so busy planning my wedding & didn't get all caught up in it. So here I am starting to look over all of it again & I must admit was VERY surprised that as soon as I googled Vickie Milazzo, it came up with all kinds of sites created as a warning to its scams!!! Wow! Very scary! All I saw was mostly negative things! And I can imagine how upset these people were to write all this stuff in light of the thousands of dollars they spent to educate themselves further & provide a better life for themselves, only to lose all that money for nothing! Times are tough & this is no time to throw money out the window for a scam, if that is what it is! I will continue to look through everything & research some of the options posted above. I will concur with the other posts above with the fact that they really do lay all the marketing & advertising on pretty thick! They have that part down pat! It sure did look very legitimate & sounded awesome. But you know what they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably IS!

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  • Rn
      4th of Apr, 2010

    I stumbled across this site and was very surprised about the negativity toward this topic. First I would agree that you do not have to have a certification of any kind but we do live in a world where often credibility comes along with showing you have obtained additional training and education. That is what all nursing certifications are about. For example, RNs who work in ICU do not need to have a CCRN but it is believed you are more of an expert if you have obtained that credential. Legal Nurse Consulting is not any different. Vicki Milazzo's course provides you with one stop place for education to improve your expertise in this area. It provides resources and mentor ship. There are two things you must know if you do not take full advantage of the resources you will not get full benefit. The second is that developing your own business is not instant overnight success you have new skills to learn and perfect. The program does work but making it work required taking action on my part using the material learned, actively using the resources and taking personal responsibility for making sure I learned how to develop a business and taking those steps everyday, and surrounding myself with the right people. Yes I have received work from attorney's and I do believe having the certification helped because they were able to quickly identify that I understood my role as a consultant and expert and they did not have to teach me. The Vicki Milazzo program is not a scam! Regarding the cost - you get what you pay for as long as you use it otherwise not getting a good return on investment is because you did not step out of your comfort zone and build your consulting business. Good for Vicki for being an Entrepreneur - that is was America is about.

    RN - CA

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  • Ja
      5th of Apr, 2010

    Vickie is riding all the way to the bank on the paychecks that unsuspecting people are writing to her. She is banking that some of the people will continue to consume the additional services that her operation offers, guaranteeing perpetual income to live her lavish lifestyle.
    I think the real clincher, for me, was that, following the devastating hurricane in her hometown of New Orleans, she sent a holiday message to all the people who had written her paychecks. It mentioned how fortunate she was to have been able to get her family out of the path of the storm. The message was being sent from a beach, somewhere in the South Pacific. That shows her REAL concern.
    It is true that certification does demonstrate a certain knowledge base in a specialty area, however, the ABA does not recognize the certification nor did any of the attorneys that I spoke with have any idea what the certification stood for.
    Anyone considering certification in this area would do better at looking at the AALNC certification that is offered. Not only is it cheaper and more comprehensive, but it is the only professionally recognized credential.

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  • Ch
      21st of Apr, 2010

    This is NOT a waste! It's a wonderful opportunity! I do know REAL nurses who PAID off the cost of the course with their FIRST case! It all really boils down to your goals & commitment for this particular area in nursing! It's not for every nurse! Just like not every nurse wants to be an OB nurse! And as far as being too good to be true well, that's for those get rich quick scams! Vickie NEVER tells anybody anything less than all the work that will be involved to get ahead! She's gives her own personal experiences of the time it took her AND she does ALL the marketing for you for those who know exactly how time consuming advertising & marketing can be! But she does not do your work for you!! So if you're looking to work without working, nursing, in any field is not for you! Vickie can be assessed with the Better Business Bureau with an awesome review! But she DID however have somebody try to STEAL her idea!! I'd encourage anyone who is interested in the legal areas of study that is also a nurse to go for it!! I'd say Vickie took Mark Twain's advice to - " the secret to getting ahead is getting started!" and she literally took ALL her trial and error experiences in this field, and prevents you from wasting time with the same issues. And if I did all the work and helped somebody jump ahead without having to go through what I did, I'd charge whatever I'd want as well! Even if nobody gets a refund after starting, it is OFFERED! If you are interested go for it! I tip my hat off to Vickie!!

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  • Ch
      22nd of Apr, 2010

    More Damn Shills trying to CONvince unsuspecting victims to part with their money foolishly!




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  • Mr
      10th of May, 2010

    Vicky is laughing all the way to the bank. However, she is knowledgable and a great speaker in her field but is also the most expensive program .
    Her prices for her class programs depend upon what day you call, what customer service rep that you speak to, and the special of the day, week, month.
    Her VIP course ranges in price from $4200 to 13, 300( for the exact same course), not the executive or basic course, depending upon the special or service rep that you receive when you call. She is making an average of 5-10 MILLION dollars a year.( depending upon how many specials she grants)
    I guess that makes her a great business women but to me shadey and unethical person. She claims to love to teach what she loves most, nursing and law but forgot to include the amount of money she receives from it.
    Her husband and brother(twin) work FOR her. Her husband is a extremely intellegant man (not a very good speaker)and actually seems honest. (But it is evident who runs the show)
    She claims that she has "nothing to do with the financial aspect of the business", when questioned directly, unless she is receiving more money toward the program.
    I did take the class but chose to leave after learning her business ethics.( and I was fully refunded)

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  • Tr
      4th of Jun, 2010

    Wow! I am very grateful for this internet I was about to purchase this program and something kept stopping me maybe this is a sign to not do it. For those who did have success did you make a 120$ an hour? I realize with nothing is every easy you have to earn it! We as nurses know that all to well. I would hardly think a 6 day course can yield instant money it does sound very hyped up and I think I will go another route. Thanks for this insight. Knowledge is power!!!

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  • Lk
      22nd of Jun, 2010

    Wow! I also stumbled across this site and was so surprised to see all of the negative comments. This IS NOT A SCAM. I took Vickie's course in October 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia and have never regretted it. Work will not come to you-- YOU HAVE TO ACTIVELY PURSUE IT. You can't send out letters and not make follow up calls. It's not easy, but work will come if you take an action step each day. It took me almost 6 months before I received my first case.

    I purchased the VIP package. In the beginning, I contacted a mentor on almost every case I received. Each mentor offered sound advice. With the VIP package, I received 4 years of renewal certification tapes. I listened to all of the tapes and gained so much information. Each time, I came away with a new way to earn more money by adding additional services to offer the attorney, insurance company, medical bill review, etc.

    Last year (2009) was our most successful year. We hired 2 clerical persons to help. I also have 2 certified legal nurses that I use on a contract basis.

    I offer different prices for my services. For example, I charge $125 to attend an IME. My customary fee is $125 an hour for review of medical records/report; however, for certain clients I may provide up to a $50 p/hr discount. It depends on the volume of business they send my way.

    Vickie's program is worth every penny that I paid. She can't do the work for you --- YOU have to get out there and bust your "chops"! It is hard work but well worth it. YOU have to market yourself. YOU have to change your attitude to "I CAN DO THIS!"

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  • Ms
      5th of Jul, 2010

    This sounds like all the old school nurses, of which I happen to be one. Having been in the field for 21 years. I have multiple certifications and multiple degrees and I have never regretted the money I spent on the course. I have even been asked by hospitals I am employed with where I got my CLNC and they wanted it to be from Vickie Milazzo. This actually got me a great job making triple digits in a hospital risk management department. As with all in nursing, those who work hardest and perservere for the profession to advance make the most of it. So, if you are not willing to self-start then don't spend the money. But, I wonder who would call Donald Trump a scam for making billions. Why do we do this to women and especially to nurses? What is the deal, if we aren't Mother Teresa and martyrs we are scam artists? Get a grip people...Everyone with a good idea, motivation and great marketing skills is entitled to make money, even if they are female and a nurse! Finally, this course has also been extremely beneficial to me in teaching novice nurses how to chart, review charts, critically think and plan their work mind, open mind, it is a beautiful thing.

    MS Georgia

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  • Ti
      18th of Apr, 2018

    @MS Georgia You had me until you used Trump as your example. He is a scam artist who got rich on the backs of poor people.

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  • Fa
      29th of Jul, 2010

    I investigated this lucrative proposal for Nurses to advance themselves and append the LNC to their hard-earned initials only to discover the above written testimonials and warnings which gives one pause. Granted there are some positive testimonials about the great merits of the classes but you have to read between the lines. Currently, there is a recession and lawyers have suffered hugely, many of the large firms fractured and some dissolved. The younger graduates scramble for any work, going rates are generally $150. to $300. hourly, but those are mostly for Senior partners. Getting referrals from firms dispensing legal work is partly luck and partly recognition by peers, so its dubious how non-legal 'consultants' can look forward to these high-paid wages as advertised: - its simply not the real world. I'm a retired boarded medical physician specialist who currently works for a law firm, largely reviewing huge medical files (40 - 100 pounds) on complex medical cases and I am amply rewarded for this work that is often exacting and wearisome and requires referenced synopseis and high-lighting of important textual elements, only made possible by having acquired some several years of authorship writing and extensive published literary reviews. etc.

    All in all, the weak points of the described course is the excessively high enrollment costs, recertification costs, associated fees for travel and accommodations in conjunction with the excessively high improbability of having any referral cases. Lets face it, remuneration for legal nurse consultation has an expectation for substantially knowledgeable opinions based on legal case work, with most hospitals already providing in-hospital para-legal counsel via administrative channels for risk management, and, additionally, employ their own ABA legal counsellors. Agreed, "teaching novice nurse how to chart, review charts, a beautiful thing", but this is what Nursing is all about, the pursuit of improving oneself from Novice to Seasoned does not lie within the pages of a brochure extolling a great job making triple digits, what-ever that means. MD Southern California

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  • St
      2nd of Aug, 2010

    For those considering the Vickie Milazzo course, please be sure that you make an informed decision.
    I took the course in 2006. I attended the 6 day seminar and found the speakers to be extremely enthusiastic and the setting was highly motivating. I left the seminar with the "I can and WILL do it!" After returning home, I put my plan to work. I bought the package including business cards, brochures and template for letterheads and I went to work. I sent out around 300 letters in the first month, and then another 200 for the following month. I had established my website, professional and full of information which would seem appealing to someone looking for a nurse consultant.
    For three years I contacted CLNCs, LNCs and attorneys letting them know that I could provide exceptional assistance to their business. No luck. The calls that I made as follow ups to potential clients... no luck either. My pockets had gotten shallow to support my aspiring business.

    I remember asking during the seminar about certification renewal. They informed me that with the package I purchased, I'd be able to renew for 6 years. They also informed me that continuing education could be achieved through approved courses which promote the LNC education.
    That was not true. The only way to receive additional renewal is to take a costly trip ... on a glamorous cruise ship, a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to who knows where with money that you can't spend because you haven't made any with the certification to begin with!

    If I had it to do over again, I'd have saved my money and taken my loving family who supported me through this, on a great vacation. I would've at least had something to show for it- like smiles, rather than the constant reminders of how I put so much money into a program that hasn't done a bit of good.

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  • Pe
      10th of Aug, 2010

    I took the course in Las Vegas in 2007. I found it to be very informative, other than the little bit about there being very little business out there. I have had two calls in three years, neither of which panned out, and invested a lot of money above and beyond the $9K I shelled out for the VIP course itself. The training may come in handy for me someday, but I doubt it will be as an independent legal nurse consultant. I would be more interested in working for a law firm. I'm not cut out to be an independent business woman; we got audited by the IRS this year after I submitted all my expenses for 2007--probably because I had no income to show for it!!

    I would like to clarify, however, that you CAN renew by taking tests on 5 years worth of seminar tapes and books that I received with my VIP package. I'm not ready to throw away $13K completely, so I'm going to renew. However, if I had it to do over again, I would not have done it. At least in my neck of the woods (Northwest), there just isn't that much business.

    I wouldn't call this a scam. The information is very good. What was misleading was the seminar's reports about the actual demand for legal nurse consultant services. Do your homework before you waste your money. If you do, do NOT waste your money on the website's marketing which is very expensive and not worth it. I didn't get a single call and I spent over a thousand dollars the first year. Did NOT repeat that mistake

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  • De
      12th of Oct, 2010

    I initially took Vickie's class about 13 yrs ago when she came to Milwaukee for her 2 day seminar. I was between jobs, and so hyped by the information she shared, that I purchased the home study program. This program consisted of numerous VHS tapes with the corresponding textbooks, and, most importantly, a card individually signed by the members of her team. Unfortunately, I took a clinical nursing position, and worked for about 8 more yrs while the program collected dust on the shelf. Eventually, I was downsized, and decided it was time to take the course live. I called the Institute, registered for the class in Philly, checked various travel sites and found a package for $600 that included flight, car and hotel a distance away from the host hotel. That was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my career!
    I have been been taken in by VIckie's enthusiasm in the class, and have called on the mentor's several times, and, each time have learned so much from each of these nurses. I have worked diligently to build my business, have worked with many attys in my state, and found teaching them about nursing is much like teaching my elderly clients and their families. The work is available, and just like anyone else who starts a business, one has to use every contact as a marketing contact. VIckie's program does work, only when we use one action step every day. She teaches us a ton of information, and it's up to each of us to develop our own mission statement, vision statement and come up with a marketing plan. SHe provides us with numerous supports; it's up to us to utilize them. I'm sorry some of those on this board found her class boring. Maybe LNC is not for you! I works for me!

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  • My
      9th of Nov, 2010

    I took an online course for $110 from and got my Certificate. I have 17 years experience as a personal injury doctor and Vicki's course wouldn't allow me to register because I am not a nurse. What a joke. The joke is on them because I saved thousands. I have to say I didn't learn anything new from the course (and wouldn't have from Vicky either) but I just wanted a Certificate. This is the way to go. I am in the process of mailing my first marketing out rght now. "Why hire a nurse when you can have a doctor? "

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  • Ga
      3rd of Dec, 2010

    WOW, it's just like a Doctor to down play the value of Nurses. As a nurse of 20 years, I have kept many doctors from killing our patients. "MY WAY" you should ask the families and victims of these doctors, why have a doctor when you Have a Nurse(Good)! (I accept the fact that we all make mistakes but in almost everyone of these life or death situations the doctor either was un-knowledgeable or more often just refused to listen to the nurse) .

    It's late so I guess I just need to say that I appreciate everyone that wrote in on this topic. I want to make a change in my career because I'm tired of Doctors not doing their job(so I have to do theirs and mine) and having to fight to make sure the patients are taken care appropriately. I am also tired of seeing staff abused by doctors, over worked, and definitely underpaid.

    I don't know which way to go, I don't want to spend $13K to get a 6 day certificate that is for sure.

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  • Le
      8th of Dec, 2010

    I took Vickie's course a couple of years ago and I assure you that she never once said that developing a legal nurse consulting business is easy. I think her infectious enthusiasm can be misinterpreted by some who are looking for a quick way out of their clinical nursing jobs. They may go away from the basic course feeling on top of the world, then reality hits. It's hard work. That is why Vickie tells you not to quit your day job. For those who came home and sent out 300+ letters to attorneys? Vickie (look it up in her Core Curriculum) emphasizes that networking and face-time with attorneys is the number one way to get business. As she teaches, sending out letters gives you the LEAST return on investment.No one wants to hear that because it's so much easier to hit the print button, stick on the postage, and call it good. Mailings should only be a small part of marketing. Personally, I have never sent out one letter for marketing purposes. Instead, I followed Vickie's advice, sought mentoring when needed, and am building my business. I love my work! I often turn to the Core Curriculum materials, which are very thorough, by the way, and many of the other resources available on the Institute website. I've also joined ALNC and a couple of listserves specific to LNCs. It's what you make of it, folks. Vickie's course is expensive, no doubt. And there are other paths to the goal. But the ongoing support of the VM Institute has been, and continues to be, invaluable to my business. Well worth it to me. She's the real deal. But expect to work hard on your own after the Basic course.

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  • Nu
      5th of Jan, 2011

    I was going to take the course in 2006 and too many life changes occurred for me to put it into my schedule. I have been looking for something else to do with my nursing degree and have always been interested in the legal field. My husband and I were looking into this course for me and after seeing the cost of the course we questioned the necessity of my actuallyrequiring a certification through the attendance of the Vickie Milazzo Institute seminar...I have already done some nurse consulting for medicolegal cases without a certificate. I am all about us being a nation that promotes Capitalism, but after reading the above comments, the red flags that were already popping up actually started waving. I will see how far I can get on my own.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Feb, 2011

    I've been an ICU RN for 15 years, and was interested in this course 2 summers ago. I was tired of hospital nursing and was interested in law, so thought this would be a great way to go...until I read the negative reviews way back then. I found a Nurse Consultant course on for $99, it was 6 weeks, offered by an attorney who's wife is a nurse. It was VERY informative. I started out with the basics, sent some letters, networked a bit, tried to intern with a local LNC in my city (large metro city in FL), to no avail. Not even one response. BUT, I still loved legal issues, so got a new wave of motivation to get a Paralegal certification with a specialty in Torts/Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice. I got that at the local community college and it's been a wonderful boost in my credibility for attorneys. I'm still working at the hospital PRN, and getting ready to intern at a firm. Being employed by a firm specializing in those cases is a real bonus...plenty of work!

    Now, the reality check: it doesn't pay a ton of money! Really, the attorneys are barely making that much as well. I'm finding the pay at just under what I'm making as an ICU per diem nurse. BUT, I love doing legal research and blending my medical knowledge with it. So, that's my input. I highly recommend searching the above website and taking the class (it will direct you to a local school for registration - it's completely online, you don't have to be a student there, but their name will be on the certificate). Good luck to all searching for a boost in your career!

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  • Td
      21st of Mar, 2011

    I am a Legal Nurse consultant, a graduate of Vickie Millazo's program. I am still paying for the very expensive tuition. I would say to you to do your homework first. Are there enough attorneys in your area that deal with malpractice and medical negligence types of cases. I started working in the Atlanta, GA area and had some limited success. You see, I say limited because I never gave up my prn job as a nurse in the OR. Legal nurse consulting was something that I did on the side, and something that I felt that I could do when I retired from the OR. I paid for the expensive executive package, that included a week's worth of marketing training. I do feel that the marketing training was worth it because I had no marketing experience and the package came with a starter kit so that you can print off your own full color brochures and business cards. I have worked for 4 high profile attorneys in the Atlanta area. I also registered as a consultant with American Medical Forensics Specialists (AMFS) they basically do the marketing work for me. I am registered with them as a consultant, and have worked out of several southern states on several different cases for attorneys. AMFS is a service provided to attorneys looking for CLNC's in order to prepare a malpractice or neglicence type of case. The attorney calls in and requests a CLNC in their area of the country, and AMFS starts calling around to the consultants who are registered with them. You have the right to accept or refuse a case and are paid by AMFS for the hours that you bill the client. I was paid about $100.00 per hour and usually clocked in around 10 initial hours, for preparing documents for the attorney. So far I have never had a case go to trial, so I don't know what that is like. I would say that if you think that this is something you want to do on the side or part time, that you could probably make it work. But from my experience there is not a steady stream of work even in a huge city like Atlanta. I was glad that I did not give up my other job. However, recenltly I moved to a new city in the midwest and responded to an ad for an attorney looking for a nurse consultant, to prepare medical records for around 20 hours per week, on a regular basis. I don't know how much it pays, but it should be steady enough work that I can work part time and make what I do in the OR. I have used Career builder site to job hunt and have found several of my attorney clients that way. You can make it work if you market yourself just right and use several different avenues to get some work. I think from my standpoint that I have not been as huge a success as I thought I would be, however I have helped some very grateful clients win their cases.

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  • Pr
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    I took the course with NALNC (National Association of Legal Nurse Consultants) for $650 about 2 years and I was very pleased with the course and the assistance they provided me (without charge) after I completed the course. I completed the course in 3 months from my home computer and received my CLNC certification which is recognized nation wide. I have not had a lot of work but I'm a full-time nurse so I only wanted something to work from home in my spare time and this fit my budget and turned out to be the best investment I've ever made for making money from home. The marketing tips and advice they provided with the course and after the course was well worth the expense and I've yet to find any information that actually helps us after we complete a course - unless you pay a huge price for it and take a risk on whether it helps. I recommend NALNC to anyone. In my experience and research it's foolish to spend thousands of dollars on a course that promises to make you rich - an instant success. And I give little or no credit to all those "Success Stories" and "Testimonials" you find on their ads and websites. Anyone can write those and post them on the internet. The best is the one you can find on YouTube from RN Market with the 2 ladies who claim they attended a seminar and came home and instantly "got thousands, hundreds of thousands of cases". Those two women need to be tracked down and fined for making such bogus claims about a product and the owner of RN Market should be ordered to remove that ad. It is WITHOUT a doubt a lie (hundreds of thousands of cases?) come on. People who believe that kind of crap deserve to spend all their money and stay poor, and have their faces posted under a wanted ad - wanted for misrepresenting the truth.

    Susan Holden, RN CLNC (proud member of NALNC -

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  • Ru
      21st of Jul, 2011

    Hello, I am responding to the comment by Susan Holden, RN, CLNC. I am an RN from Colorado. On multiple occasions, I have considered getting the CLNC certification. First, I reviewed Vickie Milazzo's website and send away for her information. I am skeptical of her program, mostly due to cost of program and high risk of not getting what I am looking for. Like other RNs, I am discouraged by the current state of employment opportunities and endless politics that I experience with many of my past jobs. I want to venture into this new area, but don't know which program would be the most appropriate. I read your comment about NALNC and it looks like a reasonable possibility. I also looked into getting a paralegal certification to accompany my RN certification. If you see this comment, I would appreciate your feedback. You can email me at: [protected] Thanks Bonnie Krim

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  • Ti
      28th of Feb, 2012

    after a check of NALNC in the BBB website, the grade for them is F.Vicki Milazzo has a A rating

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  • Tx
      19th of May, 2012

    Many thanks to all who posted on this site! I have found much help in all the information. I too venture into this field. Many of the responses I have read have done so for the one factor we hold dear to our profession. The ethical dilemmas we face daily in our profession. knowing that many events are being swept under the rugs of corporate American hospitals, which have caused pain, grief and death to the patrons.
    We vow to do no harm, and to be their advocates.
    I too have been a nurse for many years, in many arenas. ICU, CVICU, and Critical care transport. Politics that cover up that which I am vowed to protect. Thus I now look for the avenues to help those of misfortune.. any suggestive courses are appreciated. THANKS!

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  • Na
      24th of May, 2012

    Not every program is for everyone. I need a traditional brick and mortar school. I have requested the free information for Vickie's program. However, if it costs 4, 000, I know for sure I cannot afford that. Not all things work for all people. I say if you can't afford to throw away that amount of money, then you need to do your research and find something you can afford.

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  • Bu
      9th of Jul, 2012

    after reading some of the comments posted here, I checked on line and found one course that sounded good but cost almost $3000 and didn't have the marketing support and other add-on's it sounds like you get from some courses. Vicki's program can be financed, but I am not sure that I want to take on more debt right now (we just bought a new house in the last six months). I have worked in other fields before nursing including financial products (insurance and mutual funds) and they expect you to pretty much run your own business as well. I found out quickly how much work it can be and how ruthless an industry that depends on sales can be. If I do decide to start an Legal Nurse Consulting business, I would do it on the side for a while until my case load bulit up. Still investigating options...

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  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2012

    Ask vickie how many of her student's are working as a legal nurse consultants 1, 2 or 5 years after her training class. Not many are able to successfully get work as a consultant. The legal nursing consultant field is VERY limited. The field is over saturated thanks to Vickie pumping out 100's of Legal Nurse Consultants at each training session. How many LNC positions are available nationwide and how many LNC's has Vickie already "trained?" Now that Vickie is working in conjunction with Stedman Graham many women will unfortunately take Vickies course; as they think the course has the Oprah stamp of approval on it.

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  • Re
      10th of Sep, 2012

    I have just enrolled in the Vicki Millazzo Institute. A couple things that worried me was the cost (14, 000.00$) & the fact that I had received a mailing from her company for 2, 000.00$ off... but no matter who I talked would not be honored. I have worked diligently to get through the book and audio CD's. Just from what I have read, the book seems to be extremely informative. As to the price of the program?? Yes, i would have been happier if it had been less, but I will have to see if it turns out to be worth it for me. Everyone will have a difference of opinion I think as to wether they feel they get their moneys worth. I have always been more than willing to pay a higher price for anything i truely wanted or a service that was needed... as long as in the end I felt I received my moneys worth. As I have so far understood... this program is not guaranteeing me a thing... except the knowledge I need, being pointed in the right direction, people cheering your ego on (which is always a good thing) and being told it is going to be hard once I start putting that knowledge into action. I dont see at this point how any of that is misadvertising or misleading or a scam. As to the comment that people are being taken advantage of with her course...these are nurses who have enrolled in these classes, not uneducated off the street people. Anyone who would apply and pay without checking other options should only look to themselves to blame and not anywhere else. I live from paycheck to is not like I have a lot of money to blow... but if I can gain the knowledge and then work my hardest at putting it to work for me (which i plan to do), then be able to at least just work 1/2 the amount of hours that i presently do... then i can say it was worth it!! Only time will tell. Reading all of the bad comments initially had me very worried...then i stopped and thought about it & put things in perspective for myself. To anyone reading this... and trying to decide... just make an informed decision for what you feel is right for you. I go to Atlanta at the end of this month for the course... so I will try to make sure and write another comment on down the road after I have got going with this. As for the comment that the "field is over saturated"... what are you using to back that up? I have spent hours checking out online all the information I could find. Like everything... there is information that states there is little work in this area (no real numbers as to nurses who are working at this to date...because a lot work independently); then there are sites with information that talk of the boom in this area and projected increases for the future. (is the glass half full?? or half empty??) None of these sites had Vicki Millazzo name on it. I feel it will be like is what you make it. I rarely write comments online about anything...but after reading some of these I felt compelled to also put in my two cents! And i will repost after i have taken the class which is Oct 1-8. Good Luck to everyone out there. Rebecca F.

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  • Mr
      22nd of Sep, 2012

    WHY do nurses ALWAYS eat their own??!!

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  • Ca
      27th of Nov, 2012

    After researching I decided on the course from by Laurie Elston who is an attorney and an RN, her LNC is 3 days instruction on site and then further home study and tests. Its $1900 but classes are small 10-15 and includes mentoring after . I got thr recommended textbooks on Amazon as used textbooks (they look new) . I already took Laurie's 1 day California Nursing Laws class for nurses and it was great, so ooking forwards to the LNC class

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  • Mr
      27th of Dec, 2012

    I am about to take this coarse and unlike all of you that failed I will succeed. You will say I am an arrogant ### but the reason i will succeed is not because I am the worlds best nurse because that role belongs to someone else. I will succeed because i have have a long history as a successful salesman. I am good at it. While the retired DR can boast of his success at the case review job he has they are the dying breed. The CLNC is the future. any nurse worth his/her salt can spot malpractice a mile away. And in my long nursing career I have saved countless Dr's ### just like all my sisters and brothers in this field have. Hospitals are where nurses save the lives in spite of the malpractice of the Dr's. Why you may ask am I going forward with this plan in spite of the negative posts It is simple I know i will succeed because i succeed at everything I attempt. You see after Marine Corps boot-camp every thing else was easy. Since no certification is necessary to do the job I have already started working on building my network. One thing I will tell everyone is you don't market your self to your city or even your state you need to think bigger. My friend took this coarse in 2010 and says she can keep me busy so i know I will have work but I want to do it on my own. as far as the cruse to re cert I look forward to a vacation I can write off.

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  • Sh
      19th of Feb, 2013

    I too, am seriously looking into this field of nursing. This kind of work sounds like it would be a good fit for me, even if it didn't pay the $125-$150/hr that is repeated time and time again it the REAL NURSES / UNREAL SUCCESS marketing tool that I read yesterday. It certainly was motivational. I was fired up! And I really still am, except I'm guarded.
    I know that you can go on line and undoubtedly find people that have had negative experiences with any product, place, person, business, cruise line...etc. Then there are the positive endorsements that make you scratch your head and wonder if they just (in this scenario) tried that much harder to create business, or if it was helped by who they knew, or are they are somehow being compensated for their reaffirming editorial?
    So, I'm still confused. I have always been the one that wants to purchase the VIP package when it comes to going for something that I really want, (Not extravagances - I'm not at all materialistic, and I make things last forever!) because I'm worried that I would miss the extras that might make or break my success. It's that old "You get what you pay for" thing.
    These are the only things I know to share with you: I read that views legal nurse consulting as one of the ten hottest careers today. So I'm not giving up on this idea yet.
    Also, I just want you to know that yes, as mentioned above, the LNCC exam is the only certification examination in the field endorsed by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) & accredited by the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS). But the The American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCCB) requires the following, at the time of application, to be qualified to take this exam:
    1) Current licensure as a registered nurse in the United States or its territories, with a full and unrestricted license
    2) A minimum of five years of experience practicing as a registered nurse
    3) Evidence of 2000 hours of legal nurse consulting experience within the past five years.
    Those who meet the eligibility criteria and successfully complete the examination will earn the Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC) credential.
    So...obviously you can't take the exam to have the credentials to get the work. You need to get the work before you can take the exam. Crazy huh, what a conundrum!
    I wish I could talk to some impartial LNC's that are actually working in this field. If anybody has any suggestions...

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  • Ex
      23rd of Feb, 2013

    PEO-PLE! What are you doing, and what you are spending all of this money on??? THINK THINK THINK THINK THINK about it...does an attorney need someone who is certified as an expert legal nurse consultant, or an expert in his or her specialty area of practice? They DON'T want or need expert EXPERTS, they want and need expert NURSES! The most valuable expert witness is one who is knowledgeable and has expertise in his or her area of nursing practice. I have been doing expert witness nursing for more than 15 years and have consulted on cases all over the US...all by word of mouth. I have never once advertised my services...not even for my first case. I have more than enough cases to keep me busy. Attorneys seek out nurses who have expert specialty in their field, period. I have never once had an attorney ask me if I hold the LNC credential, and in fact, most don't even know what that is. You will be better served by developing expertise in your specialty area of practice, building your reputation as an expert through professional speaking engagements and publications in your specialty, and working toward certification in your specialty area of NURSING PRACTICE. And the money? is INSULTING to have someone else put a value on your expertise. SET YOUR OWN FEES based on what YOUR expertise is worth.

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  • Fl
      25th of Feb, 2013

    Expert Nurse above is right.There are some exceptions and I have nothing against the RN, JD' s out there offering courses and I preface my remarks by saying : more power to them. I have been in complex litigation for 12 years and an RN 25 years. No one cared less whether I was certified and I have worked with 6 of the attorneys who have gotten the top 100 verdicts in the nation and was trained and worked with 3 of them. Take it from me. I took a 200 dollar course in 1989 just to see what sort of chronologies and forms were used. It got me through law school 10 years later and subcontracting under a great LNC. I was making 30 to 40 an hour out of my apartment in law school instead of breaking my back in an ICU so I was happy. If anyone needs help out there, do what expert nurse recommends then get a listing of attorneys in your area who do pharmaceutical and medical malpractice. I did. Go to bar functions, pedal your cards, work the room, use social media and good luck. And you will Hardly even make 150 an hour reviewing charts, that will be testifying on the stand if you can get the work and any lawyer like me who has been in trial over 100 times knows that 95- 98 percent of cases settle.. Attorneys barely make that from insurance companies nowadays and most plaintiff attorneys if they hire you will pay you comparably to what you make as a nurse. To most nurses out there and I mean most, it is a supplemental income deal if you can get the work. Take this from a person in the trenches.God bless you all. I have lectured for NCSBN and have done all I can to help the nursing profession and defended hundreds of nurses in front of Texas Board and against healthcare fraud claims. I love what I do and I am happy for those who get something out of these courses, just watch the bottomline and be realistic about whether your return is worth it. Joe Flores RN, MSN, CCRN, FNP, JD WWW.FLORESLAWFIRM.COM

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  • Br
      29th of Mar, 2013

    I am an ED nurse for some 17 years and it looks like I'm going to be a bit skeptical about this program I do need to make a change due to a crash that was life altering I love my ED medicine and someone said earlier yes we cover the doctors back far more bedside time then they can even justify so yes we make those life-and-death choices for our patients!! I have contracted all over the United States and for the Department of Defense and for the Department of Justice and it is so awful when you cannot raise an attending physician or any doc to intervene in a patient's care.. Yes we are worn-out burnout overworked Understaffed underpaid abused by patients staff and physicians. it is common knowledge the political pressure that is in the hospital setting is tremendous and unwarranted unneeded and our mission is forgotten it is patient CareFirst and the other oath that I believe our physicians made is forgotten !! So I will look carefully and thank you for all of your comments... Scott ED RN TNCC

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  • Bh
      14th of Jul, 2013

    I have read through the comments on Vickie Milazzo's CLNC. I wanted to get a sense of other nurses experiences. I had already studied the packet sent from her institute and did get some sticker shock. However, the more comments I read I came away with two conclusions: Some nurses really do eat their young (or old as the case may be) and the program Vickie presents does have merit. I have done enough MLM, Tupperware, Amway and other programs to know marketing is a big key. But I don't feel that is any reason for some to spew acidic comments. There isn't a one of us who wouldn't like to come up with an idea which is needed and be able to build it into a multimillion dollar business. I paid $12, 000 to become a massage therapist and don't have access to near the resources offered by Vickie's program. The fact she went back and got a law degree seems a logical direction to build a solid foundation for her company. This is America, she saw a need, built on that need and developed a program that has benefited lawyers, patients and nurses interested in pursuing such a career. It takes a level of maturity to admit we don't all have the same levels of interest and skills. I still haven't decided if I will pursue her course but it won't be because it is a scam.

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  • Ch
      3rd of Aug, 2013

    PLEASE do not take this coarse! The old saying "if anything is too good to be true, it usually is" is very correct in this situation. I have posted on here before . In April of 2013, my husband age 68 wanted to take the coarse and was very excited as he has worked many areas in the past in clinical situations but not legally. I will state this loud and clear. He payed 10, 000 dollars for continuous help from a member for issues he does not understand. He got depressed and I called and finally a woman called him...She told him to read the book and call and ask her any questions that he would be confused about. She never called back . For 10, 000 dollars I think that (she ) would have called at some point IN TIME to see if everything was going ok...Remember its her job since he paid the extra money to help him. This is so sickening I hope God will )turn Vicki s life around so that she sees what she is doing to others who as she should know, attorneys want to pay the least possible as they want to make money. I wish someone could tell me how my husband could get his money back. So sad. Please don't let the up lifting talk or the expression you got to work very hard., , , , , If that was all there was t it, then I KNOW the people on here who are unhappy would not have written unless they wanted to tell good things.This is the biggest scam as are many scams and what may have been good 20 years ago may not be the case now. I mean, how easy is it for a older nurse to get a job? How easy is it to get a hospital job? Just think it through and ask many, many people who are not Vickis friends.

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