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well im going to start off by saying one dog is passed, the other went thru a extensive cyst surgery at another vet (this one was seen by 2 nurses at Valley Animal Hospital) and we were told with in 2 minutes after she picked a scab off. that this dog is fine, and if we ever wanted to get it removed we can but she is not in pain...after the death of the first I had this one get the attention she needed at the new vet...she then had a total of 6 removed as they spread. And now for my last dog...….she went in on Friday for a blood test and as soon as the doctor walked in he spotted a few problems...I wont know until her blood work clears, and she can be seen...

in my dogs papers they state im in poverty. NO im not, I work as a environmentalist and I make very good money, its my mother who is, the last 4 years she came in with me as we shared errands, the other 5 years I could get in 5 days a week as I was working nights. Communication with the WRONG person to start- only she got called NOT ME...actually until I got promoted they sent me Emails every time after appointments and blood work so I could move on to the next step, but up until now, they have sent nothing...I do and don't still live at home...I come home to cut grass and preform yard work (as my dad passed 20 years ago)...but until recently I was dating a woman in Valparaiso Indiana and spent most of my time with her. I inquired about notifying me a few times and I was told we don't do that! okay, I pay you money to take care of my dogs, you call my mother with updated info but yet you cant email me (20 seconds)...the last year or two I was starting to loose interest here as I was starting to see it was going no where. after my first dog passed I left reviews on yelp (1 star reviews) they kept getting deleted so I kept reposting, the more research and the more im getting into this the longer and more detailed my reviews got, then I got blocked, then I got a letter sent to me, 20 or 30 minutes after speaking with a attorney and the letter stated in short, "SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT MIDGET, IF ANYOTHER CONTACT IS MADE WE WILL CALL THE POLICE" Okay, well you run a business and not everyone will be happy with business...from fortune 500 companies to McDonalds to the mechanic there will always be a few unhappy customers...its common sense and there is no way you can run a 5 star business with out a few rants 3 stars and below.

Valley Animal Hospital took notes about me in my dogs paper work, about poverty, and personal things in my life. It wasn't really around till about a year ago a DCFS rep made me aware of this. I lead a busy life, its not uncommon for me to have 60-70 hour work weeks with Saturdays being common, having a relationship at the Chicago-Indiana border, as well as up keep on my parents house. There is 3 folders that were kept for the dogs and all papers were put in there ASAP after every appointment. No Ands Ifs Ors or Buts...this was for the state run daycare and these folders needed to be handy for any state personal who demanded to see them. The DCFS lady like I mentioned was the one who turned me onto them noting personal things about me, and as of last year I started thinking about pulling my dogs out and was starting to seek a new vet. Now I just get more fumed as of Friday my oldest dog is now going into a appointment and as far as we know there is something wrong...3 dogs, all have something wrong, im not one to complain, I have been walked over too many times to count, but this one costed a 7 year old Aussie her life, she was at the halfway point. communication here really lacked, and the last few appointments I felt like I got the cold shoulder, the last appointment was the worst and I was talked too like I was 3. If im in poverty, how can I go to a new vet, with my other 7 year old, have a blood test and with in 2 weeks she goes into surgery, costing nearly 1, 000.00. My 9 year old will be going with in a week and we will see from there...

Im sure Valley Animal Hospital is a very good place to go, but in my case, as soon as I started sharing errands, Saturdays we do 80-90 miles worth everything started falling apart. when I first started going here it was great, same nurse every time, then after a few years it seemed like I got someone different every time...
as for reviews, well hate to say this, but every time I had a service...Roofing-they wanted me to read the reviews 3 and below, because they wanted me to see what the company did to resolve the problem...they didn't call the police on them.

I have a right to complain, I paid Valley Animal Hospital for 9 years of service, and for atleast 4 they have been unpleasant. calling the police on a review will not get you anywhere, as I have law enforcement in my family, according to them there would be nothing for them to do (as they did read the reviews) there is no threat to anyone there, and I would never step foot on the property again.

Dec 02, 2018

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