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Twice I have attempted to purchase a vehicle from this dealership, and I would not send my worst enemy here. Do not sign until you have read every word on every contract, check all of their math, and shop shop shop their offers! Never sign without comparing to other dealers' offers it will always cost you and it is the ONLY way to negotiate fairly. After agreeing to a vehicle's price (new car purchase), written on paper, I quickly discovered in reading the contract right before I signed, they increased the price by more than $4, 000 above sticker!!! When I started asking questions the finance guy got nervous and his manager came in to "clear up the mistake". They tried to get out of the deal, but since I had it in black and white in THEIR handwriting they eventually agreed. Unbelievable! Essentially they attempted to sell the car for one price on a purchase and were attempting to lease it for a much higher price - working the monthly payment. Do your research, come prepared to walk away, check their math, read all documents - then and only then sign on the dotted line! I will never do business there again (sales or service) and recommend to not do business.

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      16th of Apr, 2009

    I had the exact same experience at Vandergriff Acura on April 3rd. Absolutely you had better read EVERY DOCUMENT AND EVERY LINE. They will charge you for things you do not want. I can see how the person above got charged for $4, 000 of items he didn't want. I caught most of the items, but still got charged for $600 worth of stuff (tire warranty and paint sealant) that I didn't want. Chelsea, the finance attack dog, and Donald Grayson, the head finance Nazi, admitted that every customer pays for these items, whether they want them or not!!

    Chelsea even had the audacity to try to charge me for other items, after I had already written a check for the negotiated purchase price. "Just sign here" was her line. Had I signed that, she would have tried to milk me for $1, 500 more...after I had already written a check for the full price. Amazing!

    My next step is to turn them in to the Texas Attorney General for Deceptive Trade Practice and violation of Consumer Protection Laws.


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  • Ai
      16th of Mar, 2010

    I went with my dad to look at a used car. We are both professionals and neither of us had ever been treated so poorly – by the dealership manager Robert Knowles no less. I’ve negotiated, and negotiated fiercely before, but never has that been met with a condescending, belligerent, adversarial attitude displayed by Robert. He embarrassed himself, the sales representative, and the Vandergriff name. He stormed off after giving us this jewel “I’ll take $300 off so that you think you’ve won.” Absolutely horrendous.

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  • Ag
      1st of Mar, 2012

    These pepole are the worst i purchase a camaro on Feb 15 and have been signing contacts for the last 2 weeks. They call me again on March 1, and said they miss a paper that I need to sign. Who's at fault i think them. On top of this the car in the shop with 4, 000 mile on it having the lifter replaced minded me this is a new car. they are not dealing with a stupid person. I will get all the paper work in place and then go talk with them. Some one has to make these thing right if I have to go all the way to the top of there management.

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