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Verizon Fios / forced to buy verizon fios

1 32 Harrowgate DriveSmyrna, DE, United States Review updated:

I just bought a brand new townhome this is fanatic, but Verizon spoils the party, if you are someone doesn’t need, or want to pay $40 to $50 dollars for super-fast internet. Verizon seems to force you to buy fios, because if you have a new home, with fiber-optics, you can no longer have high-speed or DSL from Verizon.

I feel this is BS, and if their really is a reason, this is still forced, and planned by Verizon to force customers in pay for more internet then you really need.

I will go back to dial-up internet, or no internet, until fios prices are more fair, or I can get high-speed for $19.99, to 29.99, which a fair price. I only hope I talk others into following me, Verizon won’t end this B.S if people just give in.

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  27th of May, 2008
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Verizon Hi - Speed - Out of Service 5 days
6939 Hachem Dr B
Port Richey
United States
Phone: 727-688-1748

Verizon had me out of service for approx 5 days - their fault - even to their admission it was Verizon's fault. ost me approx $2400 in Business Loss. I was only offered several months of free service for my loss. This is the last shot before I file a claim in smalls claim court for the $2400. Then I'll add my loss plus my expenses for an Attorney and lost time for going to court. My service phone number is 727- 868-2010. My contact is a 727-688-1748 Alan

  5th of Jun, 2009
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Switch to cable for tv and internet or all three. Fios techs are ill-prepared and overbearing while my cable company is always accommadating. I will not renew Fios when my contract comes due.

  5th of Jun, 2009
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I have to agree, why don't you just get cable? Whoever manages your townhouse development should allow cable installations.

  3rd of Sep, 2009
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Verizon did the same to my parents after they bought a new house. Initially the verizon customer services gave us no problem for a DSL request, but the local office in pittsburgh area kept saying that the house had FiOS installed and they could not back off to an older technology (i.e. DSL over copper wire) and wanted us to go for the much more expensive FiOS. But the house was previously owned by some old folks and had been for sale for over 2 years, I doubt they even had a computer, let along using FiOS. I was trying to get someone talk to me, but they kept transferring me from one dept to another. when I called, they said "oh, your residence belongs to the FiOS area" and kicked me over to the FiOS dept. but the ahole at FiOS dept said "if you want DSL, you need to talk to the customer resolution dept because we only deal with customers who have FiOS installed already" and kicked me over again. Then I asked for a superviser, and one FUed degenerate rep said "he is not available", and I asked "what do you mean he is not available? is he on vacation or is he taking a bathroom break?" that ahole said "well unavailable is unavailable, which part of this don't you understand?"

These Verizon employees were just a bunch of ### and liars for saying that the house was already on FiOS, and the proof is 3 months later, my parents' house is running DSL from Verizon.

  16th of Sep, 2009
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Here here! Something needs to change! They are getting away with highway robbery.

  14th of Nov, 2009
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I agree that this is BS. Verizon too gave some excuse that they only offer FiOS lines, no DSL lines. BUT why can't just cap the speeds at DSL levels and charge me for that price? Why force me to pay more? I'm going back to dialup too.

  17th of Mar, 2010
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I could get comcast internet, but its really not much cheaper then Fios. so I still go without internet at home.

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