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Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd. / rip off & unethical behaviour to name a few

1 Punjab Sialkot, Pakistan
Contact information:

I wanted Tablecloths for my business so i asked this company to do them.
I sent them this so they could get an idea of the tables:
Large table:
Small table:
These are the instructions:
Table Clothes:
To fit a table 183(l)cm x 76(w)cm x 73(h)cm.
Black Tops.
All 4 sides Sublimation printed. **Please note Artwork is the same size as above and does not have a hem allowance.
1x long side must have a open hideable slit in the middle, on all table clothes
I would like 2x of the large ones please.
To fit a table 122(l)cm x 61(l)cm 73(h)cm
Black top.
1 front printed with logo.
long side at the back must have a open hideable slit in the middle.

I supplied a sample image also (see attached)
Paid $180 USD
So after i got them the images below is what they sent.
Wrong size, blurry printing and the list goes on.
So after telling them they stuffed them up and i would like them to fix it they started blaming me for their mistakes. I asked for them to be remade or a refund.

They sent this "give us sometime for get the approval of refund from our departments . We pleased to inform you that we have already sent email top financial department for refund possible money back to customer ."

After a few days nothing after emails sent then this 6 days later:
"We cannot refund"
"We are not mad or foolish, We sent everything correct understand . Please do not waste our and your time when you place an order next time we can resend you as a brother relation not a business . "
"We sent correct . There is no way to refund . Please do not make us fool "
"We promise for our relationship we will send you these new ones "
"No need to refund we know we sent correct product ."
"why refund we sent goods"

Anyway after more abuse from them i opened a Alibaba dispute to try get a refund.
Well that didnt go well for me, Not only did they call me a liar also other foul names they made up stuff.
Alibaba found them at fault and ordered them to give me a refund which they refused. Only after Alibaba said they will close their account did they offer 50% refund via Paypal.
This has gone on for months at this point so i just said yes i want this over.
After private emails with Alibaba i told them he will take the money back via Paypal...3 days later thats what he did. Opened a paypal dispute to get "his" money back.
Paypal close the dispute after i supplied all evidence.
Alibaba told me to open a dispute again if he did this so i did, he did not like this and the abuse was bad.
They ripped me of with bad product then blamed me.
I only got half of my money back and abuse still coming.

PLEASE do not use this company they will rip you off! or scam you.
Very bad place to deal with...

I have attached the images only, email records etc i have if you need them

Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.
Venezia International (Pvt) Ltd.

Nov 14, 2016

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