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Purchased a $468.00 wig from this seller on Ebay. I have been an Ebay member since 2oo1 - this is the worst transaction I have ever encountered!, online or offline. The first problem is that this Seller ships wigs from her buyers who are in China, and not Ohio as it states on Ebay (she may be in Ohio but the wigs are in China)- if a transaction goes wrong and a return for an exchange is required (as was the case here), good luck.

The second problem is the wig I received was different from the photo and description of the wig I purchased on Ebay. The Seller would not honor a refund but said she would exchange it for the wig I should have received - this was late November 2014, here it is late January 2015 and I still have nothing. Remember what I said about shipping to China? Well, if you ship Fedex or even UPS overnight be prepared to come out of pocket upwards of $200. The cheapest is USPS which is under $40 but it can take 4 - 5 weeks for the item to be delivered. Working with Ebay to resolve this issue has been a very slow process. If you are purchasing from this Seller, buyer beware is my advice!

Jan 24, 2015

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